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DMC Presents Plus One Champion Sounds LP
Plus One - Champion Sounds
Release date : 2nd September 2002.

095 UK HIP HOP - Side Featuring Rodney P. 
01. PLUS ONE 'Intro'
02. ADAM F 'Listen Here (Instrumental Mix)' *
03. SKITZ FEAT. DYNAMITE & GQ 'We Make Them Make Noise'
07. BLADE FEAT. PLUS ONE & TONY VEGAS 'No Strings Attached (Demo mix)' *
08. PLUS ONE 'Routine One'
09. BLAK TWANG 'Tricksta'
10. JEHST 'Return Of The Drifter'
11. ROOTS MANUVA 'Witness (One Hope)'
12. RODNEY P 'Trouble' *
13. COLD CITY ROCKERS FEAT. SKEME 'Something Beautiful' *
14. FALLACY & PLUS ONE 'Special' *
15. FALLACY & FUSION 'The Groundbreaker'
16. KILLA KELA 'Intro (Heavy Artillery)'
17. KILLA KELA 'Check One'

175 UK DRUM & BASS - Side Featuring Rodney P.

01. PLUS ONE 'Routine 2'
02. ILS 'No Soul (High Contrast Remix)'
03. ACCIDENTAL HEROES 'Even When It Rains (Superdisco Mix)'
04. DJ CLIPZ 'Witchdoctor'
05. TOTAL SCIENCE 'Squash V.I.P' *
06. KRUST 'Kloakin' King'
07. MAMPI SWIFT 'Rebirth'
08. ORIGIN UNKNOWN 'Truly One (Remix Part One)'
09. ZERO 7 'End Theme (Roni Size Mix)'
10. DILLINJA 'Thugged Out Bitch'
11. J MAJIK 'The Lizard (VIP mix)' *
12. ADAM F & J MAJIK 'Metrosound'
13. MOVING FUSION 'Thunderball'
14. Q PROJECT 'Champion Sound (Hardcore Will Never Die) (Remix)'
15. SENTIENT 'Delirium (Exclusive Featuring MC Trip)' *

* denotes previously unreleased album exclusive.
This is a tremendous double mix CD which features some of the most upfront UK Hip Hop and Drum & Bass all selected and mixed together by the DMC / Technics World DJ Champion, DJ Plus One and hosted by the Riddim Killa - Rodney P. This appears to be the third in a series of guest DJ compilations brought to us by DMC, but I'm afraid I missed the other two. This one is a treat though and although you will have heard many of the tracks previously there are a few, as yet, unreleased gems to keep you enticed and of course they are all brought together in this handy package. Thankfully DJ Plus One
has not really interfered too much with the individual tracks and has let them play through only choosing to mix and scratch on the changeovers and on special individual tracks when he lets loose and shows us what he is made of. Those of you who have witnessed Plus One show off will have probably already heard these special mixes in one form or another, but it does no harm to include them here as well.

For the Hip Hop disc the selection plays more like a club set and is packed with more uptempo, jump up tracks as opposed to a chill out mix, and it plays as if it could be a live DJ set. The mixing and scratching is seamless, although there are a couple of tempo changes that can only be accommodated by dropping the beat. The CD opens with Plus One and his own intro of space age lazer sounds which fades into the instrumental of Adam F's Listen here with its synth generated horns and bass horns and of course a frenzy of scratching and cutting. Rodney P also drops a nice little verse to get you in the mood. Next up Skitz featuring Dynamite and GQ are brought into the mix with their booming We Make Them Make Noise with its chanted catchy chorus. Even more catchy is the new joint from New Flesh and Blackitude - Lie Low. A dirty bass throbbing track that will get a crowd rocking from side to side. Over the last couple of weeks, when my mind has had a few moments it has drifted to thinking of this tracks chorus. There are a few Skitz produced tracks up in here, the exclusive unreleased album exclusive from the Extremists, Shine On being an example. More relaxed than the previous build up, this classical guitar based tune is nice enuf, however it is a bit out of place in the sequence of tracks. It's On produced by Die and Skitz and featuring Dynamite, Rodney P and Tali gets the energy back. This is a real thick track to get you pogoing and as such is typical of the jump up selection played by Plus One. Next we are treated to another exclusive - Blade on the solo tip getting busy as we know he can. On here you also have Plus One teaming up with previous fellow scratch pervert Tony Vegas and for No Strings Allowed Blade shows us how he can get down. The mix of this track is denoted as a demo and I hope it is, because although the track is nice, sonically it could do with a bit of fattening. 

As a bit of a break the next track is the first of the DJ interludes from Pus One where he showcases his DJ skills, this routine being the two tones and the euro scratch set we have all seen. It still sounds good, but is now becoming a bit tired, being performed in the same way each time and not really progressing. This moves nicely into the tremendous Blak Twang and his slightly dodgy track, Tricksta which features a mumbling Est'elle. Still, I hope I'll never have anything worse than that to say about Tony Rotten, and
this track allowing for its poppyness is still nice enough. Jehst's Return Of The Drifter, although it is out now, was exclusive when I got this CD, and is on a much more underground vibe as Jehst spits his usual quality flows over a sparse piano laiden Harry Love beat. Next up is the tremendous Roots Manuva and the Witness track that everyone seems to love. Other tracks on here that everyone should be familiar with include Fallacy and Fusion's Groundbreaker and the intro off Killa Kela's Heavy Artillery as well as his Check One which sees the Hip Hop side out with incomparable Beatboxing skills. Following Roots Manuva we are treated to a very up front inclusion of Trouble from Rodney P's forthcoming LP. This is a reggae influenced boomer of a track that features soulful sung female vocals explaining how 'we don't need more trouble', a throbbing bass and the usual bouncy chirpy presence of Rodney himself. This like so many tracks on here is one to play loud and flip out to. Following this Something Beautiful from unknowns to me, Cold City Rockers featuring Skeme needs to do something to warrant its inclusion. Well it does and what is more, it is an exclusive as well. You need to be checking this CD for all this quality stuff. You'll just want to play it over and over. The only other track to mention is the Special for which Fallacy and Plus One get busy over some Indian sitars and a much more uptempo feel.

The other disc features a Drum & Bass selection, which I'm gonna be the fist to admit I'm not up on and don't immediately recognise all the names, but there some I do like Dillinja. It plays just like the sounds I'd hear if I were to take a break from the Hip Hop room and wandered into the D&B room. If the DJ was playing like this I would, no doubt choose to linger there and have a bit of a boogie. The disc opens with Plus One's I'm No.1 set in which he totally wrecks the KRS One sample. The first track is No Soul featuring the soulful vocals of ILS. Immediately the beat is pumping - these are classic tracks for sure. Moving through the Accidental Heroes and their beat heavy Even When It Rains and DJ Clipz's hectic Witchdoctor tracks we get to Squash VIP with Total Science and its Guy Called Gerald sampling. Rodney P's hype man act doesn't quite ride so well over these tracks as he does the Hip Hop ones, but there is relatively little of it, in fact, compared to the constant chatting of bollox you would normally get at a D&B night it is quite refreshing to have the music speak for itself.

Krust's Kloakin' King is one of those classics which could not have been left off here. For me this is where D&B should be at with its powerful two step beat and classic bassline melody. Mampi Swift continue keeping things hectic and in doing do recycles old electro into a new format. After two minutes the mix takes us on to the similar sounding, London Posse sampling, Truly One from Origin Unknown and continues with Zero 7 and the Roni Size mixed End Theme. Dillinja's Thugged Out Bitch alongside tracks from J Majik, Adam F, Moving Fusion and Sentient complete the CD in suitably hyper vibe. Phew, after that side I'm exhausted just listening to it.

Overall, I would be willing to fully endorse this release. It is quality all the way through, with really no bad moments what so ever. If you are in the market for such a CD pick it up. The only real bad thing is the amount of well known tracks that have already had a fair amount of rinsing elsewhere. I guess this should give the CD a bit more mass appeal, but will be disappointing for all those people who have already gone out and got the wax, cos although the exclusives are excellent, many are just pre-release, rather than being total exclusives. So having said that, get out your wallets.

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