Welcome to this corner of the web. This site is mostly dedicated to British Hip Hop and Low Life Records in particular. See below for some of the stuff I have been working on:

Low Life Records Low Life Records
 - One of the smallest, most hard working and original underground Hip Hop labels in the country. Creating since 1992, the label is currently the home of artists such as: Braintax, Task Force, Jehst, Dupa Styles, Ricochet, Benn Grymm, etc.
And has put out tunes by: Breaking the Illusion, Psychic Phenomena, SupaT, Lewis Parker, Profound, Dolo etc.
Copyright Law and the Ethics of sampling Copyright and Sampling Law info.
- If you want to use samples in your music you should check this site out.
UK Hip Hop - The History UK Hip Hop Story
 - A brief history of the struggle British Hip Hop artists have endured over the past 20 years.
UK Hip Hop Database UK Hip Hop Database
 - A database containing details of all the UK Artists and their releases (that I am aware of) to date.
International Hip Hop International Hip Hop
 - A fledgling page for the promotion of overseas artists in the UK. If you want to be featured here - send your stuff in...
News   UK Hip Hop News
- Check the latest UK Hip Hop news.
Links   UK Hip Hop Links
- Check a whole host of UK Hip Hop Links and a few select overseas ones too...
Make Your Own Records  Independent Vinyl Pressing
- If you want to make your own records check this brief guide getting it all sorted out.
- Hip Hop DJ/Producer. Only got a couple of Real Audio tracks up so far, but I aim to add more, so check back...

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