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Moorish Delta 7 - The Power & The Glory LP [Seven Entertainment]
Moorish Delta 7 - The Power And The Glory
British Hip Hop has gained minimum exposure and growing popularity for its use of bland and monotonous beats and melodies. And although there are exceptions to the rule, many would agree that a much needed revolution is required, both to revitalise and realign UK Hip Hop as a major player in this music game. 

The revolution has already been televised. Moorish Delta's video 'Silent Screams' plays on regular rotation on MTV Base and this piano driven track, you will be relieved to know, does not embrace the popular bling-bling theme, as there are no references to Moet, Chandon or Ice. It contains touches of sampling and is skilfully layered with Malik's rhymes about his struggles in the streets of Birmingham. A standing ovation goes out to 'the street poet' and the producer Baby J for this piece of artwork as it reminisces of the days when hip hop had that hard street edge and embodied the definition of 'rawness.'

The album is jam-packed with tunes to work you into a frenzy. 'Talk Time' ingeniously utilizes the classic Nokia ringtone 'badinerie' melody, where Malik bluntly explains to his 'piece on the side' that he's been unfaithful, and their now defunct relationship was frankly all about sex. Jawar intervenes and adds his two pence worth on the second verse with a similar confession. But ladies should not be put off by what would seem like a full-scale war attack on our species. Jawar's offerings are equipped to win back the ladies as 'Rollin' On' melodic track comprises of his radio friendly rhymes while the chorus contains slick, smooth vocals.

Another must to listen to is the aptly named 'Hot' which features Malik's effortless flow. The strings infused track 'Don't Leave Me Lonely' provides inspirational lyrics and the up-tempo vibe while the Shaft inspired 'Dash Till Dawn' contains cleverly composed punchlines. 'Death and Dishonour' is blown up by the featured artist Rawality who in my books is placed in pole position for any female Hip Hop crown, both here and stateside. Furthermore, Cipher's firey fury lyrics also deserve an award for his contribution on 'The Art of Survival'.

The album is a concoction of MD7 autobiographical story telling rhymes mixed in with inspiring and at times profound lyrics. Through 'The Power and The Glory' you will one, experience the sheer lyrical genius of Moorish Delta, two, have a sense of intense confusion as to why you haven't heard them before and three, hate the dilution of Hip Hop and the name brand endorsements that continue to flood our hearing.

Written by Diane Thomas.

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