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Formant - click for bigger pic...Formant is 24 year old Dom Melville, based near Brighton. He has been producing music for nearly 5 years now and is about to finish an HND in music production. First getting into Hip Hop at about 13/14 he loved acts such as 3rd Bass, Gang Starr, Caveman, Boogie Down Productions and De La Soul. Dreams of producing were already forming in the youngster. He progressed into other forms of music such as metal, techno and drum n bass later in his teens. He played drums in a range of bands from the age of 16. It was this experience that led him back on to the path of producing. Becoming more and more frustrated with working in bands he wanted more control over his whole sound. It was in late 96 that he started to play with computers and synths, by late 97 he ran an AKAI S2000 with a PC. 

It was whilst studying business in Southampton that a leaflet about music tech courses dropped out of a magazine, he contacted the college and promptly dropped out of his degree despite being in the second year. Since starting the HND his production skills have become more and more proficient. He is comfortable using samples, hard disk recording and advanced synthesis such as Csound in his music. The last 2 years have been spent developing his sound which he describes as "dark, moody and dirty". It is now that he feels his music is ready for the next step. The main limiting factor is the lack of MC's in his area. Over the recent weeks he has some found MC's (still willing to meet more!!) and is in the process of producing his debut EP "Mass Assimilation". Definitely one to watch out for!!!

Formant would like to give a shout out to Droolz and the Elektonika ladz, Carbone, Archlite, Yahmess, Boyley and the Fax Massive, Mike Pailthorpe, Gleem and the New Island Crew and QED for all your help.

Listen to Formant's Deception

Peep more demos on his temporary website: www.angelfire.com/hiphop2/formant

Contact Formant on either : formant@altavista.co.uk or bonecar@excite.com

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