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2002 was the birth of the new independent label-Corrupt Village Records. The label was set up and owned by ONC and is the foundation for their releases and distribution. The label is a strong firm of artists ONC has hand picked out to deliver urban music to the people. Artists include female vocalists/rappers, ragga emcees and other rap artists.

From the former Dark Side Empire Records ONC have set up a professional business with its own domain name (www.corruptvillagerecords.co.uk) / publication and releases. So far Corrupt Village Records have had its music played in many clubs throughout of Birmingham as well as frequent radio play on 2 FM stations and internet stations, also some shops are now playing the tracks on a play list. Also we have a huge mailing list which has been established through interest of our net users and customers and so the label has developed a monthly newsletter which is sent out to everyone on the mailing list. 

Aims for the future from the label include expanding the business to further locations and also hitting different Medias such as television/videos. Although the business is fairly young it has had a remarkable impact in such a short time with the public and with the constant feedback its been proved that our music is what the people want.

The much anticipated album INFIDEL performed by ONC will be released on the label and this will be a perfect example to the standards this label is setting within the industry. Other releases have included a promotional CD by Capriciouz featuring new and old tracks primarily to boost the label and also a new EP is in the making to be pushed out whilst the INFIDEL album is being developed.

It will only be a matter of time before Corrupt Village Records is talked of as one of the UK's hot spots for the hardest rap and urban music. All the elements are there for a successful business so now its just a mater of maintenance and publicity which all look to be going well. 

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Web: www.corruptvillagerecords.co.uk :: Email:CruelAssociates@aol.com

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