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Rae & Christian / Another Late Night
Rae & Christian - Another Late Night
Since spending the last two years on their second album Sleepwalking, Rae & Christianís extra-curricular activities have produced remixes for some quite respecable names including: 'Is You Is My Baby' by Dinah Washington for Veuve Recordings, 'Baniero' by Bibel Gilberto, David Grayís 'Sail Away' and 'Samba' for Faze Action to name a few.

After touring the globe with a full band, performing material from their highly acclaimed Sleepwalking and Northern Sulphuric Soul albums, Rae & Christian have been back in the studio. Over the years the Rae & Christian sound has progressed ever since their much loved and critically acclaimed debut long player Northern Sulphuric Soul. Potentially due to their now extensive experience of playing live, their sound has become more 'musical'. According to the group themselves the new sound can also be put down to Rae & Christian know their instruments and equipment better than ever, they also claim that their new wealth of live experience gave their partnership the final edge.

Nevertheless, their individual talents, Mark Rae as DJ, beat merchant and lyricist and Steve Christian as the music maker production-wizard, have become more versatile enabling them to work with a wide variety of modern recording artists. However, at the same time their magical ability of combining Hip Hop ethics with traditional song writing skills and 21st century production technology has become more refined.

So what else is there to say about this pair?  Well, Rae & Christian have been working together for over five years as recording artists and remixers extrordinaire as well as running their own label and shop: Grand Central Records. During this time some of their highlights include recording with various vocalists including eccentric Soul maestro Bobby Womack, Reggae godfather Cedric Myton (The Congoes), the legendary local talent of Veba and pop goddess Texas' Sharleen Spiteri. They bring to all this work their trademark style of tangling the best of Hip Hop and Soul, applying their beat science in their own inimitable way.

Now Rae & Christian have linked up with the Another Late Night team to create a third album in the inspirational after-hours mixes series. Packed with 18 top notch nocturnal gems the album is a more than worthy successor to the earlier Another Late Night releases from Fila Brazillia and Howie B.

Treacle's Austin Wilde & Amanda Eastwood are the brains behind the Another Late Night concept. The series features the finest producers around, each compiler sourcing a mix album that reflects their musical inspirations and their favourite wind down sounds. Fila Brazillia, and Howie B opened the "Another Late Night" account earlier this year to great acclaim. Rae & Christian however have surpassed the competition for the best mix of the series so far.

Their efforts will be followed shortly by a fourth Another Late Night album - this time courtesy of Zero 7.

Recording for Studio K7 and Grand Central, Rae & Christian ave become renowned in media circles as purveyors of beat of the highest calibre, and this mix takes you on a late night slow boat through the streams of Mark & Steve's consciousness. This selection has all the hallmarks of a truly great mix album. Like dropping valium, or that last blunt of the night, the desired effect comes on slowly but surely. From the tingle rushes of Riton "Put That On Ya Mamma" to the calming flow of Capoira Twins "4x3" (Mr Scruff Mix) and the classic H20 "Got To Be Me", the transition is sweet and the mixing always flawless. As sleep approaches Rae & Christian pull out their perfectly crafted cover version of the Parliament mastercut "Flashlight" which will appear in stores as a limited edition 7 inch. Damn Fine. And what better way to finish things off than Jose Feliciano's rendition of the timeless "California Dreaming"?

Insomnia is a blessing - Another Late Night.

Another Late Night Rae & Christian is released through Azuli on September 24.

The full track listing is:

01 Trendsetter - Heavy Worker
02 The Boulevard Connection - Copenhagen Claimin Respect
03 Joshua - Come On
04 Riton - Put That On My Momma
05 Double D _ Introlude
06 Nash - 100 Million Ways
07 Fumi - Straight No Filter (Only Child Remix)
08 Zum - Take Ya time
09 Capoeira Twins - Four (4x3) (Mr Scruff Remix)
10 Busy vs Sonic Boo - I Pink I'm Going Squezy
11 Pablo - Roll Call
12 Esther Phillips - All The Way Down
13 H20 - Got To Be Me (Timezone Dub)
14 Aromadozeski Therapy - Strudel Strut
15 Faze Action - Samba (Rae & Christian Remix)
16 Rae & Christian - Flashlight
17 Rick James - Mary Jane
18 Jose Feliciano - California Dreamin'

Way To Blue

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More info: www.anotherlatenight.com

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