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Mode 2
Mode 2's cover artwork for Slum Village's 'Daft Punk' single.
Mode 2
Mode 2
Every writer will know of Mode 2, and many bystanders will have observed his work without perhaps even recognising it as his. It would appear that there isn't a single magazine or Graffiti related event that passes off without Mode 2 contributing to it in some way, even if it is only with the inclusion of at least one tell tale character popping up. 

Mode 2's style has, over the years become so developed that it is unmistakable. He may have been influenced through comics such as 2000AD, but his characters have come into their own. He has perfected his technique of sketchy fill-ins and detailed scenes and backgrounds. Not to mention all the bootielicious scantily clad girlies he is fond of. 

Mode 2 does love the Graffiti scene and would probably prefer to be known for his lettering, yet it is hard for anyone to ignore what he is so good at. The paintings themselves are the proof. 

In the past he appeared to be arrogant and very unapproachable, and at the same time, very modest, unassuming and when he's painting, totally shut off to any crowd of onlookers. Everyone who knows him well assures us he's a very nice bloke really. 

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He was already well respected from almost day one in the UK where he was involved with the Trail Blazers and the Chrome Angels. Many heads from around the time will definately still remember the excellent Freestyle '85. The appearance of his work in Henry Chalfont's second seminal book, 'Spraycan Art' certainly didn't harm his career as a painter, and brought him admiration the world over. His handy craft was featured on the cover and inside he had a further 10 pages devoted to showcasing his work. The book was a world wide smash hit, helped open many people's eyes to Graf as an artform and made Mode 2 a superstar of his arena. 

Over the years he has traveled far and wide daubing paint on walls. In the early days he did many pieces with Brando in Paris. He has had numerous commissions such as the cover for the 'Alte Schule' Hip Hop record cover, Goldie's 'Saturn's Return' record cover (below) and a neon painting for the UK mini documentary 'Toys and Kings'. He made it down under for the 4 day Aeroglyphics Graffiti event in Perth, Australia 1995 and has continued to do inspiring illegals all along.

He has been known to say he doesn't like his work being photographed, but without a worldwide subway system to get the work of hard working graf artists out to everyone, then photographs are the next best thing. Our history of Graffiti has to be documented and artists as good as Mode 2 need to be seen by everyone. Hopefully this will be the case as he'll get wider exposure from the new 'Daft Punk' cover he has done for Slum Village.

Mode 2 - 'Saturn's Return' painted as the cover artwork for Goldie's record of the same name March 1998.
Mode 2 - 'Saturn's Return' painted as the cover artwork for Goldie's record of the same name March 1998.

Mode 2 - 'Universal' from an exhibition in Manchester organised by Arc Oct 16th 1997.
Mode 2 - 'Universal' from an exhibition in Manchester organised by Arc Oct 16th 1997.

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