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MC D & Deckwrecka - Whatchu Expect / Luvletta 12"
I think the problem i have with Deckwrecka is that the Ronin cardboard sleeve just reminds me of how great Skitz' 12"s are; so I want to put my hands up to probably not giving this piece of plastic a fair chance. However MC D doesn't really help matters by pointing out modestly that "there's no MC in Europe can flow like Rodney P", making me think of the infinitely superior Revolutionary/Dedication 12" from Rodney P and the aforementioned producer.

Cinematic strings, syncopated hi hats, bubbling bass, ruff deep vocals suggesting wisely enough that we should "be your own self without faking your shit": I can't say this a bad release, it's just I can't say it's anything other than a bog standard, unoriginal one, where the constituent parts don't really gel into anything that sparks.

The one thing that does break the mould is the brave decision to include a love song; I'm not one to say that rappers shouldn't be allowed to express other emotions than fury, but really, there are ways of doing things, man. On the one hand you have "my girlfriend's a crack whore and she's just using me for my money" Tricky-type love songs and on the other hand... you have Simply Red. If MC D should happen to be reading this: I'm happy for you man, but what's all this "thou" and "thee" business? I just hope she appreciates it. 

Everyone enjoyed "Ms Fat Booty" coz it was about pulling, rather than love, i.e. that excitement involved in the chase, rather than the tedium involved in watching Casualty together and having her whinge on about how you never buy her flowers. I can say tho that it makes me feel better about not having a girlfriend, so thanks man.

Anyway, as a whole this single just feels OK, rather than good, so save your pennies for the new Roots-fi business: check out his piss-take video on the nme web site for futuristic grooves.

Till later,

Rob Mantell

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