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De Marvelest
De Marvelest
De Marvelest
De Marvelest
De Marvelest
Currently, according to media broadcasts, the major UK record industry is in search of marketable talent that can compete with the likes of Alicia Keys, Destiny's Child, J-Lo, Eminem, Nelly, Ja Rule, Jay-Z, etc… (in other words - the US urban popular music market). I am offering my services to assist the UK in opening the floodgates to this market.

My name is DeMarvlest. I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana in the US, but I consider myself an UK artiste with the potential of 'making it' globally (internationally). I had been offered support by the likes of high-profile radio deejays such as Robin Banks from KISS 100 FM, as well as high-profile management such as Paul Widger - recent former manager of the pop artiste, Craig David. I have had considerable interest from the likes of both Polydor and BMG. In the not-too-distant past, I once was asked to rap on a spec production of a track for Destiny's Child -- at the request of the A&R in charge of the project; not-to-mention, I have been featured on Channel 4's THE BIG BREAKFAST as the next big thing as well as starring as the opening act for artistes such as Montell Jordan and performing in such events as the House Of Blues Smokin' Grooves Tour. I also have unique access to US Forces market (i.e. consumers), both here in England and abroad.


To appear on various national and international tracks with established artiste (foreign and domestic), ensuring to mention the UK and the UK music scene in every forthcoming international track. While at the same time, paving the way for other UK Urban and Pop artistes to break The States.

Listen to De Marvelest - Colourless Odorless Tasteless
Web: welcome.to/fonked :: DeMarvlest@IUMA :: Email: DeMarvlest@Hotmail.com

De Marvelest

De Marvelest

De Marvelest
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