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ONC represent life on a whole, demonstrating the narrating abilities through vivid word structure and distinct delivery. A truly powerful combination utilizing the true essence of hip-hop and able to speak on a level of profound maturity yet touch so many through their music.

ONC "THE MOST HATED" is an abbreviation of the 2 artists in the group Opocalypse N Capriciouz. The name "most Hated" comes from the natural fact of people hating and speaking from ignorance which in today's world occurs everywhere, but from this negative factor ONC have taken it and turned it into positive to which helps drive them to succeed in a world of hampers hence the name The Most Hated.

Together since 1994 ONC met in secondary school and came together to form a group originally known as "Dizrupta Squad" since then the 2 have developed unique and powerful styles which have bought them to their current height to deliver a new testimony on levels many will find hard to believe until they really listen to the lyrical content of their material. 

Well the Kings of Katastrophe goes without saying as it's the whole empire's album but as for an ONC group project the next project that will be released will be "LOST TESTAMENTS dairy of a forgotten war" which is part 1 to a series of mix tapes featuring ONC exclusively and the rest of the empire. Also look out for the ONC debut album "The Installment" coming soon.

ONC are the next level in UK rap and demonstrate this with ease through their material, with both Capriciouz and Opocalypse on production bringing different styles together they literally perform ferocious over every track. Prepare for the most hated, UK's finest. 

Capriciouz and Opocalypse are also members of the Cruel Associates, again a Birmingham based rap group of 5 who got together in 1996 and have remained as unsigned hype since. The most striking thing about this group is the way the address a subject lyrically and express themselves through truly unique styles. Read what Capriciouz had to say regarding his crew and their ethos:

I'm Capriciouz aka The Iron Priest and have been working hard to get my crew up in the game, from website designs to organising small shows for recognition. Hip Hop is a way of life for us so even though the hardwork and sometimes disappointments is constant its not as bad as it seems as this is the only way we know how to live.

The kind of topics we as a group address is simply what's going on around as and the reality of the streets of Birmingham, many have said we represent the mouth of the streets. we're aged between 18-19 and the members of the group are CAPRICIOUZ, OPOCALYPSE, L1, DEAD LINE AND CARNAGE. To sum up the over all sound of the group in one word would probably have to be 'intelligence" as we mix knowledge with straight rawness yet a flow that people can relate to.

Within the group we make our own beats as myself Capriciouz and Opocalypse are the producers, we've got instrumentals from beats you'd blast out in your car to beats you'd sit down and let you mind take over. Cruel Associates is truly a raw talent with a professional mind state and lock on realistic goals, we aim to do what's in our hearts and get up in the game through keeping it real and sacrifices. Prepare for the jump off!!!

Peace, Capriciouz

If you are an MC or crew you can stop complaining about not having any music to work with. The Cruel Associates offer a beat composition service from their web site. Simply tell them the style / type of beat you need and they will specially compose a unique beat to suit your purposes. Some are free, but for the special shit you have to fork out. Also on the website you can find further info and download more demo tracks. Currently Capriciouz is working on a solo album so look out for these heads in the future.

Check out the Corrupt Village Records page.
Web: www.cruelassociates.20m.com :: Email:CruelAssociates@aol.com

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