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Cafe Recordings aim to provide the listener with quality, entertaining music or as they put it 'some of the phattest, bollock stamping and neck breaking Hip Hop to ever come out of the UK'. A tough task to live up to, but with their first release they are well on the way to securing their goal. The first release that South London's Cafe Recordings label hit us up with is the 'Promo' EP which features all the artists on their books. The crew have worked had to get to this position and offer us a taste of 'what they have created'. The labels aim is also to let each artist develop in their own way and to allow them to 'exploit their talents to the fullest'.

To me new Labels usually represent hunger, rawness and originality, which are the things I crave for, and luckily enough are also the things that this record delivers. The first song is set out like the Rap Oscars ceremony with each MC being asked to step up for their award and to drop a verse over a beat with a haunting horn. Thee Absent who appear to be the Cafe Recordings collective posse and comprise P.A.C (Powerful and Calm), who acts as the Compare. Valu, who states how he deserves the award, next is Daddy Jaes, who humorously provides the cuts via a 'satellite link' because he can't be there. JD the Genie gets the award for 'Making MCs See Red', and finally Antidote, who has to be coaxed to the stage and he states that he didn't even want to be there. Before the show is over people have to be escorted from the stage, and as the crowd leaves someone is herd saying that they 'lost their wallet'.

On the second track on side A, DJ Daddy Jaes demonstrates his dexterity on the decks as he cuts up the theme from 'This is Your Life' (I think) and other stuff as well as the obligatory 'Aghhh', over a mashed Apache beat which speeds up to a mad crescendo, and abrupt ending.

On the B-side Hercules spits his 'Chrome Plates' track. Pretty much braggadocio raps, but hey - there is room for that too. Hercules is also the man behind the first UK Hip Hop Comic entitled Me-God.

To round up the EP in good style and opening and closing to the sound of footsteps, P.A.C. drops his 'Conspiracy...' over what sounds like similar trumpets to the 'Move Su'tin' track. This is a serious head nodder with a two note bass line and as part the chorus says 'If you are blind to the facts you had better open your eyes and realise this is education for the mind'. For an intelligent guy, like I am, this track feeds the part of my brain where the X-Files reside. He's definitely got the skills to flex a topic properly. If you need a crap comparison I think he has a touch of Nmonic about him.

All together the EP is original and with tight production (from Jaes throughout), clear lyrics and with every contributor pulling their weight this release is well worth checking. Not sure how good the distribution is, but try to pick this up if you can. (Originally published by ukhh.com).

Visit Cafe Recordings on the web: www.caferecordings.co.uk
Email: info@caferecordings.co.uk :: Tel: (Troy) 05852 296 057 :: (James) 020 7693379

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