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MC SSJ and crew Name: SSJ aka Sandeep Singh Jandu 
Born: 25/11/83 
Area: Slough, Berkshire 
Style: Meaningful Hip Hop 

Having seen the site SSJ saw that we support uk hip hop and understand the struggle artists starting out go through. So we are trying to help him out with some exposure to enable him to break through. SSJ hails from Slough and is struggling to get on the scene as he has an ambition to 'do' Hip Hop (although he maintains that he can MC to any type of music) and sometimes this is necessitated due to the small size of the UK and the small number of opportunities afforded by the scene. 

SSJ has always had an interest in music and has always pursued music in it's many beautiful forms. He can play the guitar, can mix but his main love is rapping. He acquired a taste for hip hop thorough the shattering sounds of Silvah Bullet. His innovational style of rapping along with his paralinguistic speech combined with a serious agenda truly encapsulated him.

Performing has always been a major aim of SSJ's and he has been builing his experience of this through public speaking and acting as well. His love for poetry has been implemented into his style of hip hop and therfore it sounds very elaborate and emotive. SSJ continuously aims to sustain a respectable position within the field of uk hip hop.

Here is a taster of SSJ's supreme skills as a rhetoric/lyricist:

When will the injustice cease
When all our spirits hold no peace
All of this ever increasing difficulty
Passed onto the coming decased

Commercialisation of my form of expression [hip hop/rap]
No space for a prophet
The truth in the youth kept down through repression
Artists and recording companies out to make a profit.

For who can see the stress, struggle and sorrow
The loss of so much of myself
I pray for achievement tomorrow
Yet i disregard material wealth

This is just a taster of his style and he is serious about breaking through, not for the cash but for the expression and helping people. If you can find it in your heart to help a struggling artist then get in contact with him on his email and he will offer his endless expression.

Listen to SSJ's Demo :: Email:stud_singh17@hotmail.com

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