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KuLPriTKuLPriT, (aka PHAT$AM real name Terry Foreman) found he had talent at an early age when in English lessons he used to right the best and longest rhymes in the class, he has a very good ability to string words together in a matter of seconds,and he says " I can out chew almost any MC there is" that might sound cocky, but at the age of 16 and standing at 6 foot 7, with the ability to make beats in his sleep, he's got the right to be cocky.

He met Master B (real name Richard Bonner) at secondary school, and found out that they had everything in common, and they would spend the next 2 years listening and experimenting with different tunes, not even thinking about taking up a career in hip hop, then KuLPriT (going by the name of CoPyCaT KiLLeR) submerged himself in the hip hop seen, while Master B started branching of to new metal and rock. This lasted until KuLPriT, decided to make a go of hip hop by putting ideas down for a track featuring Master B. and with KuLPriT bringing out this web site: www.gangsterrap.co.uk he was sure to get noticed but to date nothing has happened.

Then not to long ago KuLPriT found a HiP HoP discussion board where he keystyled and on numerous battles with a rapper called D-Dogg (who has a recording deal and a track being released in the charts in September) but with a real fight about to emerge between KuLPriT and D-Dogg, the dog put his tail between his leg and has never been seen on the discussion board again, on the same board he met a guy named Cyanide (real name not known) who he was going to do a track with but things went wrong and they fell out, this then left KuLPriT with no onein the hip hop game, then about a month later a turn for thebetter happened. 

He meet a buddingrapper with skill as good as his own called Speechless and then from nowhere Master B decided to start rapping and came out with numerous free styles, so from there blossomed LaW N ALDeR, a crew for these 3 rappers.In the future look out for KuLPriT and the rest of LaWN ALDeRbecause as KuLPriT's motto goes "TRY ME I'LL MAKE YA FAMOUS"

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Web: www.gangsterrap.co.uk :: www.kulprit.musicpage.com :: Email: century2@btinternet.com

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