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Out Da VilleOut Da Ville is an independent label from St Anns, Nottingham, which has been in existence for six years now. Before the crew was formally known as Out Da Ville it was just a group hanging out at Trevor Rose's Community Recording studio. The core was just three: MC Lee Ramsay, and producers Nick Dimes and Big Trev. Back in 1993 Lee Ramsay was just 13 when they started on the first 12" 'Dedicated', although it did not surface until around 1995 when a label 'Real Deal' was set up by the group to put the stuff out. Things then took off from there. 

Other people like Scor Zay Zee were also members of the Community Recording studio and built up their skills and styles through listening to beats, rhyming and freestyling under the guidance of Trev. The next release was also from Lee Ramsay called 'R.D. Style' (1996) (R.D. - a shortened version of the label name - Real Deal) and this time featured Tempa, Scor Zay Zee and Fidel Castro. In late 1997 the crew put out another 12" 'Out Of Da Ville' which again featured Lee Ramsay, Scor Zay Zee, Karizma, Instinct and Becky. It was after this 12, around early 1998 that this group turned in to Out Da Ville as we know them today. Although the label was initially called Real Deal records, with just the production team being called Out Da Ville, people were mistakenly calling the label Out Da Ville records, so Big Trev decided for the sake of simplicity to call the label Out Da Ville too. In 1988 another 12" followed, a white label with Tempa, Lee Ramsay and Scor Zay Zee.

Out Da Ville - An Da Ville Goes OnFollowing this succession of 12s came the EP which signaled a stepping up in their game and a distinct changing of their style. The record was 1999s 'An Da Ville Gos On' which featured six stunning tracks and the vocals of Lee Ramsay, Tempa, ScorZay Zee, Karizma and C-Mone. There has been a lot said about the apparent sudden change of Lee's rapping style from an American accent on his previous releases to a broad Notts accent on his newer work. He attributes this to having grown up and developed as an artist, giving him the confidence to be himself and to try and push the boundaries further. He is also proud to be the first Notts MC to pioneer this style and believes now that this attitude is the way forward. For me this is a vast improvement and gives Lee the foundation to really accomplish something that is both quality and original.

Big Trev has just this year moved the studio into new premises. It's a one floor, two room building with one room for the main studio equipment and a larger room with another studio set up. The studios are both available 24hrs and are run by Big Trev himself. The new studio still retains the Community recording studio label and never closes running 7days a week. Big Trev has always tried to do a lot of community work in and around Nottingham and has put his studio and engineering knowledge and experience to use working with the unemployed, disadvantaged, kids excluded from schools, youth groups and autistic groups as well as the social services by helping to set up college courses and workshops in Sound Engineering, courses for young women. Additional to this there is also an information center detailing music contacts and the record label. 

Out Da VilleDuring a weekend towards the end of July Out Da Ville filmed a music video in London over 3 days. To save money the director managed to get the whole crew to work three days and nights for free - because they loved the band. The video features Tempa, Simone, Karizma and Scor Zay Zee but it is Lee Ramsay who is the main man and the chorus is by Lee.

Following this release there is an Out Da Ville compilation album planned, featuring all the artists mentioned, plus five solo tracks from Lee Ramsay. After that it will be straight into preparations for Lee's solo album, which will also have an accompanying solo video. Additional to all this there will also be a 12" in between July/August of the artist mentioned from a label produced by us plus 2 tracks on two British compilation albums an numerous features as well as that we are recording

The Out Da Ville crew are set to be proper hectic and are definitely going into overdrive trying to make their mark in Nottingham with people seeing and hearing them everywhere. They have also been working with a lot of new local talent hoping to break through. They definitely deserve your support and to gain wider success throughout the UK they have been down to London on several occasions to perform at Mudlumz or appear on 279's Friday Night Flava Radio show on Choice Fm. Look out for them round your way.

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Currently the Out Da Ville Artist Rosta includes:
Lee Ramsay, Tempa, Scorzayzee, Karizma & C-Mone.

The Out Da Ville Production team includes:
Nick Stez, DJ Fever, Big Trev, Lee Ramsay

The Out Da Ville Management team consists of:
Trevor Rose AKA Big Trev - Label Owner, Label Manager, Executive Producer.
Sophia Ramcharan - Assistant to the Manager.

Expect Big Tings a Gwan in the coming year - Out Da Ville are always expanding, developing, nurturing raw talent and bringing new artists.

Check out Chuck D's Terrordome commentary from 2nd October 2000 @ www.PublicEnemy.com for his review of the UK Hip Hop Awards where he pays respect to Out Da Ville, 57th Dynasty and Fredi Kruga etc.


R D Stile Discography :: Out Da Ville Discography

Yet to come: "Renaissance (The Rebirth)" Compilation 2001 All Artists

DJ Skitz - Album 12" and Album 2000-2001 Track "Domestic Science" feat. Tempa, Wild Flower Estelle and Harry Love"
Creators - "The Weight" Album 2000 Track " Street Conections" feat. Lee Ramsay, Tempa, Scor Zay Zee.
Brazen Entertainment - "How Many MCs" 2001 Track "nine out of ten" feat. Lee Rramsay, Tempa and Scor Zay Zee.
Cappo "Codex" EP 2000 Cappo feat. Scor Zay Zee.
Stylee C EP 2001 feat. Lee Ramsay, Scorzayzee and Karizma.

Future collaborations confirmed:
MSI, Braintax, Vadim, Harry Love, Mike GLC 

Remixes featuring Out Da Ville:
Jamelia, Fierce, Shola Ama and East 17

Previous Performances
Hip Hop month - London - 2000
Fresh 2000 - Birmingham - 2000 
UK Hip Hop Awards - London - 2000
Talib Kwelli (Support Act ), Subterrainia, London - 2000
UK Hip Hop national Tour - 2000-2001
Skitz Launch Party - Scala - 2000

Visit Big Trev and the crew online: www.outdaville.com
Email: outdaville@hotmail.com :: Tel: Big Trev on: 07977 857 883

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