QEDQED aka P. LOW now based in Dalston, has been DJing since 1984 and even before that it had somehow always seemed like there would be a reason for the all the vinyl digging. Starting on two 30 decks from Richer Sounds and the basic mixer from Tandy he set about teaching himself skills and honing techniques.

Whilst at school he took his decks, mixer and records on the bus to school, to play at lunchtimes, then progressed to organising and playing out at private parties, schools, Leeds' West Indian Centre, Trades Club, Equinox Club and Woodhouse's Methodist Hall, W.M.C. and even a Waltzer at Hyde Park fairground.

Not long after starting to DJ, QED collected together some equipment by fair means or foul and tried producing. After that QED turned to encouraging, helping and passing on what he had learned to budding DJs and Producers around his home-town.

QED has long been a regular at Braintax studio sessions where he has advised, listened to and guided the group through the recording process. QED having studied a degree in Music Technology, provides Low Life Records with invaluable technical knowledge. Having always been into the creative side of music, QED has produced instrumental Hip Hop tracks to a very high standard.

Chances are if you have been reading about UK Hip Hop on the web QED has had a hand in there somewhere, whether it be on this website, the Low Life Records website or the massive UKHH.com where QED was a founding member and to this day does much of the behind the scenes technical work as well as endlessly formatting, editing and uploading.

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These tracks are all pretty mouldy and old, but I hope to get some more new tunes up here soon. I haven't really been motivated to do any new shit for a while. For now though these'll be new to y'all... :

  Title Streaming Download Size (KB) Dur.
> Eagles - Instrumental  Real Audio Real Audio 148 1'18"
> Untitled - Instrumental - Beat pattern by Braintax Real Audio Real Audio 482 4'17"
> Chill Rob G - Court is Now in Session
Q.E.D Party Remix 
Real Audio Real Audio 530 4'44"
> Drum Beat   Real Audio Real Audio 67 36"
> Red Beat   Real Audio Real Audio 292 2'35"
> Pan Sounds   Real Audio Real Audio 220 1'57"
> Meterite - Instrumental  Real Audio Real Audio 380 3'22"
> Simply - Instrumental  Real Audio Real Audio 583 5'12"
> Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell - QED Remix  Real Audio Real Audio 327 2'54"

If you are feeling these or you've got any feedback you want to give me email me, or do it just 'cos you can.

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