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OK, can you first introduce yourself and let the readers know a bit about where you are coming from?

Well my name's Asaviour born in Huddersfield, moved to Manchester and now live in London. Basically I try to make hip hop that's going to stir and emotion weather it be joy, angry, sorrow whatever.

You were born in Huddersfield? That is where you grew up isn't it, in and around West Yorkshire? What do you make of that area of the world?

It's grim up norf! (Ha ha), Well there is a lack of opportunity to do what you want in your life if you want a 9 to 5 then your okay (relatively!). But if you want to become a successful rapper producer or some form of artist your chances are greatly limited. But the place does have its benefits people can be more supportive and open with you. 

For some reason Yorkshire seems to have taken to Hip Hop, perhaps a retaliation against the deep poverty and destruction of the industries in the 80's. Why do you think that there are so many bubbles of hard core Hip Hop heads in the North?

I think you might have hit the nail on the head, when I say its grim up norf I laugh but it's not a joke! A lot of people are in the same boat up north, were as there's more of a class divide down south. Plus the fact people are just hungrier for real hip-hop they can relate to…

So your name Asaviour - that is a touch unusual. Can you explain why you chose it and what it means, what does it signify?

Its funny Asaviour was the first emcee name I ever chose for myself, though I thought about a few others but stuck to Asaviour. The names not really that deep, I don't claim to save anybody but myself sounds a bit selfish but I think only you can save yourself. I guess the name signifies self preservation.

Right, so how did you first get into Hip Hop, and when would this have been? Who introduced you to the sounds and which tracks opened your ears?

I'm never good at dates n shit but I suppose NWA, EPMD, Eric B & Rakim, Large Professor kicked it all of for me, I had a couple of friends Justin and Anthony who were like a year or two older than me, they brought me into the sound. 

What makes a good night out for you? Would it be a night when you were performing, or do you have a better time when you go to watch acts?

That's interesting coz I have had some wicked nights out when performing especially when the groupies show up! (But end of the day we're working). Generally I think my best nights out were when I was watching an act.

What have been the best gigs you have done and why? And have there been any mad experiences you can share with the readers? 

Beatsiality York - Yeah Jehst, Harry Love and I did a gig in York it was live! Like I said before the people are hungrier for real hip-hop further a field and they showed the love plus we did a tight set.

Rawganics Cambridge - The sheer size for the crowd and the noise they made to "People Under The Weather" made me realise how much people love that tune.

Cargo East London - Just a good venue with a nice size stage to run about and have fun on.

Is it a problem being from an area where there is, on the surface not much of a Hip Hop scene and less competition to make you raise your game? What are the bad points and what are the good things about being so far away from London where most of the UK's music business is?

That's one of the reason I moved to London. But I tell you something some of the sickest emcees I've heard are not from London but further north. 

Before that though I believe you moved over to Manchester and hooked up with the Microdiseacs and people like Subliminal Darkness. How does Manchester compare to where you are from and what came out of your new relationships?

Yeah Manchester was good for my development as an artist; Manchester was like an accelerated version of Huddersfield (just more guns). I made an appearance on a Microdisiacs track called "Full Force". I did quite a few tracks with Subliminal Darkness, but they never came out .

So you are down with the YNR label and crew. Can you tell us about how the label came into existence, who runs and owns it and what the main aims of the label are?

Well the label was started by Jehst and Tommy Evans when we were back in Huddersfield together but it is now run by Jehst, Tommy and Cee*Why (London born and raised). I guess you need to talk to them to find out their aims, but I reckon they'd say to successfully release quality hip hop. 

More recently you were featured on Jehst's Under The Weather track which dropped on Low Life. You mentioned the reaction to that track at Rawganics was mental. It could have been an underground anthem.

It blew the fuck up, well I don't really read mad press so I don't know what the press think but when we do show and talk to fans they say it's one of the top tunes of 2002, which is nice!

You are also featured on the City Sickness track alongside Jehst again and Usmaan which is on the Food LP. That is a heavy track, but sounds a little different to the rest of the LP, was it recorded and mixed in a different place?

Yeah we mixed it in another studio we had never mixed in before, artistically I think it's a heavy track, I just think the mix is a bit rough.

L-R: TBC, Asaviour, Tommy Evans

Have we missed out any other work you have done, collaborations etc. Stuff that people may not be aware of?

Well there's a lot of new stuff I've just finish or am finishing, which you will hear very soon. (Its my time!)

You have been less exposed than some of the other YNR acts. Is there a reason for this, have you had other things on your plate which have meant that in the past you haven't been able to devote as much time to this as you would like, or are you working on a longer term game plan?

Well, when I was in Manchester I was a in education and made sure I got all that out of the way, I also had a lot of other tings going on I can't really discuss in an interview. (you get meh!)

You must be working on an EP or even an album of your own. Can you let us in on what we can expect from you in the future?

Well I don't want to reveal too much too soon, but yes I got an EP and singles in the pipeline, but for now I got a track which will be on a new JEHST EP called "Underworld Epics Vo1". You can expect honesty.

Asaviour What other projects are you working on if any? I hear Jehst is doing a production LP, will you be featuring on that?

I'm working with Tommy Evans, Cee*Why, Apollo, Ghost, Verbal T, Usmaan and many others and yes you might just see me on the Jehst LP.

Are you a straight up MC, or do you dabble in production as well? What areas are you looking to develop into?

On my EP you will see a debut of my Production skills 

OK, to broaden this out things are getting scary regarding the war with Iraq. Are you bothered, and in your opinion, what are the reasons for this and why is it so desperate that we do this now?

The American & British governments are desperate for war because they are desperate for there resources.

A lot of people will also be asking why a blind eye is turned towards Israel and the atrocities they are committing against the Palestinians. Do you have a view on that? Is it all about America's influence?

Well basically America's economy is dominated by Jewish money America has a vested interest in ignoring what the Israeli government is doing to Palestinians, don't get me wrong I think they are both at fault in ways but Israel has the power. A Good friend told me that if you want to start a bank you must get a loan and there are only two companies that can do this in the world and there both owned by Jewish families, make you think!

What can realistically be done to help people live together?

This may sound cynical but we need utopia and I don't think its possible I think this is all part of the human condition we are an amazing race yet so stupid, and capitalism doesn't help either!

Things are getting heated in the UK too. Gun crime seems to be on the increase, and crack addicts will stop at nothing to get their money. What is the scoop in the North? Some BNP councillors have been elected, there is a great deal of depravation there and areas like Chapeltown in Leeds have in the past been quick to riot against the police.

Asaviour We had riots in Huddersfield years ago you know, But the most depravation I've ever seen in this whole country would be in Manchester in an area called Longsight, don't get me wrong I've seen crazy shit in London i.e. Stockwell, Hackney, Stonebridge etc. but at least London can offer you the chance to succeed at an occupation you want if you work hard. It's funny, when I first started making visits to London and started meeting people, as a Blackman, I found it a bit of a surprise meeting young legitimate financially successful black people, coz up norf most of the people I know do crime of some sort.

Are you at all political? I ask everyone about politics, because I think it is important that we have knowledge of what is going on. Do you have anything to say on that? Any issues you think people need to open their eyes too?

The power of voting, Chester P for mayor!

If you could change something about society, what would it be and why?

I would foolishly try and get rid of greed, also try make people care about there community a bit more.

UK Hip Hop is still getting some press, and this has been good for the last couple of years, but yet our homegrown music rarely breaks the charts and many people purely check for US material. What are the reasons for this and how can the situation be remedied?

To be honest I think is getting better you're going to see UK rappers on TV (I'm not naming names). Basically, UK tracks getting proper airplay. Warner Music licensed "People Under The Weather" to a big compilation called "Pure Hip Hop 2003". it had adverts and everything. I think there's more of this to come.

Outside your crew who are the UK artists you listen to and admire? What is it about them you like?

Supa T, Klashnekoff, Fallacy, Roots Manuva, Taskforce, Yungun, Blak Twang, Cappo, Out the Ville, Micodisiacs and so many others and can't recall at this point in time

 Who or what are you other influences? What do you do when you are not doing Hip Hop stuff? 

Asaviour and the YNR crew My influences are basically the world around me, weather it be music, movies, television, books, computer games, conversation anything can give me ideas for rhymes.

What do you make of the internet? You have the YNR website. What can people expect to get there?

Well basically you will find a lot of information on individual artists, pictures, audio, gig dates, a guestbook, etc, etc. A new version of the site is currently being built, which will expand the site further, its gonna be hot!!!

Do you have any plans for your own online presence?

Maybe in a year or so but it would probably be huge so I don't know yet.

OK. To wind this up, what is going to be keeping you busy over the next few months?

Touring, and Recording.

What are your longer term plans and objectives?

Release an LP's and expand my fan base into Europe.

Thank you for your time.

No problem my pleasure!

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