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Rage - The Movie
Rage - The Movie Starring Fraser Ayres, Shaun Parkes, John Pickard, Shango Baku, the film is written and directed by Newton Aduaka and co-produced by both Newton and Maria Elena L'Abbate. On an extremely low budget and over a period of four years they have put together Rage, an urban film from the UK which firmly embraces Hip Hop culture and represents a realistic expose of what goes on. 90 mins long and a 15 certificate they claim that this is the beginning and that they are now embarking on a campaign with "total clarity of heart and mind". Their campaign regards something that anyone who has had to deal with entrenched power hierarchies and large corporate machinery will be familiar with. They feel that the unfairness that exists in the film and music industry cannot continue in the manner that it has. They say that they are no longer prepared to sit back idly and be culturally and intellectually colonised, hijacked and sabotaged. They claim the UK has the talent, both in music (Hip Hop) and film, and the talent demands respect.

They have sent out a powerful release which I have posted below so that you know what is going on:


The movie they are trying to sabotage. Four Years of blood, sweat and tears to make, seven days to bury.

Q: have you heard about rage? A: probably.
Q: have you checked it out? A: probably not. Rage is the first British Hip Hop movie.
Q: Why haven't you checked it? A: probably cos no one told you about it. Rage is distributed in the UK by the same guys who did Human Traffic. Good track record, yeah?
Q: - So why is rage not getting as much publicity as Human Traffic did? A: - Blatant disrespect! Same disrespect the music industry has for UK Hip Hop.

Rage was released London-wide on 12th January. It is struggling at the box office because of lack of a proper publicity campaign. The distributor promised the world and delivered nothing. Rage opened in 7 cinemas and now plays in one, the Ritzy in Brixton on Friday and Saturday late shows only. The Ritzy will follow the steps of other cinemas if they do not get arses on seats . Four years of our lives went into putting rage on screen. All we had was the passion and belief to make a film which we wanted to see on screen, an urban film set in the UK around the struggle of British Hip Hop. We have achieved that and we are not about to sit back and watch it destroyed by arse holes who have no respect for it or understand it, and are only in it for the quick buck. This is a struggle. We will not be ignored nor marginalized. We are counting on your support

Check out the RAGE trailer on: http://www.homegrown.co.uk/ragetrailer.html

And please do us a favour and answer the question, as it will help us in our fight to take back control of RAGE and re-launch it properly:


E-MAIL US AT: ragethemovie@cs.com

RAGE is not a costume drama nor a romantic comedy. RAGE is real. 'It's on you' - Skinnyman from Task Forces' 'New Mic Order'.

- Raw, Energetic, Refreshing... Shockingly Original

The Times - A Superior Proposition To Other Flashy But Empty Britfilm Fare

Straight no Chaser - More Insightful Than Any Documentary.

Lodown - Anyone Into Hip Hop Should See This Film.

The Voice - It Is Good To Finally See A British Film Bearing Resemblance To The Real World

Time Out - Raw To Its Core... This Ain't No Hollywood Movie.

Sleazenation - A Treat For The Ears As Well As For The Eyes

Film Review - RAGE is Harsh And Raw... Credits It's Audience With Intelligence

Metro - An Auspicious Debut As Engaging As It Is Energetic

The Guardian - Aduaka Has An Eye for London's Alienation And Dispossession

Astoundingly this film had three consecutive weeks as Time Out's critic's choice. Please spread the word. A dedicated site www.ragemovie.com will keep you informed as to how things proceed. The site will be launched on Friday 26th January.  Check it. This is the beginning of a bigger fight.  We are counting on your support. 

Visit  the website: www.ragemovie.com
Email: ragethemovie@cs.com

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