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This crew is another crew that has only just formed (early 2000). P.O.T. (short for Potent), is made up of members: Ru, Tha Drunken Mastah (DKM) and the main producer D-Dogg. They all got together when they met at the University of North London after coming from Milton Keynes, Nottingham and Northampton respectively. D-Dogg was putting together a studio and label - Potent Entertainment and everything seemed to drop into place when, through his connections with Ru's brother and a club promoter, Tariq 'Truth' Ibrahim from Leicester the others introduced themselves round there.

Each member of the crew are presently laying down tracks for their solo projects and as an introduction to the label they have released a combined release - the '100% Potency' LP. All the production is by D-Dogg and is Executively Produced by Dama James (D-Dogg) and Tariq Ibrahim. These guys are definitely going to be a crew to peep for in the future and have dropped quite an accomplished product for their first release. To me, overall the album has a sort of West Coast feel and is overly laden with synths.

The LP kicks off with an introductory track '100% Potentcy' on which all the MCs rap and explain that they are 'Potent in all ten fingers and ten toes' and sets the scene for the rest of the 17 track strong Album.

On 'It's P.O.T.' the crew come over a more simple bass driven tune. Although the rapping matches the feeling of the track it is perhaps delivered a bit lamely and lacks energy. Next up is 'I'm A Rider' where D-Dogg showcases his talents on one of the best tracks on the album. Perversely though it is less 'Rider'ish than some of the tracks on the album.

On ‘I Ain’t Got Sh*t’ the MCs explain about how they 'ain't got shit' and how they be 'robbing bitches' to get what they want. Maybe Slick Rick could have made this work, but I don't believe these guys. The first single off the LP is ‘Retaliation Iz A Must’. ‘Go Against Me’ is nicer on a more relaxed tip which D Dogg opens up and shows that he is the most developed artist within the crew.

Next up is ‘Who We Sound Like’ already released before the album was complete and has received several plays on The Chubby Kidz on Kiss 100 FM. On this track P.O.T. ask 'Why you worried about who we sound like, why you worried about who we make beats like?' They want you to just dig the music they made. They do mention that people have mentioned to them that the production can sound like Dre or Swizz or the raps come like ATL on occasion. I would admit that these are obviously the influence for the crew, but they also say that they are unique and have more to offer.

‘Dear Friend’ is one of those slow R'n'B love type raps that LL Cool J used to do where Ru illiterates the ins and outs of a relationship, although cheesy its a nice track bar all the references to 'nigga'. The next track ‘Man At 12’ is one of the most outstanding. The beat although still heavily synthesized like the others, is more competent and rounded. P.O.T with great insight explore the story of a youth who grows up before his time by being involved with an older gang. After dices with the law he is involved deeper and progresses to 'stabbing meat', but in the end after doing a robbery and taking the money back to his boys they jack him because he is still a kid.

'Now (Don't Call The Cops)' is a wierd jiggy track with a sparse beat punctuated by a rhythmic one note synth sound. As seems to be the fashion at the moment many of the lines are ended in the same word, in this case - 'Now'. ‘They Know My Name’ is another nice track where Dama James aka D Dogg aka Hook Man lets people know who he is and says 'Remember My Name'.

The production qualities are quite high, if too clean. It has been said that the tracks were recorded in spare time whilst concentrating on other releases and perhaps unfortunately it shows occasionally. There is unnecessary swearing and 'bitch nigga' is a favourite phrase. If you like this type of Hip Hop you'll definitely rate this.

Westwood and Anthony B on FLR 107.3 have both played the CD and P.O.T. have been performing P.A.s nationwide in the last few months. Look out for the solo albums: 'My Day' by D-Dogg, 'Illegal Consumption' by Tha Drunken Mastah and Ru's 'I Suppose I Could' all coming soon on Potent Entertainment. For more info on the label or artists contact Michael as below.

P.O.T. - 100% Potent LP
P.O.T. - 100% Potentcy

1. 100% Potency 
2. 4 All Its Worth 
3. Trip Through My Mind 
4. Its P.O.T! 
5. I'm A Rider 
6. I Ain't Got Sh*t 
7. Retaliation Iz A Must 
8. Can U C Da Skies? 
9. Go Against Me 
10. Who We Sound Like 
11. Dear Friend 
12. Man At 12 
13. Now (Don't Call The Cops) 
14. Camouflage 
15. They Know My Name 
16. Imagine I Was Your Guy 
17. What U C (Ain't What U Get) 

Potent Entertainment, 64 Shorndean Street, London, SE6 2ES
Phone: 020 8461 1160 :: Email: potentmedia@amserve.net

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