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This is a CD from a band that I never really followed, but probably should have done since they appeared on the Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 7. Their apparently much anticipated 2001 released debut LP, Download This, almost entirely passed me by, but there are a couple of names involved in this project, so I thought I had better check it out. One of the main band members is I.G. Culture and the main Remix is by Kenny Dope - sounds promising. So here we have a nice relaxing modern Soul track in the sort of Acid Jazz / Brand New Heavies / Omar vibe, blending Funk and 70's Fusion as well. A shuffling jazz drumbeat is covered with accomplished acid bass lines, keyboards and the ephemeral vocals of I Grant and Frank McComb. Within the track you have juxtaposed the hectic beat and bass keys, against the mellifluous vocals and smooth chord progressions, maybe reminiscent of some Stanley Clarke or something like that. Sounds weird, but the effect is pleasing and works for me. 

The first remix on the CD is the Dwelogy Mix by Andwele Gardner and Ronald Estill, which replaces the drum track with more solid R&B pattern with a loud snare rimshot, which altogether changes up the fell of the track and gives it more swing and groove. Much of the more manic instrumentation is also removed here which produces a simpler track which is suited to the additional verse of rap supplied by the American sounding Dwele. The super laid back backing vocals are still there, making this superb chill out track out just in time for those barbeques that you'll be having.

Kenny Dope's remix is disappointing, but is I guess is where he is currently at musically. His days of banging slow tempo Hip Hop beats and production has now given way to the simple monotony of grinding out the same pumping house beats. Overall, as a dance track it is nice enough, but when you realise what he has done after hearing the other two versions, you realise it is a waste and just put on there to satisfy a particular part of the market. This it will do and potentially opens  the product up to more people, but for me it dilutes it and makes it slightly less appealing. At 7'13" it is a bit of a mammoth monster too and could have been edited a bit.

To round up then, a good CD which, if you have varied musical tastes you'll enjoy, but maybe not for the stubborn hard core Hip Hop head, but to be honest, I'm not sure how many of them there are. Give it a spin on your local listening post. I'd probably rather check for the LP which also features the likes of Julie Dexter, who appears on the new Rodney P 12", as well as others like: Bembe Segue, Eric Appapoulay, Eska World, JJ and Kaidi Tatham.

Contact: Virgin, Kensal House, 553 -579 Harrow Rd, London W10 4RH.  
Tel: +44 (0) 208 964 6307 :: www.newsectormovements.com

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