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Daddy J of Aerosolik Records (aided by Monkey Mark)
Aerosolik Records
What is the name of the label? Is there any significant meaning behind the name? Gotta be a graf connection?

Aerosolik Records. Yeah we're from a graf loving background. Check da logo.

What were the main reasons for starting up the label? Was it initially to put out your own, or friends stuff?

We started this label because we were tired of the hassle of dealing with other labels and wanted to put product out on own terms.

Is running a label what you expected?

No, it's a 24/7 job. We're always trying to market, promote, juggle acts and come up with new ideas. There's a lot more to it than meets the eye. Now we're gaining in popularity the workload is immense!

Would the artists supply their own artwork as well as music, or do you have a graphic designer who works with the label?

Monkeyboy Mark is the other half of Aerosolik records. He is a talented artist/ graf designer who keeps the Brighton end of things running and he sorts all the artwork himself from EP covers, promotional C.D's, stickers to website pics... the works. We've also had loads of support from Dope clothing and have developed a range of new merchandise. 

Who does your printing?

All our covers are designed by Monkey and sent to Delga print and Display. We have a really good relationship with them. Tudor printing at Worthing do our stickers.

What other promotional activities could you undertake? Artists getting out and gigging must be one of the most important things?

We do a web radio show which has an average of 90,000 downloads. We've also hooked up with Y.F.M, Africa's biggest radio station, and get airplay on the drive-time slot going out to between 7 and 15 million people between 5.00pm and 9.00 pm daily. We recently completed a mini-tour of South Africa which has helped to put U.K Hip Hop on the map. Whilst there we filmed a documentary of U.K
Hip Hop meets South African Hip Hop which will be aired on Sky later this year.

And getting tracks on Mixtapes?

Ritual (Nottingham) who appeared on the 'Next After First' EP and who is putting out a forthcoming EP called 'Clandestine' has recently done mixtape tracks for both French and English labels. No Guns No Dinosaurs is featuring on a new mag called 'Latest Underground Vibe' from Brighton.

As an indie label, how do you feel about the Majors? Are there certain things you are locked out of, like radio play?

It is very frustrating. Compared with the South African scene and the airplay that we get there the U.K. doesn't offer us as much. It has been difficult enough to get air play on 1xtra. This is why we do our own thing on the internet radio. That way we can play the stuff that we want to play. As we said we get 90,000 downloads on average for each show so we're reaching out there, but would love more interest from the U.K. scene.

You have an online presence? What do you achieve with that?

We have a website which has been recently taken over by based in Brighton who have a lot of experience in the field of music web design. We have profiles of the artists, graf pages and merchandise in the on line shop. This will be updated with Monkey's graphics so it's more in line with what we're doing. We are really happy with the plans that have for us and it will be regularly updated at last. 

There is also the radio show side of things. Tell us all about that - who are the DJs and what do they play?

D.J's are: Aerosolik studio based show with Daddy J, Arro, Samo and Cana. Hoodee recording shows from deepest Suffolk, Speckie recording shows from Birmingham and Monkey recording shows from Brighton. We get a lot of U.K. Hip Hop sent to us and are always looking for U.K. artists to send us their stuff and give us permission to play it on the shows... so please send it in.
Arro Bushy Eyebrows Cana Carpetface Ritual
Arro Bushy Eyebrows Cana Carpetface Ritual

Can you explain to the readers some of the problems that labels encounter when their material is freely distributed over the net by fans who may be unaware of the law and how you make your money? And Conversely, for small labels, there has to be some benefits too? What would they be?

Vinyl is our preferred medium, with CD's we are basically pissing against the wind. The stuff that we put out on the internet is bootlegged and we are aware of this but at least we are getting heard by people who might not come across our music anywhere else. If people hear us and like us then there's a chance that they might buy the vinyl. We heard that there were bootleg copies of the Allstars EP 'Next after First' by Freedom of Speech F.M. in Moscow. We don't mind too much if people hear our stuff through bootleg, so long as they support us. This is where our clothing and merchandise outlet comes in; get yourself a nice hat or hoodee! 

So, how does it work with your artists? Do you have people signed to the label? If so, without revealing too much confidential info, what sort of a deal would they be on? Would they be signed for one project, or an album and some singles, I guess it would depend on the particular act?

We are all friends and part of one family, everything we make goes back into the whole funding. We all have jobs to help us do this.

Do you expect any creative control over the artists output, or are they entirely free to come up with whatever they want? I would guess that you would try to come to a mutual understanding and agree on the level of commerciality.

There's no fat controller here, all the artists with Aerosolik bring their own opinions and views.

Realistically, how many units are you expecting to shift of each release? Have you found this disappointing and how do you see sales going in the future?

Aerosolik Roughly about 1000 units per release. The more releases that we put out, the bigger the interest and we have had to re-order past releases because of this. We start at 1000 and work from there.

What activities are you undertaking to get out in the UK? (see above and below)

We have had a distribution deal which turned sour because they weren't pushing it enough. We are getting a lot more records out now that we do it ourselves. We sell through the internet and supply independent record shops all over the U.K. We export to Europe, South Africa, Australia and the U.S.A. and get a lot more records out than when we had a distributor. We get support from Disorda's Suspect packages. 

Are you actually making money out of this?

We're ticking over... each release is more or less paying for the next and Monkey has a full time job on the design and P.R. front which is bringing money in. With his creative skills he is now designing a new range of clothing with the Dope brand.

At present, who are the acts on the label and how did they come to be working with you?

We met a lot of artists through the radio shows, guys like Ritual, C.R.F, Carpetface and Arro. Others are long-term friends like Troglodyte, Samo, Ad-1, Cana, Ketch, Percy Filth, Stone Age Man, Monkey, Fat Robert and Dan Watts. I met Hoodee cos we both had a track on a compilation album in 1999 called Fortified Stereophonic on Vapours Records. I then saw an article about him in Sound On Sound magazine and e-mailed him and we've been friends and colleagues ever since. 

What records have you put out so far?


Are you currently soliciting new material and demos from unsigned acts?

We're always on the look out for new material, for the past year we've played the Cohorts on the internet radio and are now in talks with them for a possible future release with Aerosolik. They're a mighty fine Hip Hop unit both live and recorded.

If so, what approach would you prefer potential signees to take? Is simply sending you a poor quality demo and a hand written note enough, or do people need to make a better impression than that?

It's all about the music. If we think its good and we like what its saying we'll get them in the studio and let them have a go. But I do wish that people would write on the CD's when they send them. We get so many that some get lost in the pipeline. It's also such a waste when an artist sends in material without contact info believe me, its mad but it does happen very regularly. 

Hoodee Monkey Mr CRF Percy Filth Daddy J
Hoodee Monkey Mr CRF Percy Filth Daddy J

What difference would it make if someone stepped to you with a fully recorded and finished LP? Are you going to look at them more favourably because you wouldn't have to do much, or maybe that wouldn't leave you the option to mould them or give them any direction?

Look at the Hoodee release, all we mainly did was the art work as Hoodee had all the musical say on it. We Didn't hear it until it was finished. That was strange when a couple of the MC's featured ask us what we thought of their track and we hadn't even heard it at that time because Hoodee was still working on it and being the perfectionist that he is, he didn't want us to hear it before it was complete. Anyway big respect to Hoodee he covered it off his own back, we have much appreciation for his help and dedication to the label.

Do you have any studio facilities and in what ways would you be looking to develop artists if you take them on?

We have a fully working studio with control room, live room incorporating vocal booth, mic-ed up drums, twin exhaust ..the works. People come from all over the country to use our studio and we have been featured in Sound On Sound magazine. 




You have entered what is becoming an increasingly crowded marketplace, with many new labels springing up almost weekly. Do you think it is a fad that will pass, or will it continue to grow? Generally, what are your thoughts about the state of UK Hip Hop? 

We've been in this scene for years, we're not just a new thing we've come from all areas of life and with our experiences grouped together we are all positively putting out what we think is good material. We fully support the U.K. scene and have showed this through our tour of S.A. and radio shows. We're doing it for the passion, not the competition. There's some really strong U.K. stuff out there and it is getting stronger and stronger.

Are there any UK artists you have heard that you might potentially like to collaborate with any of your acts?

We'd love to work with the folk from Big Dada and YNR, Skinnyman, Chester P. We are always up for collaborations with talented artists. I know Cana would definitely be up for collaboration with Wildflower, Est'elle and C-Mone.

To bring this to a close, do your marketing bit and tell the readers where they can pick up your stuff?

Check out the website at, your local independent Hip Hop shop, and HMV.

As an introduction the label, which records would you recommend the uninitiated to pick up first?

Pick up this years releases first, The Hoodee EP 'First Contact' (AERO 007). Featuring Ill Seer (Delegates of Culture), Oliver Twist (Intelligent Madness), Koaste (formerly of the 360 Physicals) and T.S One (The Mantis Chapter). 

Also coming out in July is 'Fresh Out Of The Can' (AERO 008) by 'No Gunz No Dinosaurs' featuring Cana (Scarborough), Troglodyte (Brighton), Samo (Cornwall) and Arro (Miniature Heroes - Leeds).

Is there anyone else you would like to mention?

Yeah thanks to the following; Hoodee, Ill Seer, Oliver Twist, Koaste, T.S One, Arro, Cana, Troglodyte, DJ Samo, Phill & Percy Filth, Mad Flow & all in Brum. Skeg & all @ Breakin Bread, Disorda. WordSearch, Look Norf, Roscoe, Y.FM. & all the crews in S.A. much respect. Mr C.R.F, Ritual, Harry & all @ Big Smoke, Paddy @ GrandSlam, Undercover, WolfTown. Brighton Gogglez Crew, Will & all @ dope clothing. Trevor @ CatSkills. Will Ashon, Owen & Graham @ Cohorts, CarpetFace. all @ dropzone records, Sorry for all those we have missed, we will shout you on the Radio laters.

We could go on & on , so thanks to everyone out there who is supporting the Aerosolik Vibe.

Aerosolik Discography :: [email protected]

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