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DJ Random
DJ Random
DJ Random
DJ Random
DJ Random
Hi, can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about where you are from?

DJ RANDOM: My name is DJ Random, I'm from just outside London and I've been doing this shit for a long time!

What is your name about? Are you a bit scatterbrained, is it an old nickname or is there something else behind it?

DJ RANDOM: I used to be a graf writer and my tag was random. Always used to pick letters that were quick and looked dope… You've only got so long to trash a train... the name just stuck, I've probably used it for... about 17, 18 years.

So you have been into Hip Hop for about 17 years now, what was it that made you turn to Hip Hop? What would you bump in your walkman?

DJ RANDOM: I've actually been into Hip Hop since about 83,84! The first thing that got me into Hip Hop? Probably graf and then beat street and… just getting caught up by it all! When I do something, I don't fuck around! I will do it wholeheartedly, so things were pretty intense, so much new music! But my walkman was rolling with Rammelzee and K Rob… Style Wars and all that! Bambaataa, Roxanne! (all of 'em!), Run DMC, all of Mike Allen's shows. THAT was an education, it sparked the interest! some electro stuff, Newcleus etc, usual shit!

Can you remember the things that were going off Hip Hop wise in your area at that time?

Yeah... a lot of breaking! Not a lot of DJs. It was pretty dope for a local scene. A lot of house parties! They were dope! We were pretty well connected with people in London and new a lot of underground heads people like Saga (dope graff writer, wd?), club type people etc, a lot of breakers-Spats type people, it was weird everyone was just starting to make connections up and down the country and Hip Hop was starting to grow. This would have been about 86-89,90. Battersea Park, for Capital Venture day, was a turning point for me seeing DJs cuttin' up was just what I had been looking for. Since I was quite young I have always have had a healthy interest in music and seeing Pogo and Supreme etc in a DJ battle swung it for me. I still have tapes of Pogo and Swift cutting up there, a year later, and that shit is HOT!!! Also around that time we had a DOPE bunch of b-boys called GMC. They were wicked and well connected. we used to go to their jams in Frimley! Pogo and Swift had played there because GMC knew them from Spats. It was fucking mad! It's a long time ago, so details are hazy! But we had a better scene than most outside of London… Big up Bracknell!

Were there any particular DJs who inspired you, or whom you based your style on? I have heard you mention all the old skool Grand Masters…

DJ RANDOM: Well... as I said I do shit properly! So for me it was like... Pogo, Swift, Biznizz,… they, for me, were the best DJs in the country, years ahead of their time, trust me, they are very underrated and undervalued!... DJ Cheese... that set from UK Fresh fucked me up big time. I remember listening to that in bed with a radio, taping it and after that set I said to myself "I am going to learn how to do that, then it was all downhill! Haha... Jazzy Jay... we used to be able, just about, to pick up LWR and Kiss. Boyyyy, those snide tapes of the Zulu Nation jams were unbelievably inspiring… Grandmaster Flash… that cat was fucking on it! Probably the first turntablist... Jazzy Jeff… when I heard him cutting Al Naafiysh on Westwood, I think, that was dope!... Cash Money… scratching to the funk… can't really say anything more about him! Got introduced to him when I went out with Pogo one night and I was completely dumb struck… probably my favourite DJ!… Theodore… wow. He can fucking PLAY! Why isn't he a millionaire? Got introduced to him and was also speechless!… Bambaataa… DJs DJ!… this could go on so… my most important influence has probably been DJ Pogo. since about 1990 he shown me so much shit and pretty much kept me on the straight and narrow! He is technically one of the best DJs in the world and was instrumental in the way that DJing especially in the UK, is the way it is. Him and all the Enforcers have all been ambassadors for British Hip Hop DJs and they have played a pretty big part in how I sound my general attitude.

OK, so to give a bigger perspective are you affiliated with any MCs or are you part of a larger crew or collective? What is the deal with the Steel Devils, that is you Jazz T, Dixie, Juice and Chud isn't it?

DJ RANDOM: The Steel Devils were formed by me about 97 ish. The foundations were definitely laid then. I had known Chud for a long time was showing him bits and bobs and then Dixie drifted along. That was sheer luck! From then on I pretty much done for him what Pogo did for me! A little while later Jazz T drifted along, this was real weird we used to battle about 90, 91 and then I had the guy in my house laughing, joking and swapping strange stories about the last 7 or 8 years! From then on we would all meet up once a week for a tear up at my gaff… We still do! there are not many people that can test me at pure patterns, Jazz T does! Keeps my feet on the ground! Affiliations? Yeah we are pretty tight with just about everyone! But the main players are Diversion Tactics, Ruff Physics, Mike Bandoni and Don Piranha. I am open to offers... ..

What have you done together so far? Do you have any wax out or is it just a competition thing?

DJ RANDOM: We have done "Roll Call" for the Diversion Tactics album. Comps, for us, are about flexing our fingers, about saying "yeah. that's dope… but we will fuck you up." We try and bring something different to it rather than 7 guys scratching… badly. We will probably hit the teams this year and it will be a fucking massacre. We are not holding back on ANYONE. I really enjoy the comps, they're fun. But our focus for the next months is to tie up the loose ends, get OUR shit together and bring out some turntable shit! I have also done some stuff for the Diversion Tactics album. Its real hard when all of us have so much shit on the go!

Right, so are there any plans for future releases from you lot? Are you signed to a label or looking for a deal or what?

DJ RANDOM: We ain't looking to be "an act" we are just a bunch of DJs that just happen to be able to work together... and are fucking good at it! We will have to see… I would love to be able to push this but... keep your eyes open, you just never know what we are gonna do next, but, trust me, you will hear it from me!!!! Collaborations with Don Piranha and the Chubby Alcoholic are on the cards, but, once again, we are open to offers!!!!... 

Lets now talk about you as a DJ. Did you always know you were going to be a DJ, or did it take a while for you to decide or build up to it?

DJ RANDOM: I just sort of drifted into it it was quick, but very intense. I knew after about a year or two that that what was what I wanted to do. I went to the 1988 world finals (after watching it previous years on some snide cable channel). Looked up at the worlds best DJs and said to myself "goddamn! I could nail half of these pussies!". Then it started…

So, when would it have been, that you started spinning records? Did you start as strictly a bedroom DJ?

DJ RANDOM: Well I started to buy records… to scratch with! I wasn't always digging to put away, y'know? So I would be cutting breaks and I secretly was bang in to the tunes and how people were using them… but it wasn't too cool to admit that let alone play it out! "its old music!" I used to hang with these 2 geezers and we would dig for hours, all over London, fucking everywhere! One day we were listening to our catch and we were like" I sort of like this track" (Assembly Line build up before the break!), we looked at each other and sorta said "yeah!" from then on I noticed people were into it and then it sorta started to be "yeah! I'm a fucking DJ!" so yeah, bedroom for about 2 years and then parties, I played my first club in about 87.

What set up did you start out with?

Hahaha. Garrard SP25 MK2! Every fucking week I would be hitting car boot fairs for A, records B, speakers C, turntables! They were wicked! And a Tandy mixer... with that fucking click in the fader. how fucking irritating was that!? My very first set up would've been 2 Fidelity record decks with all the volumes on the actual deck!!!!

Would you agree that starting out on shitty equipment would help a budding DJ learn light touch and stand them in good stead for the future, or would you recommend that they just get on a pro set up from day one?

DJ RANDOM: It would help you appreciate the value of money!!!! Nah, best to get a fairly shit system to start, why run before you can walk?! its good to outgrow your equipment till you find the ultimate set up for you...

So in the long time you have been doing this have you had many different set ups or did you quickly settle on what you liked? Was it a money issue?

DJ RANDOM: I had lots when I was younger but I quickly settled on a stable set up. I have only had 2 pairs of decks. I had fuck all when I was a kid, got fuck all now and will end up with fuck all! Having one set up is probably essential. you must have equipment that is "YOURS" you know? I am pretty lucky, only having one set up has allowed me to fully understand exactly what my turntables are capable of. I would love to be able to buy nuff rubbish! But I get petty much what I want through nice people like Vestax.

And now I suppose you are using the standard Technics 1210s and a Vestax 05 or 07? So you do anything special to your set up, like have it hamster style, or do something funny with the cartridges in the head shells?

DJ RANDOM: Yeah bog standard! However I also have a pair of PDXs... and they are SEXY to scratch with! The main reason I use these 1210s is because I got them off Pogo... and these decks have been used by probably everyone you can think of! They are also in one of Q Bert's videos so they must be imbued with greatness(!)... but now they are at my gaff! I have my decks set up with the mixer on the left (like Premier) decks turned 90… people say its hamster, but not for me its normal maybe that's why my patterns are different… Vestax headshells,44-7s angled… and the weight for the headshell!... I like it heavy!!!

How would you best describe your style? Do you edge towards a particular style of scratching/cutting or mixing, or would you say that you don't specialise and try to cover everything?

DJ RANDOM: I just do what I fucking do! My style is my style! I just do a bit of everything! Its all about the party. You know, people are paying money to get in to party, not to watch you play records, people should loosen up more! I just love to entertain people, whatever they like, you want to hear cuts?, scratching?, juggles?, or just some dope music? I'm damn sure I got something for 'em!

Have you invented/discovered any scratches or special techniques of your own that you have or expect to be credited with? I know when I was DJing I invented everything I did for myself, but someone had already got there first!!

DJ RANDOM: Yeah! I know exactly what you mean! I never had videos, was self taught, well gutting to learn something and find out EVERYONE is doing it! Seriously though, Randomising. I fucked up Tony Vegas and prime Cuts with it! that was funny. Also I have a scratch which is also called Randomising. You know the Euro? 2 faders? I can do that shit with one fader... and break a beat down and pan it and echo it. Keep an eye out its mine kids and its called Randomising. Space Juggles... just as Craze was coming out I was starting to fuck with 2 different beats, snares etc like Craze did... I called it Space Juggling because those beats sounded like the were from fucking Mars! I think that people do call it Space Juggling, I named it, doubt if I deserve credit for inventing it though. Craze had that shit down. Just for the geeks, I mean 2 completely different noises to make a beat or chasing two beats together rather than just cutting two different records... I also have some strange scratching stuff that is top secret... Q-Bert's prism scratch? Damn, mothafucker beat me to it! I got some shit though!!!!

To get to your level and keep it there do you find yourself practising all the time? How many hours per day would you be at your decks?

DJ RANDOM: I practice pretty much every day for at least 3 hours, you sometimes find your self just playing around, I would encourage that. sometimes strange shit happens! For a comp though?

How long would it take you to prepare and then get a routine down?

DJ RANDOM: I would say about 2-3 months and then intense practice for about 8-10 hours a day. That would not be unusual for me at the peak of my competition "fitness". to invent a routine would be about a day and then some fucking around…

Do you just keep adding to routines so they evolve or do you start a brand new one each time? How would you go about putting it together?

DJ RANDOM: They tend to just evolve. At a certain point the routine will not evolve this is when it can be trusted, sometimes takes years. I have some routines that are years old that would work now. Its just swings and rounderbouts. I must know every detail about the track though, before I fuck with it. It just, really, has to make sense.

So, how many routines can you remember at once? How many do you reckon you could do now?

DJ RANDOM: Pretty much all of them! 90% of my routines mean something to me. I still cut like I did 10 years ago, just to test myself!

When did you get into the DJ competition thing? Can you break down which comps you have entered so far and what your positions were? Was the 1989 Welsh heat your first, or just the first where you placed?

DJ RANDOM: I went to the 88 world finals and thought "I am def. better than half of these people!" so I practiced, on the SP25 MK2s! A week before the '89 Welsh heat I got my first 1210s, entered and won it. First time in the comp and I just smashed these other DJs worlds to pieces! I had Chad Jackson on his chair screaming and jumping up and down while I was cutting up "funk to the folks"!!!! I had had my decks a week! Solid practice won the day. I went back the next year... and did it all over again... using maximum force. My comp career off the top of my head... 1990 UK finalist 5th, 1990 European DMC heats Amsterdam and Germany, 1991 UK heats 3rd (bad year, could get a separate interview about that! Though if you printed it you would probably get sued!!!), Vestax 1995 UK heats 5th,1996 UK finalist 4th?5th?, 1997 heat nowhere-nowhere!, 1998 Birmingham heat 6th?, 1999 DMC teams 5th, 2000 ITF Scratching Eastern Hemisphere champs finalist, ITF teams same comp 4th, 2000 DMC teams 3rd UK finals, 2002 turntable techniques international DJ battle (Denmark) last 8! There are probably more but I'd have to find my biog!

That shows a consistency, but never quite getting in the top three. Well done on doing so well. That must give you a lot of satisfaction and make all the practising worthwhile?

DJ RANDOM: Hell yeah! I never set out to win, I just did it because I bring something new to the game and it sometimes just changes peoples outlooks on certain shit! If I wanted to win I think I probably could... If you don't believe in your self who the fuck else is going to?

Would you rate any DJ comp over another, for example the DMCs are the big daddy and maybe more prestigious, but the ITFs and Vestax have built big followings?

DJ RANDOM: No. They do different things and appeal to different DJs and that is sooo fucking important, as long as there is the desire to be an undisputed world champion, then we must have different comps which will cover ALL aspects of DJing... Its important to remember that. DMC is an important comp, no matter what people say, its there and will be forever because it serves a purpose. Wanna be the worlds best? Step right up ANYONE can enter… that is fucking cool. ITF?, Vestax?… they are very important because they are the realm of the turntablist and through those competitions we should expect the technical aspects-pure scratching etc-to be constantly changing and updating the skills for tomorrow. THEY ALL HAVE THEIR PLACE!!!

Each has different rules. What are those differences and do you think it makes a positive or negative difference to the spectacle? Maybe one suits your style more than the others?

DJ Random DJ RANDOM: Me? I like to think of myself as an all rounder so I love all aspects! DMC is dope for giving people space to win over 2000 people. ITF, Vestax are good for seeing what's new, the differences, for me, don't come into it... What we SHOULD have is more beef! I wanna see man getting called out properly! Whatever happened to proper beef? No fighting! But def. Sound clash sorta shit! Cash on the table! Mum cusses! Anyone interested in dealing with this, contact me! beef 2003! Now THAT is a fucking competition! 

Do you know what happened to the New Music Seminar comp? They sorta started the whole thing off didn't they?

DJ RANDOM: I had an invite for that comp given to me by DJ Pogo (still got it!) It scared the shit out of me! On reflection it would have been dope and especially going there with a recommendation from DJ Pogo, I could have scared the shit out of a lot of people! It changed, I think to the Midem conference though I could be wrong! But yeah, that was the real dirty underground comp. To get props from that was dope.

What is the most memorable thing you remember from all of your experiences?

DJ RANDOM: Real hard. Erm… qualifying for the UK finals in 1990, European championships 1990 real dope laugh I had for that one! 2000 teams 3rd place? Phoning up Pogo only to get Rob Swift on the phone and start talking rubbish for 15 minutes? So many man, I cant answer it clearly!

Do you plan to keep it going and try to win any titles? Is the team thing more where you are at now?

DJ RANDOM: I wont enter unless I have something to prove... and I don't at the moment. Still... you never know!

What is the worst thing that has happened to you during a battle? Like playing the wrong record or something. Were you able to style it out and are you able to laugh about it now?

DJ RANDOM: I regularly play records at the wrong speed. Regularly. I constantly laugh at some of the shit I get away with! One thing I learnt is... move on. Only ever stop if you absolutely have to!

I understand that because of all your experience you have been called on to judge some of these competitions. How did this come about and when you are judging what are the elements you would be looking out for?

DJ RANDOM: I get to judge comps because I know what the fuck I'm talking about. I examine and make loads of decisions real quick. I know what's bitten and what isn't... and I can tell when someone is a true winner. The aspects I'm looking for is always, no 1, originality. How confident they are and just how they move, cut and sound. It has to be a package but first and foremost I want hear something different... and then I want to hear you fucking trash that something different!

OK, and what is the Vestax Academy about? You lecture turntablism? Where is it and who can attend?

DJ RANDOM: It is run in connection with the Academy of Contemporary Music, it is fucking dope. I do masterclass lectures on scratching, certain aspects of juggling, battle sets... You get the idea, Jazz T also does some of the lessons. It is actually part of a DJ course that runs up to degree equivalence incorporating all aspects of DJing, production, business... the whole fucking enchilada! Big shouts to Dave H, Dave Charles, Miles B, Jon and the rest of the staff. Anyone can go, but it is private and very, very, very popular try 01483 500800 the ACM. I also do some private tuition and council work and local authority work etc... [email protected] for info! Oops the ACM is in Guildford!

Would you agree that perhaps the UK punches above its weight in terms of numbers of world class DJs for the size of the population? Why do you think that is?

DJ RANDOM: Yeh we do. But that rep is slipping! The Europeans are catching up and we need to stop that shit. dead. Why is it? We have a longer history, DJwise, than anyone else outside the States but we are getting lazy...  

Apart from yourself, which DJs do you feel are really on top of their form at the moment and are progressing the artform? Could you say why you rate them?

DJ RANDOM: Woody has some very dope shit. I think if he focused and didn't listen to other people that guy could go far. I like the guy, he is quite clever and has some dope shit, natural musician!!! I love Dixie's shit! I have tried to point him in the right direction... He is the lairiest cunt out there! Number 1 favourite to win beef 2003! Jazz T scratches nice as well and has some dope, original juggles. There are too many man! But the art is progressing... slowly.

Who should we be on the look out for? What DJ that no-one has heard of yet do you think will be the next one to break through, or come with something original?

DJ RANDOM: Dunno. He will be in my crew when I find the fucker though!

What are your thoughts on the whole Turntabalism thing? Do you think that it is getting too elitist and maybe going up its own arse, or do you think that it is simply healthy competition and people going deep into a subject they love? Would you class yourself as a Turntablist or would you prefer to be seen as a straightforward DJ?

DJ RANDOM: Hmmmm. No. It is healthy to have it like this. They may find something I want! It will never be too elitist. Half of these people are not true turntablists, they understand nothing about music, they are scratching for the sake of scratching! Let 'em. Though their strengths lie in different areas. I'm cool with it... though I regularly get death threats! You can't get with me if you haven't done what I've done so don't even question my ability to be a turntablist! Or a DJ! I do it all!!!!! And I know my shit!

So we know you can Scratch and mix, but do you play out at any club nights on the regular, and if you do what can people expect and where are they?

DJ RANDOM: I don't really do residencies, but I'm open to offers! You just need to keep an eye out, I just pop up, y'know! What you are gonna hear from me is what you want to hear! I guarantee you will find one thing in my set that I do, that is dope! Keep an eye out for June 29 with prime cuts at the Powerhouse in Guildford and any Don Piranha gigs! Wanna see the Steel Devils? Book us man! [email protected]

Did you ever imagine that you would take it to the levels you have? Maybe you aren't recognised on the streets, but anyone into DJing will have heard of you and some of your accomplishments.

DJ RANDOM: Its only the last few years that I've started to get recognition and I haven't even released anything solo yet! I've always dreamed about just doing this and its started to happen... Its all about hard work! On the streets? I get some recognition and that's cool, but I do more practical things "on the streets" like helping kids to realise that you don't always have to be at school to get on in life! Everyone will know someone that knows me! I'm pretty elusive though, but I get on with pretty much everyone!

What do you make of all the attempts to invent a notation for scratches, i.e. to try and represent them written down? Have you tried to invent one yourself, or ever seen a system that you thought came close to working?

DJ RANDOM: I invented a scratch notation system when I was 15. How mad is that?! Its good to learn by... but how many drummers can properly read music? Or do? Bit too technical for me, but if it works for some people then its all good!

Where do you like to pick up your vinyl? Do you have a special shop that you frequent because it has good service or a special selection, do you shop around all over, or are you lucky enough to get it all sent directly to you?

DJ RANDOM: I get a lot of it sent to me and I will blag anything not tied down! But I will play to death and push anyone's track that I think is dope, actually paying for records is shit but when I do I go to Dance 2 in Guildford. My man has a nice selection and knows exactly what I want. That is service. It helps that he is in the crew as well!

What position do you take on the use of 'battle tools'? Would you ever get a special record cut to fulfill a need in your set? And connected to that do you think that Nu Skool DJs could have it too easy with unskippable decks and mixers with super slippy faders with sharp cut in times? Or do you think these developments allow for greater experimentation and for different things to be attempted?

DJ RANDOM: Yes I would... to personally slate people! They have got it a little bit easy, but on the flip I have waited years for some of this shit! So its all good!

Have you ever tried to DJ on those CD mixers? Or mp3 mixers? What do you make of that? Do you think that it is just something different and another tool to use? Or, like me, do you think that for now they just don't really work and to keep it real you still need to be using records?

DJ RANDOM: No, no, no, no... decks, vinyl, mixer. That is it! Next… 

Although it isn't such a fear as it was 10 years ago, do you ever worry about the future availability of vinyl, or new releases at least?

DJ RANDOM: No, never, it will always be here. It's the reason Hip Hop is here, so that we, who have fuck all, can listen to music made by us. That's Hip Hop! the DJ is central to this and will demand vinyl and people will keep using it.

Do you have plans to broaden your horizons as so many DJs do and step into production? If you have made beats already what equipment are you using?

DJ RANDOM: Right! Its starting now! My strength I think is as a performer but since I joined the band it has changed my perspective. Be patient!

Can you tell us about the Don Piranha band? What type of music is that and what is your role?

DJ RANDOM: Don Piranha is some fucked up shit! Very funky and sometimes downright dirty. We play HARD! There are 6 of us. Helleanor Webb lead vocals, flute, sax… Christina Al Wakil flugal horn, trumpet,… Mike Hale bass… Martin Bowie guitar… Stephen Collings drums and myself. I basically do cuts, beat stuff and vocal stuff and some secret stuff! Try for a CD! [email protected] this shit will be live very soon! And not sure if that is up yet!

Can you quickly let us know about any other work you have done? You appeared on stuff by the Procryptix and the Pubs, Drunks & Hip Hop LP by Diversion Tactics didn't you?

DJ Random DJ RANDOM: Procryptix stuff is still being talked about but it will happen! Chubby Alcoholic vs. the Steel Devils! Ruff Physics! Soon... Diversion Tactics, also doing some stuff with my brother! Mike Bandoni (Starchild , Ninebar records)… maybe appear on other peoples stuff for now! I like to just pop up!

Where can people hear your stuff?

DJ RANDOM: Come and find me... I'm out there!

Do you have any advice for kids starting out who might want to become DJs, or who have made the first steps and take it to the next level? Is there anywhere people can go to learn all about this stuff, or do they simply have to teach themselves? Would watching videos help, or should you develop your own styles?

DJ RANDOM: Learn your art on your own, don't be too influenced or over awed by your peers... or you could just be lazy, pay me and I will put you right! Always develop something that is truly yours!

What do you make of the internet and what it can do for little known crews? Are you a technical bod, and are you gonna do your own website?

DJ RANDOM: Internet! Bane of my fucking life, love the porn man! Don't like getting death threats from 14 year olds! Fuck that! Its made the world a smaller place, and helped people get out there so... it is kind of good and I will just have to put up with it! I am the least technical person you will ever meet! Website? Fuck nooooo! I will get someone else to do my website!

What is going to be keeping you busy over the next few months?

DJ RANDOM: The band... recording very soon. And a hell of a lot of teaching work. And a mix CD/tape... of course!

What are your plans for the longer term?

DJ RANDOM: Too soon to mention really, I have some long term goals and also some long time work commitments so I don't really want to speculate! As I said, just keep an eye out! Internationally known! Woooooo!

I ask everyone about politics, because I think it is important that we have knowledge of what is going on, but most current Hip Hop heads decline to answer. I guess they don't want to upset anyone. Do you have anything to say on that? Any issues you think people need to open their eyes too?

DJ RANDOM: There is so much behind the scenes fuckery going on I can dig that! Don't read newspapers, they are entertaining, but not real! The internet is dope. Do some digging, there is so much info in the public domain that it is hard for these shady pricks to hide much longer… get hold of me at the bar, buy me a pint and I will turn your fucking world upside down! Bad times are coming!

What is your opinion on the recent war with Iraq? Do you feel the reasons for going to war were sufficiently proven?

Fuck no! Read the answer above. Too many oil-connected people doing too may oil-related things… Human Rights? I don't think so, its about controlling oil and a massive amount of people which the "US government" would like to work for them. They have already replaced the Iraqi Dinar with Dollars! Eh?

Is there anyone else you would like to mention?

DJ RANDOM: Nuff respect to my brother, my nephew Leo, Vick, Scratchmaster Gee, Steel Devils. DJ Dixie. Chud. Juice. Jazz T, Diversion Tactics, DJ Dexter, DJ 279, Enforcers, DJ Pogo, Prime Kuts, Tony Vegas, Bill Shannon, Timewarp Records, Procryptix, Don Piranha, Ruff Physics, Sparky, this could go on! so all of my friends, supporters, pupils... … peeeeeeace!

Thank you very much for finding the time to let the readers know a bit more about yourself. Best wishes and good luck for the future.

Email:[email protected]

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