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Babyjinx (aka Muna)
Babyjinx aka Muna
1. Sett It Off
2. I'ma Get There
3. One Mic
4. Outro
Babyjinx's interest in Hip Hop began way back at the age of nine when the young emcee at the time attempted to record his first ever composition: Up The Mountain. His teacher crowned him with the name Jinx during his primary school days. Jinx's ability to write and compose was polished in his junior high school days when Jinx and his classmates took turns to outshine each other in creative writing.

Jinx's first ever local release was a song called H.I.V. in which he collaborated with long time friend Native K. An album followed a few months later which was released locally after the help of Kenny Klips a well established deejay in Malawi.

Since then Jinx has moved to the UK and is now based in Hull where he has been and indeed, still is recording his debut solo project, ďThe RaptureĒ. This release will feature production from Babyjinx and is slated to include guest spots from unheard of Hull artists like JB and Pappa V. 

Jinx is currently sending out a four track demo sampler of what to expect from the LP. Sett It Off uses the super funky break that Ice T ripped for You Played Yourself back in the day. Jinx has a few nice ways of flipping it, but seeing as the break is so sweet there is little you'd want to do to it. I'ma Get There is much more melancholy with its simple chimes and bells and female moaning / humming which occasionally becomes an 'ooh' or 'heeeyeay'. Especially with the emotionally sung chorus although the song looks to the future you can feel the pain that artists go through to realise their dreams as they struggle to learn and create.

One Mic is the track that we previously showcased in the demos section of the site. It is a much more acoustic affair featuring a very sparse arrangement of drums and guitar, which changes up for vibes in the chorus. To compensate for this Babyjinx's vocals step up in the mix and take on an instrumental effect as they are greatly reverberated. The only remaining element to fill out the mix is some cuts. I'm not sure of the name of the final track which at just 1'11" is by far the shortest. It is real atmospheric almost like the rushy interlude in a rave track. There is no beat throughout, but sea gull sounds intermingle with spaced out triangles and the sounds of some vocals like a Muezzin's call to prayer. Initially male, but later female. It is a real nice chill out track to relax to at the end of a creditable sampler.

Babyjinx is also currently studying for a foundation degree in music from which he says he is learning new techniques and skills on a daily basis and it also gives him access to a professional quality recording studio in which he has been able to practice what he has learned and has helped him to move on, to progress to producing better sounding material. I'm sure there is a lot more development left in Baby Jinx, but this is one guy with a lot of drive and ambition, who has stated that it is now time for him to step up his game and get some material out there, so be on the look out for Babyjinx (aka Muna). Thatís for sure! 


One Mic (The Theory)

Yeah What
Pansana Records! Ha Baby jinx (Yo)
One time for ya mind, Yo (yo) yo (Yo)

Hey yo J I N X you spell Jinx (Spell JINX)
The guy wit the flava to put ya in the mix (In tha mix)
As I'm landin' I feel tha whole world shakin' (I feel tha whole world shakin')
You're lookin who's here the site becomes breath takin'
Amazin' (mazin') how y'all crazy rappers is gazin
I'm raisin' (raisin')
All ya eye lids up coz I'm blazin' (blazin)
Hardcore we are producin'
And abusin' (Yeah wat) 
Ya head wit rhymes that's confusin' 
What will ya do??
Babyjinx be blowing up ya scene unclean gettin tha cream
Insane (sane), that's how we were we are will be (are will be)
It's tha blind leadin tha blind we can't see (no no no we can't see)
I won't stop (stop)
Not until tha day I drop (drop)
I leave ya shaken while I make ma way to tha top (top)
The Blind vision still gives a tough T! (T)
To all opposin brothers who're all some wanna be's (wanna be's)


I came to the game (game)
Armed wit one mic (mic)
One skill (skill)
One mind to do it right (right) (ha)
Betta keep ya rhymez in check before rhymin' wit me (what yeah yeah)
You betta keeep ya rhymes in check before rhymin' wit me
word is bond

Verse ii
Dum didi dum ( di dum)
Here I come (come)
Wit ma phat track that will leave ya earz numb (numb)
I got ya dancin'
Now you've gone dumb (dumb)
Coz @ me you glancin'
Raisin up ya thumb (thumb)
Ya callin' Jinx (Jinx)
Ya got me in tha mix (mix)
Think I'm goin' crazy
I think ya need a fix (fix)
Ya puffin indo
Starin thru that window
Stop smilin @ me while lookin thru that window
What's up (Whats up)
Some lyrix (lyrix)
Comin up you feel it (feel it)
You're near it (near it)
Tha rhyme machine so ya fear it (fear it)
Applyin' pressure! to all em' opposers
Tha losers (losers)
Blind Vision has tru composers
I'm rhymin' coz (I'm rhymin' coz)
The whole squad is behind me (hind me)
Beside me (side me)
Brother there's no way you'll find me (find me)
Around me (round me)
Is a bunch of hardcore lovers
Togehter foreva coz we tha blood brothers

Go to Hook (Twice)
Check it out yo! (Check it out yo!) yeah (yeah)
Check it out yo! (Check it out yo) What (what)
Check it out yo! (Check it out yo!) yeah (yeah)
Check it out check it out check it out!
Verse iii
Check it out yo (yo)
As I hit ya wit tha flow (flow)
Lay down (down) Y'all kno it's hardcore (core) Start runnin
Ma rough style is so RAW (RAW)
As I'm comin' all ya dudes gotta go (go)
Babyjinx (jinx) (jinx)
Still comes as a blow (blow)
It's like I'm (I'm)
In ya hood to do a show (show)
Hey yo (yo)
I leave ya beggin 4 more (more)
Maybe (maybe), tha best around you don't kno! (kno!)
Heart beatin' ya afraid ya just saw (saw)
Babyjinx (jinx)
Takin' over ya radio (ooh!)
Ya stereo (ooh!)
Everythin' ya video (ooh!) And when I'm rhmin' (rhymin')
Everything begins to glow (glow)
Blacked out (out), as ya lay on tha floor (floor)
Knocked out (Out), yet ya be like so (So!)
Babyjinx (jinx)
Wont' stoul in gettin' doe! (doe) I leave ya dried out all ya can is nooo! (nooo!)


Iíma Get There feat. Pappa V & JB 

Intro.. (JB & Pappa V)
I know (yeah wat) I will get there
(Iíma get there)
I know (by any means) Iíma get there (Iím a survivor)
Long walk thru filled wit pain (and Iíma make it)
Thru tha storm thru that rain 
Iíma get there (Yo, Yo Yo )

When I was born
God He gave me one worth (worth)
Tha skill tah put pen to paper and rock tha earth (earth)
A talent hidden
Thru out ma young life
Xposed ny tru relities and strife
Wen I was eight
I grabbed a pen and paper
Thoughts comin outta ma head like water vapour
Lyrical GZA
Writer in tha makin
Left handed stranded on the paper and getting
Knowledge outta books gaining lyrical wizardy 
Was good in Maths
But neva Histroy
Ma young mind 
Was rather focus on tha future
Others would say
Jinx rap would neva suit ya
But I moved on
Just so I could prove a point
And wat did
Recorded ma first joint
And they would laugh 
Calliní it lyrical bluff but I neva cared
Coz I knew Iíd get there

HookÖ(JB & Pappa V)
I know Iíma get there
I know Iíma get there(dual)
Long walk thru tha storm
Thru tha rain
Iíma get there

At age 9 nine did a song called up the mountain (mountain)
Rhymez cominí out like water from the mountain (fountain)
In ma small room I would freestyle for hours (hours)
Some wack sheet then I would walk in rain showers (showers)
By thirteen (teen)
Ma rap styz was getting clean(ma rap styz was getting ( clean)
Was getting busy fa shizzy keeping it real see
A few open mic sessions showiní progression (gressioj)
Lyrically I was lastiní longer (longer) and gettingí stronger (stronger)
The opposition that faced was from ma father (father)
Who thought by rappiní (rappin)
I was climbiní tha wrong ladder (ladder)
Told me to stop (stop)
But I went on in secrecy (secrecy)
(Keeping it on a d-low like a conspiracy)
I couldnít do it
I love rap too much to stop it (stop it)
So wat I did (did)
I went on and and shopped it
Call me a rebel (rebel)
Call me a problem child (child)
But step in ma way (way) and Iíma buck wild


And then I fell in love (love)
Men and sh*t got worse
Ma miums funded as the world turns from her purse
Its not funny
I neva had enuff money (money)
Used ta catch a lift or catch a bus sonney
To make it to the studio (studio)
For a recording (coding)
And while I did that
I got another warning (warning)
But I was like shut the hell up and start applauding
Ma mind made up 
And at the same time played up 
I gots to keep ma heads up 
This world is played up carry ma self
And move another bloody phase up
Iím optimistic
Its not a natural mystic
I speak in tongues
Coz I be multi linguistic
And Iíma ge there 
One way or another
Iíma like a child payin for sins of the father
Armed wit one mic and a skill rare
And yu know wat as life goez on Iíll get there


I know I will get there
No matter wat olí daddy may say
Yes I know I will get there, Iíll get there
Iíma get there Iíma get there some day
Iíma get get there
I know Iíma get there
Iíma get there
Oh no matter wat you may say
Ima get there x2

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Check out Babyjinx's One Mic Demo Page

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