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Miniature Heroes
Miniature Heroes - Heroes For HireThe Miniature Heroes are a three man Hip Hop crew hailing from Leeds, consisting of DJ Baboon, Lay-Z Bones and Arro. They formed into a crew in early 2001 after a couple of months of hooking up and have been performing in Leeds and elsewhere on the regular ever since. They have been receiving rave reviews and after listening to the demo you can see why. 

"Heroes For Hire" is a purposely under-produced, low budget single session with the Heroes and aims to capture some of their strengths, which include beat box and strong freestyles. That it certainly does and coming in at nearly twenty five minutes in duration it is pure energy right from the start. Beatboxing from Lay-Z Bones is of a good quality and is interspersed with choice instrumentals laid down by Baboon, such as Primo's N 2 Gether Now, Harry Love's Its All Live, Mass Hysteria's Persevere, Aspects' We Get Foul and the Lewis Parker produced Not Nice from Tommy Evans' Four Horsemen 12. So you can see the quality these guys like to roll with and their rhymes definitely live up to the quality of the beats they have chosen. It is intended to spread the word and act as a promo to get more gigs in and outside of Yorkshire.

Miniature Heroes

The whole crew work together well keeping the tempo and the vibe going throughout, so I would be looking to book them for sure if I had a night to put on. Good on them for getting out there, even if they don't have their own beats. They have the enthusiasm and humour to make it happen. They are currently in the early stages of producing an EP and are interested in hearing from any producers who are looking to get their beats rhymed over. You heard it here first.

Miniature Heroes Miniature Heroes Miniature Heroes Miniature Heroes

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Tel: 07710 763 515:: Email:arro@lycos.co.uk

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