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Troy Scalpels
Troy Scalpels
Troy Scalpels
Personal Records was formed during the throws of the last Century - late December 1999 in fact. They then dragged themselves kicking and screaming into the 21st Century - to bring the science of UK Hip Hop to YOU!

Personal Records signs TROY SCALPELS!
The London based emcee Troy Scalpels signed to Personal Records earlier this year. We've all experienced great emcees - getting the crowd on that collective head nod - SCALPELS will get you shaking yours in disbelief............as he exhibits some of the best breath control EVER seen from an emcee. Lyrically offering sophisticated hip hop for the discerning headz - no gun bullshit basically!

Scalpels Claims his first Scalp!
October 2000, Creation Nightclub - Bristol......saw Scalpels hypnotize the crowd in the UK National Freestyle Championships. Four finalists were left from the first round held at Tudor Rose: Troy Scalpels, Chester P, Mike Assassin and Major. Brazen Entertainment then ran out of time. They offered each emcee the opportunity to take the £1000 prize money or go through to round two - double or nothing. Only one emcee took up the gauntlet - SCALPELS. Scalpels battled Reveal and the rest is Scalpel-history. The win was shall we say a resounding one.

Scalpels debut EP
"I Must Not Spit In Class" Scalpels long awaited debut release is now available around the country and at various sites inc: www.personalrecords.co.uk. "I Must Not Spit In Class" was written and produced by Scalpels and each track delves further into the vortex created by the lyrical surgeon himself. You can get a copy in selected urban stores in London, Bristol, Birmingham and Brighton and further a field.

Troy Scalpels is noted for his delivery of sophisticated lyricism over straight-forward beats and symphonic synths. Scalpels tells stories in rhyme with a British accent. On the CD his casual, laid back flow gives us two different ways of looking at the fairer sex. 'She's a Star' relays the all too common tale of confused and pregnant teenage girls, while 'When I'm Peepin' explores the mysticism of unknown honeys.

One of Scalpels recent PAs was at the Dedbeat Weekender, where he was the UK Flava between Kane, The Pharcyde and Jeru the Damaja - whoaa! www.dedbeat.net for details. Scalpels is now working on his, as yet untitled Long Player and has enlisted the help of Phi Life Cypher's Dj Nappa to help out on the beats and expect colaborations with Daddy Jaes (of Mofu and Cafe) to add to the flavour. 

Personal RecordsVisit Troy Scalpels on the web: www.personalrecords.co.uk
Personal Records Ltd, 23a Fairway, London, SW20 9DN
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