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Lovely Low Rider Cycles

Lovely Lowrider bikes are the definitive of cool, the Harley Davidson of bicycles and what anything on two wheels wants to be when it grows up. 

Lowriders are distinctive chrome cruising machines with “ape-hanger” handlebars, plush velour seating, dipped frames, spoke wheels with white-wall tyres, bullet lights, and hand-sized mirrors, perfect for every ego that ever watched Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider!

Lowriders have enjoyed a recent return to popularity among the street-conscious kids of America, becoming an every-day sight along the boardwalks of California and, with their recent UK launch, are looking to storm the UK fashion market and become one of the hottest, must-have items of 2003.

Lowriders are not about tricks or speed or gimmicks - an unusual phenomenon in the bicycle market. They’re simply about cruising, style and having fun, about a sub-culture impacting and seducing the mainstream, about standing up and being counted.

Paul Anstee, Sole UK distributor of Lovely Lowriders, said: “London has always been at the helm of street fashion and self-expression, the high streets and mainstream fashion frequently borrowing from our wealth of underground scenes. 

“I am confident Lowrider bikes will very quickly become an integral part of those scenes because the appeal of these bikes lies in their customisation. The unique shape and design of the bikes make them stand out in a crowd, drawing jaw-dropping attention and awe, while there are so many options, colours, designs, and add-ons to choose from, each bike becomes a statement of identity for the rider.”

Lowrider History:

Lowrider bicycles have a Mexican-American heritage, started during the 1960s by kids who modified their bikes by bending the forks to lower them, filling in the frame and adding streamers and mirrors to mimic the Lowrider car movement, which introduced the hydraulic-thrusting, low-hanging motor vehicle.

In 1963 the introduction of Sting Ray, a Lowrider built to resemble one of the top motor trends of that era, complete with banana seat, split tyres and high handlebars, revolutionised the way bicycles were viewed. Bikes were no longer simply a means of transport, but actually fun to ride.

Following the success of the Sting Ray, the Lowrider movement began translating motorbike specifications to cycles, offering a multitude of colours, paint jobs and extras, the result of which is evident in today’s Lowriders.

Lowriders took a Siesta in the 1970s as BMXs grew in popularity, but re-emerged in the early ‘80s when the cruisers who had enjoyed Lowriders in their youth, introduced their children to the trend. Since then the Lowrider movement has been slowly-but-surely sweeping across America and now readies itself for its’ explosive European debut, starting in the Capital of Cool: London and the UK.

Sales Information:

Lovely Lowriders have thirteen different, distinctive styles of Lowrider for you to choose from and a mind-boggling array of colours and extras to help realise those Dennis Hooper, Wild Child fantasies! Prices start from £315 (excluding P&P) for the Classic bike and rise to £550 (depending on what you do to the bike and excluding P&P) for the dope Super Deluxe ‘Gold’ Lowrider.

Contact: paul@lovelylowrider.co.uk :: Speak to human: 01245 464294 :: www.lovelylowrider.co.uk

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