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Braintax - 'Hard Working' 12" I have to admit upfront that this review will be biased. For a long time I have been a big fan of Braintax and can not understand why he has not been receiving much more props?? And that leads us into the first track of this 3 track 12" - 'Hard Working'. With a beat by Ben Grymm, which up to his usual chunky standards is a real SP bouncer interspersed with 'Star of the show' samples from Doug E Fresh pointing out that this song is about recognition for Braintax who is the undiscovered star of UK Hip Hop. Braintax really sets off on a bit of an angry rant expressing that for 10 years he's been doing this, never putting out a wack record - and for what? The scratches are performed by Harry Love who is always on point and fits the chorus well. Towards the end of the track Braintax says when he's finished dissing everyone he has to he'll be making happy rap. Well that time ain't yet.

As Braintax says this 12 is 'the whole package' as can be seen with the next track 'Escuchame' (Spanish for listen to me), which is on a totally different vibe, more contemplative and orchestrated, but still slammin'. Possibly one might say that this is Braintax's more usual style. In this track he talks about being in lost in the wilderness, hearing the snow crunch under his boots and not speaking to anyone for over a month. Lots of topics to make you think in this track.

Finally to round off the 12 is a shortish more head nodding track about a long trip to London, back in the day to distribute records where Braintax experiences his 'First Joint'.

As if that wasn't enough the 12" includes full instrumentals of all the tracks. The artwork for this record (Guy Featherstone/Zoe Green) should also be commended with a simple but bold front and a great sketch of the Low Life studio on the back.

Look out for Brantax's new LP provisionally entitled 'Vivid' due early 2001.

Visit Braintax on the web: www.lowliferecords.co.uk
Email: info@lowliferecords.co.uk :: Tel: +44 (0) 20 8762 9890

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