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Apollo - Your World My LifeApollo, amazingly a 13 year old rapper who comes from way out in Fleet, has put together his demo and is shopping it around right about now. It is fairly accomplished and although he sounds quite young his lyrical content belies his few years. He's been practicing for years now and his delivery is pretty tight. On this demo the lyrics are by Apollo and Master G and the production is by Zeus. The beats are quite modern on a more upbeat vibe than much classical sampled Hip Hop. There is good potential here. The lyrics cover a variety of weighty topics, dealing with issues in society, the anti cigarettes track, ironically titled Light It Up worked well, especially as it is a different direction to that ,many rappers are moving in right now. As well as expressing his sentiments about not being quite accepted because of his age, he's got a track on there about Racism too. The recording is by Gaz Lawson, and the mix has the levels about right, but there is a bit of hiss an unclarity in the background of the tracks which could probably be solved in a proper studio environment. It is impressive that Apollo is trying to say something positive rather than the usual gangster stuff. 

Apollo is full of confidence, but doesn't appear to be tainted with arrogance yet. Check out what he had to say when britishhiphop.co.uk asked him for a few words about himself, "My Rap interest was inspired by my fathers love of rap music I became interested in his music at the age of nine. I then started to write my own lyrics and sing them onto tape all for fun at the start. Then I got the bug after taking part in stage performance at Euro 2000.

"For the next two years I spent my time learning how to write better lyrics, develop my style and operate a music editing system. Whilst at the same time trying to convince my father to spend more of his hard earned money on equipment for me. My father plays a major role in my desire to be a rapper he produces my music and gives guidance enthusiasm and direction on my dream.

"I am now thirteen with a head full of fresh ideas, and my advice to any young wannabe rapper is be yourself there's no point trying to be the next Ja Rule or Nas and there is only room for So Solid."

Lets hope he can keep his feet on the ground and can make the right connections. Not sure what he is going to do about his name though. I bet there are several Apollo's, not least of all the one that springs to mind is the Champion Of Nature - Apollo. Either they'll just co-exist, or maybe they'll have to battle for the rights to the nomenclature. 

Listen to Light It Up 

Contact Apollo: gplklaw@quetta123.fsnet.co.uk
Web: http://rap10.moonfruit.com

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