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C.R.F. - Capital Rhyming Force / Tone Def Records
Noz & CRF - The Pedigree Chumps

Hi CRF, for those that are new to you guys can you quickly break down some of your background info? i.e. Where are you from?

We're straight out the pub!! Yeah we're all from Manchester. Various areas around Manchester. I've been into Hip Hop since the Mid 80's inspired by artists such as Ultramagnetic MCs, Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, K-Solo, Caveman etc. Started writing lyrics and making beats in the early 90's playing out at various different locations and then formed The Pedigree Chumps Crew with MC Noz in 2002 when we set to work on the now finished "Up Norf Hip Hop Edz" EP. Also responsible for The Critical Beatdown Magazine and Radio Shows as well as Putting in work with the Aerosolik Label.

Who are all the guys in your crew and what do they do?

Well basically The Pedigree Chumps is a collaboration between myself (CRF) and Noz and the now official 3rd member DJ Pressure. Me and Noz take care of all the lyrics plus Noz is responsible for a lot of the Production. Pressure takes care of the cuts and also entertains the crowds at the Chumps gigs with his Beatboxin skills. There's also a few guests who appear on the New Chumps EP like Filthy Rich, Leon The Goose, Stereo Type, Mike-S and JPM.

Where are they all from? Can't all be in Hyde...

No, there's only me who lives in Dr Shipman Town. Noz lives 3 miles away near Stockport and DJ Pressure lives about 10 miles away in Eccles. Me and Noz are about 5 minutes apart while Pressures about 15 minutes away. Its good that we all live so close as it means more time to record and less travel.

In the last interview you mentioned old heads like MC Buzz B, anything to say about the old timers? They making a comeback anytime soon?

Pedigree Chumps - Up Norf Edz EP - Tone Def RecordsYeah I told you I was working with Buzz B which at the time I was. I wanted to do a couple of projects with him but after a while he just got harder and harder to get hold of and that was the end of that. Whether he'll be making a comeback anytime soon, I don't know although I do have a few newish/unreleased tracks of his. Buzz B's a real down to earth bloke who I think prefers to work on his own rather as part of a crew. We have done a few shows together though. I don't know what he's up to now. I suppose I should give him a call.

Lets look at subsections of your click than. Are the Rap Parasites still a going concern?

The Rap Parasite project was something that I really wanted to happen a couple of years ago. It was supposed to be a big collaboration featuring myself and DJ Jepi, The Ruthless Rap Assassins, MC Buzz B, MC Wayne D and 2 others called Syl And Flex. The problem was getting everyone together to record or talk about ideas for the tracks. Buzz B came around a few times and laid down some vocals as did Syl and Flex but nothing seemed to be moving forward. I was serious about it but I don't think anybody else was so I left it and formed The Pedigree Chumps with Noz who I know is serious about putting out tracks and we set to work on the "Up Norf Hip Hop Edz EP". When I think about The Rap Parasites project now, I think the main problem was everybody had there own styles and wanted to do there own think. Like Buzz b was more on the spoken word tip rather than the Straight up Hip Hop and Syl and Flex were there own group and wanted to put out there own thing at that time. Since I scrapped that project I've not really spoke to any of them that much since except for MC Wayne D who I see all the time. I'd still like to do a track with Ruthless and Buzz b but whether it ever happens remains to be seen. I think Syl and Flex are still working on tracks but I've no idea what Jepi's up to at the moment. I've rang him a few times and emailed but got no answer. It would be good to get Jepi back involved on a track. As for now though its just the Chumps.

Did Animal Crackers ever surface?

No nothing ever happened with the Animal Crackers project either. It was an idea that an MC called Carlon Stardom from Notts wanted to happen which at the time I thought was a good idea but since then all my time has been spent on the Pedigree Chumps Projects. A lot of people come at you with various projects and ideas which at the time seem like good ideas but the majority of them don't happen. Right now its just about Me, Noz, Pressure and the Pedigree Chumps Projects. That's all I want to concentrate on plus we've got a few Collaboration projects coming up as well.

Tell us about the Aerosolik release. How did that hook up come about and what was your contribution to the project?

Well I've known daddy J who runs the Aerosolik label for a couple of years now. I think he got in contact with me after reading the first issue of my magazine. He invited me down to his studio to appear on one of his Internet radio shows which I did and whilst I was down there he talked about a few projects he had coming up. He played me a few beats and asked me to choose one. A few months later I went back down to his studio and recorded a track called "Wolfman" with another MC called Ad-1 and female vocalist Cana. The track was then mixed down and released on the next Aerosolik EP in mid 2002.The EP was called "Next After First" and as well as the "Wolfman" Track it featured 3 other tracks with other artists on.

Me and Noz are in the process of writing the lyrics for "Wolfman Part 2" which will be released on Aerosolik Records soon. While were speaking of Aerosolik I just wanna give a big big up to daddy J for all the hard work he puts into all his Label releases and radio shows..

Who are the Pedigree Chumps? Just you and Noz?

Yeah Me (CRF) and Noz plus we got DJ Pressure who comes along to all the gigs and who did the cuts on the track "Intoxicated Munkiez" off the Up Norf Hip Hop Edz EP. You'll probably see a lot more input on the 2nd Chumps EP from DJ Pressure which we're about to start work on real soon.

What have you been up to since we last broke bread? You have been all over...

Last time we spoke id just put out a 7inch vinyl which seemed to do ok plus I was planning the Rap Parasite thing. Mainly though I've just been working with Noz getting The Pedigree project together, working on loads of new tracks, doing the magazine, the radio shows and doing quite a lot of gigs. Over the last couple of months we've (The Chumps) done gigs in Liverpool ,London ,Sheffield, Leeds, Brighton, Leicester and Hull and had good reactions at them all and sold quite a lot of vinyl at the gigs. We've supported Cappo and The Wolftown Commitee plus done shows with Dirtburg, Dap-C, UTI and a few other up and coming groups. Oh yeah I cant forget Carpetface, the original Friday Night Sniper and another MC who likes the odd can or two..

Lets talk for a moment about all things Critical Beatdown. How is the Radio Show going? Last time we spoke it wasn't on the airwaves..

Yeah I'm still doing the radio shows. For the last 18 months or so I've been sending them to a lad I know from near Sheffield way who gets them aired on a Saturday night on a pirate station called Fascination fm which has just recently changed to Urban FM. Even when the shows aren't on air, I still do them each week or so as quite a few of the Critical Beatdown Mag readers send me 4 quid for new shows on CD and the money goes towards the cost of the mag. I suppose its similar to Dave The Ruffs radio Zero thing. I'm also doing Internet Radio for every few weeks and play just UK Hip Hop in there. Anybody interested in checking out the shows just drop me an email for some details.
[email protected]

Are you aware of the new laws that have come in place regarding pirate stations? As far as I'm aware the DJs can now be held directly responsible, can be fined up to, and I'm not sure about the figure, about 5000. You have all your records impounded and banned from working on any legal station for two years. This latter point has serious implications. Has any of this changed the way you'll be doing things?

I have heard a few rumours about the new laws but I don't think it will make much difference to me at the moment as I don't do the shows live at the radio stations. I pre-Record them onto CD and send 'em to the stations. I know in the past I have done a lot of live radio shows at various pirate stations and if I was still doing that I suppose id have to take these new laws a bit more seriously.

And the Critical Beatdown Magazine, either that was on the back burner, or you haven't been sending me one...

No, I'm still doing Critical Beatdown magazine. I'll post you some. I'm up to Issue 6.Obviously I'm not putting out issues as often as id like to but that's down to lack of time and money as well. The magazines still free of charge and if anyone wants a copy all they have to do is send me an A5 stamped addressed envelope to PO Box 227, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 5YE. The websites now up and running, its in its early stage at the moment but I'm building on it all the time.

So How do you fund your mag? Sponsorship?

Pedigree ChumpBasically I fund it all myself with any spare money I've got which is never a lot. I spend half my life slogging away in a paper factory to make a living. Daddy J from Aerosolik gave me 50 towards the cost of the last issue though which I'm extremely grateful for. I've got no sponsorship although I'm open to offers.

You have been on a couple of videos, the Look Norf and, umm, there was others wasn't there? What do you make of these videos? They are a bit home made aren't they....

Yeah the videos are a bit home made but I think that's good in one way because it proves that even without any major money or backing people are still trying to do there thing. I know that Wordsearch put a lot of time and effort into that look Norf video and the end result was pretty good. I don't like my bit in there though, but that's a few years old now.

Describe the process when they come to film you. Is there a crew, one guy with a handy cam? How do you decide what you are going to film?

When I got filmed for the Look Norf video there was just one person "Wordsearch" who came down with his video camera. It was at the time I was still working with DJ Jepi. He said he wanted a bit with me on the mic, Jepi on the decks and asked us if we knew any graffiti artists so we introduced the camera man to a bit of graff in Rochdale town centre which he filmed. Basically he just spent the day with us and then picked out certain bits..

I believe these products should be made on DVD now, that has got to be possible, for me Indelible Magazine has been setting the standards in terms of design and editing, do you know of any others that are due out and is this an area you want to be involved in?

Yeah your right, DVD is a lot better than video tapes and I think Indelible Mag has set a new standard. It is something id like to go into but with putting out records, doing CB mag and the radio shows I just haven't got the time.

And Tone Def then. Is that in a better or worse situation since last time? Can you break down why this is?

Yeah I'm still doing The Tone Def Label. The new Pedigree Chumps EP is out on Tone Def and hopefully they'll be a couple more releases on there over the next 12 months. The thing I'm looking at, at the moment is getting some sort of Distribution deal because trying to get your records out to the shops yourself is a complete pain in the arse. The label is in a better situation than last time but its still only a small concern, mainly a label name to put out our releases on, although like we did on the Aerosolik label, we're still available to work with others.

OK, the main reason why we are checking in again is for the Pedigree Chumps EP which you have just dropped. Can you let everyone know what this is about? Can you list the tracks and tell us both about the production, what it sounds like and the samples and recording environment etc. as well as the lyrical content, the delivery style and the messages you are trying to get over?

Yeah the name of the New EP is "Up Norf Hip Hop Edz" by us "The Pedigree Chumps. There's 8 tracks on the EP which I'll list down for you.
Side A
1) Anthum
2) Prolific Thoughts (feat Stereotype)
3) Intoxicated Munkiez (feat DJ pressure)
4) Bitch Troubles

Side B
1) Crusty EggZ (feat Filthy Rich & Leon Goose)
2) Holiday (Feat Filthy Rich)
3) Skule Daze
4) Nasty Hoez

The thing is, with The Pedigree Chumps projects we don't take ourselves too serious and even take the piss out of ourselves on some of the tracks. We're trying to make solid Hip Hop music that brings across that good Northern Sense of Humour.

"Its Them Northern Scalliez, we got holes in our pants,
Get Laughed at, every time we try to dance".

"I'm Arseholed.., I Think I've got Ringsting" (Intoxicated Munkiez)

"I'll Break In Ya House and Eat Your Fukin Dinner" (Crusty Eggz)

We try to put out tracks that everyone can relate to or have a laugh at. We've done a couple of shows where some of the crowd weren't really into Hip Hop but they enjoyed the Chumps stuff because they could relate to what we talk about. Like the Track "Intoxicated Munkiez" is basically about getting pissed, what we get up to when we're pissed and its something that almost everyone can relate too.

"I see The Barmaid, I look her straight in the eye,
Come on get ya tits out and don't be shy"

The track "Bitch Troubles" always goes down well as its about our girlfriends or wives and how lazy they are. A lot of lads can relate to this as most girlfriends do sod all and sit on there lazy arses all day while we have to go out to work and earn some bread. We then come home from work and have to do the house work then we even have to make our own tea while the wife watches TV. So that's Bitch Troubles.

"Skule Daze" is another one everyone can relate too. Smoking weed at the back off the class, drinking bottles of cider, getting your first blowjob, taking the piss out of your class mates. Everybody's done it.

Basically all the tracks on the EP are about something that most people can relate too or have a laugh about. The Track "Crusty Eggz" is like a brag/in your face/battle type track but at the same time isn't a hard track. You know this is a track that works well in the clubs when ever its dropped and features guest MCs Filthy Rich and Leon The goose. It has a good chantey UK chorus that definitely gets the crowd involved.

There's also a couple of guest producers on the EP. Mike-S produced the "Anthum" track and JPM produced "Skule Daze" then Noz took care of most of the other beats using bizarre samples such as Russian Folk music. The good thing about the production on this EP is that the beats really fit in well with the lyrical content. Like as soon as the music starts on "Intoxicated Munkiez" you can definitely feel that drunken/cant stand up straight sort of vibe well before the lyrics kick in then you've got DJ Pressure cutting up Fart Noises and human Burps on the chorus. It's definitely a beer drinkers anthum.
To get more of an idea about what the EPs about check these links to a few reviews we've had:


What has the reaction been like to the record so far, and are you happy with this?

Pedigree ChumpThe reaction to the record so far has been excellent. I'm definitely happy with it. I mean as we're distributing it ourselves its not out in as many areas as id like it to be, but the shops and areas that are stocking it are doing well. We've also sold a lot of records at the gigs we've been doing and via mail order as well..Its also available through Disorda's Suspect packages site for anybody who wants to purchase it.

How available is it going to be? So you haven't actually got distribution for it yet?

Well we haven't got distribution for it but we haven't tried too yet. That's what I'm looking into at the moment. So far its available in certain shops in areas such as Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool and Brighton and over the next couple of weeks I'm taking the record to London, Nottingham, Bristol and quite a few other places unless in the mean time we get a distribution deal then it will be available all over. Like I said though you can get it through Disorda or direct from me [email protected] and soon online at so there's no excuse for people to miss out.

What is going to be keeping you busy in the coming months?

Well we're still busy promoting and putting out the new EP plus we are working on tracks for the next EP or single as well as the Wolfman Part 2 track for Aerosolik plus I'm doing a track with producer Hoodee for one of his upcoming projects and I've recently been talking to Tricksta from Wolftown Records about doing a Pedigree Chumps/Wolftown collaboration which does seem likely to go ahead.

Obviously there's the mag/radio shows and website as well plus we've got our full time factory jobs to pay the mortgage. I think that will keep us busy enough for the time being.
Id actually like to do a collabo with blade as well.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Yeah thanks to everyone who's purchased the new EP so far and hopefully to those who are still gonna go out and buy it and all the CB readers. Plus if there's anyone who's got any demos or records they want playing on The Critical Beatdown Radio shows or reviewed in the mag just send 'em to Po Box 227,Hyde,Cheshire,Sk14 5ye.
Oh yeah I cant forget, be on the look out for the video to "Intoxicated Munkiez" coming soon. Shout out to Mark..

Is there anyone else you would like to mention?

Yeah big up yourself Pete for doing this interview with us. Also Mime 109 for the help with the mag and website, all the Aerosolik Crew, every one who got involved with the Chumps project, Tricksta and Wolftown, all the other Manchester crews, Broken English/Microdeez etc. In fact big up everyone otherwise I'll be here all night running off names and I want me tea and a pint..

Oh Yeah. On the track "Intoxicated Munkiez" you talk about beer a lot. What's your favourite beer?

Good question. There's loads. If I'm just chilling in the afternoon in the pub 'avin me dinner, I like a nice Carling cold, then when I'm on the piss I'll drink Bud, Red Stripe, Kronenburg, most lagers to he honest except for Stella. I can't stand Stella. Tastes bloody awful. Brandy and cokes, Vodka and Orange, Baileys. I've even got pissed on cherry B. Pedigree Chumps will drink anything Alcoholic I suppose. Pork scratchings as well. I've just had 3 pints of Fosters and Burger and Chips for me dinner today at Whetherspoons in Hyde. Sat next to Shipman's Wife! Before we go ask us what the Chumps favourite food is?

What's on the Ped Chumps Menu tonight then?

Egg and Chips..... Cheers. Oh shit and four slices of Blackpool Milk roll. Branston is for Everything! Not Just for cheese.

Thanks for giving the time to let us know what is up with you.

Original CRF interview.

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