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Mr Hectic - Spread Love (B-Unique / Emancipated)
Mr Hectic
After his self titled debut H.E.C.T.I.C. dropped earlier in the year Mr Hectic or Highly Extreme Thoughts In Control as he puts it, is back with the up-tempo single Spread Love which is taken from his forthcoming Long Player The Truth. The track is written and produced by Simon Jawahail and comes in three variations. It is definitely an uplifting party track as it opens with the Latin trumpet hook with gives way to a strummed acoustic guitar riff you can picture a line up of Mexican bandelero's supplying the backing for a dusty midday festival in the sun. Mr Hectic lives up to his name and drops a couple of fast paced verses about catching the eye of a girl and letting the music Spread Love between and all around them. 

The Purple Haze mix is the dance / club mix with it's L.F.O.esque tones and keyboard bassline. Mr Hectic's style allows him to effortlessly flow at this tempo and gives what is probably a pretty mundane commercial beat that something extra and a touch of excitement. The production sounds a bit dated and although the beat is trying hard this sounds like someone trying to cross genres and not quite pulling it off. 

The final mix is Fusion's mix, which is more like it. Minimal instrumentation in the form of a sparse beat and bass which is joined by a synthesiser chord in the chorus and a bit of variation for the second verse. Definitely a groovy track and a release that will further Mr Hectic's career as a recording artist as he defines his own style, and yet could well appeal to a variety of audiences. Apparently the release will also be available on 7" vinyl as well. Mr Hectic is certainly at the forefront of that unique UK mixing of urban styles producing a hybrid style and is someone to check for and to look out for in the future.
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