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The Great Ones - Al Tariq/Mark B
Released on the 27th November 2000 'That Nigga' by the Great Ones sees Wordplay/Source taking a different direction to that originally embarked upon following Album led projects. Now they aim to drop a few specially compiled 12s featuring collaborations with some of the dopest MCs and producers of the moment. This first record in the series follows on the recent trend of featuring UK producers and teaming them up with US MCs. This one happens to feature Mark B on the beats and Al Tariq on the mic. I suppose it is trying to ride on the back of the reasonable success enjoyed by the Mark B and Blade joint 'Split Personalities' which also featured Al Tariq. I would think that after all Mark B's work with UK MCs he can be forgiven this excursion into the blatant marketing game, where as I would be more critical of those who had shown little love to their own home based scene. In any event Mark B has laced up some real funky breaks and produced two real quality beats - no doubt Al Tariq was well happy to be rapping over them.

Additionally Al Tariq is no second class US MCs who maybe can't get a hook up in his own country, no - he is an ex-member of the Beatnuts, previously known as Fashion and probably more famously known for the 'Props Over Here' and the Intoxicated Demons' records. This NY based lyricist then went solo and released such gems as the 'God Connections' LP from which the 'Do Yo Thang' and 'Crime Pays' 12" were put out. Later he joined/formed the Missin' Linx crew alongside Black Attack and Problemz and after signing with Stimulated/Loud put out 'M.I.A.'

This 12" also features cuts performed by Mr Thing and additional vocals in the chorus performed by Life of Phi Life Cypher.

In the future look out for more releases from other 'Great Ones' including:

Missin Linx,
Life & Death,
100 Proof
Mark B,
Black Lotus

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