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Creamo - The Peep And Pass CD [Frostbitten]

Creamo from South London, now in his mid-twenties has had some involvement in one form or another for some time. His biog states that at the age of 9 he was introduced to Break-Dancing and his interest in dancing led him to take Performing Arts while at school. This all let to him dancing on old skool TV shows Dance Energy and The Word. Early on Creamo was part of a group NBG which evolved out of Kaycee and as part of the crew he took part in a music workshop at that time called Smooth Yet Rugged run by by Lord Redeem now of Big Dada records. The workshop later became the famous Ghetto Grammar and whilst Creamo attended Lord Redeem was his mentor, helping him to progress and become a great deal more competent on the Mic.

Over the years Creamo has had the opportunity to perform on the under bill when major acts such as Brand Nubian, Joe, Father, Jodeci, Redman, Keith Murray, DMX when they passed through London. One of these highlights being when he performed to 12,000 people at Wembley Arena with Wayne Marshall. He has additionally hooked up with some of the UK's finest emcees such as Roots Manuva, Skinny Man, Blak Twang and quite a few others like Est'elle, Fredi Kruga and Thee Absent. Amongst his influences Creamo lists such classic artists including The Beastie Boys, Big Daddy Kane, Redman, Nas and of course from the UK the London Posse. With a list like that you can obviously see where he is coming from.

I first came across Creamo from his outings on the excellent Thee Absent collaboration The Gym and  his UK Runnings freestyle over the instrumental of the remix of Villains' UK Sound. Now he has dropped his The Peep & Pass CD on Frostbitten records in collaboration with Cafe Recordings and Liquid Entertainment with both of the aforementioned tracks are included on here. It is a very polished and well presented release, but to all intents and purposes is still really a demo to showcase his skills. It is similar in vein to the Dark N Cold Dub Plate Mix CD from Silent Eclipse inc MCD. This is because it includes several freestyles and drops from radio shows and the few original tracks on here are disappointingly only snippets. As such though it does the job and does indeed work as a vehicle to get his name more widely known, but is quite disjointed as the tracks quickly fade out and the 'announcer' keeps chatting like a radio DJ introing tracks. Useful for informational purposes, but unnecessary if you just want to hear the music to get more of a feel for it.

The whole concept behind the CD is that you check it out, play it, ingest it, catch the vibe and then you pass it on to one of your friends so that the word spreads. So although the joint is a full 20 tracks deep not all of them are full length the majority being less than 2 minutes in duration and the total playing time is 35 mins. I feel that Creamo has unfairly caught some heat as he definitely has a flow and sounds real sweet on the mike. He can be silky as his name suggests, but can also bring a rugged style as well.

He calls himself the Jingle King and included are the verses he dropped on DJ 279 (Choice FM) and Chubby Kids (Kiss 100). There is a pretty funny parody of what it would be like to appear on Tim Westwood's show. Funny the first time, but is soon something to get the fast forward treatment. Industry Doors is a tantalising snippet of what Creamo will sound like when he tackles a concept and raps on a particular topic. He shows he has a realistic attitude to where he is going and what he aims to achieve. The verse he spits on the forthcoming Bladerunners single from B-Sharp is really hot and you get a taste of other forthcoming songs like Streets My Witness and Feel Our Flow again in the form of snippets stripped down to just Creamo's part.

Templa, Creamo's brother also gets a track to get busy as well and although he has very different vocal tone to his brother he is still nice with it. Included in the play list are specially recorded freestyles like Assorted Flavas and opening the CD the really contagious C.R.E.A.M.O.. Creamo chooses some beats you'll have heard to spit over and manages to fit in his verse on the R&B track Just A Friend by Mario where he collaborated on the Afreex Remix.

Overall as an emcee Creamo comes with an excellent rap delivery, original tight flow, superb diction, and style that oozes from speaker to speaker when you jam his tracks! Creamo is everything you expect from a rapper but we need to hear him across a full release of his own tracks to see how he can hold it down. I get the feeling with the right circumstances he could well do this and I'm definitely wanting to hear his proper release which I am led to believe will be called Freezin. If all these different projects come to fruition Creamo should be right up in everyone's faces pretty soon.
Creamo Creamo

As Creamo says, 'Inspiration, Motivation, Dedication, Education, gets you to your Destination in every Situation'. :: [email protected]

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