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Die & Skitz ft. Rodney P, Dynamite MC, Tali and the Mixologists - Its On 12" [Wordplay]
Skitz and Rodney P
It's On produced by Die and Skitz first appeared on the Mixed compilation album from the DMC champion Plus One entitled Champion Sounds. The double CD was a tremendous selection of upfront tunes, and even amongst all that goodness this track was noticeable for its energy and pure vibing atmosphere. Wordplay obviously noticed this as well and have snapped it up for distribution. The track features the vocals of Dynamite MC, Rodney P and Tali. The Mixologists are also credited on there, but I don't know what their contributions were, the cuts? Apearing just at the end of the track they are real nice, but could have been made more of a feature. Anyway this is a true energy pumping track, which opens with chanting of 'it's on' and from then on its non stop. This is a real thick track to get you pogoing and as such is typical of the jump up selection played by Plus One. Typical bass heavy and bouncy Skitz production fills the entire audio spectrum with horns for the change and full jiggly instrumentation for the rest of the tune. All the vocalists come off well, Rodney P doing his usual thing and Dynamite and Tali compete with him and compliment him well. There is only the normal mix on here which is a bit of a shame, and it is pressed at 45rpm, which I would have preferred to be at 33rpm. Still, one of the club tunes of the year.

On the B-side there is the Clipz remix of the track. In conjunction with Roni Size's Full Cycle label you might guess at what this will be like and it is not so much a remix really, but a whole new track, in a whole new genre too. This has virtually nothing to do with the original and one would be hard pressed to say that this mix was even inspired by the original, but that doesn't matter. It is a blinding foaray into hard Drum & Bass, and whilst you may be surprised to see it on the backkside of this 12", it is never the less a powerful offering. Drums smashing all over the place and West Indial Drum Pans help this version move along at break neck speed. If you are up for it you will be glad that this track is included, however, if you are strictly Hip Hop, you may be scratching your head as to why this was included. It could be a marketing play to try and get a bit of cross genre appeal going, in their minds leading to a widening of the market appeal. These actions can of course always backkfire, with each side being tempted retaliating and feeling patronised or even worse tricked. I wouldn't go that far at all where this release is concerned, and that is because I really liked both the tracks, but if I hadn't this would have been a sore point. 

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