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Eastborn :: Part 2
Bringing it more up to date then. You are also involved in this Woodchoppas Dojo thing. Is that just a collective of MC's? What are the plans for this group?
Woodchoppa DojoWoodchoppas Dojo 141 Glasgow Allstars is made up of DeeJays, Emcees, Breakers, Graffers, Beatboxers, photographers, producers, web designers, basically it is a whole family, a whole Hip Hop culture under one Dojo room. We work for each other, promote each other and help each other. Woodchoppas comes from the fact that we chop up warm analogue beats, digital is mental, analogue is the wood, we also chop down all the competition, all the decease ridden trees. We come through with Kung Fu mentality, you know like an old Dojo, we have a code of conduct. We invite only the worthy to join the Dojo, you then help us and we help you as a family. It's a way to keep negativity at bay. Currently, the Woodchoppas Dojo 12" is out One Of Those 7 Emcees as we currently have 7 Emcees on the roster. That is getting some good air play and is selling well world wide. There is an LP planed, but there is my LP and the Two Tone Committee LP, The Vertical Form as well as a 12" from Course of Procedure and more from Eastborn, Casual 7 and Major Threat. And to top this all off we are working on a cover CD for HHC, which will make us the only Scottish Crew to be on the cover ever, in fact I think it may be the first outside London? Is that right?

Might Be, I don't know. Do you think you or acts from Scotland get enough love from the people in London? I would say that they blatantly don't, and some of this could be a territorial thing.
No not at all, but they get more love from London than they do from those in Scotland. It's a shame really, but I can see that changing in front of me every day. I mean I did that track with Black Britannia, Skinny Man and Skeme, who are London heads right? You wouldn't have seen that happen a few years back, the last link up like that was Two Tone Committee and Gunshot, so things are going for the better again. Plus I am in more London mag's in the space of a few months than any Scottish magazine ever. Even when I was on Scottish National Television the presenter couldn't help talking a pop at me about how I was Scottish "doing Hip Hop"

What sort of a response do you get from the rest of the country, and are there regional differences you can discern? 
To be honest I get a lot of love from Newcastle, Brighton, London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and mostly Wolverhampton thanks to Wolftown. Basically they spotted a hardworker in me and I saw them for the hard workers that they are. I linked up with Late and Tricksta and we have put in some work for new tunes on Late's EP, as well as Tricksta UK Runnings Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. Liverpool and Leeds are cool as well. Sheffield's hot right now with Hoodz Underground. Generally I see a lot of love from all over the UK, its just Glasgow that is sadly lacking, but I can see a slow change in that these days with the news filtering through with who I am working with elsewhere. What you have to realise that its hard to get your hands on Fatlace, Big Daddy, Big Smoke and all that up here so people don't tend to know who to check and who is hot and who is not.

You have your fingers in many pies and are keeping things locked down in your neck of the woods. Can you let us in on some of the things you have going on? Perhaps you could start with telling us about your radio show on Radio Magnetic. What would surfers expect if they were to tune into your show? When is it on?
My radio show has gone from strength to strength, I get a whole shit load of listeners. I started off with an hour show and now I am on longer due to demand as well as a good relationship with the radio station staff. I admire them cos they have gone out and got what they want. Now Radio Magnetic is on 106.6FM in Glasgow and worldwide on Radiomagnetic.com. If you check my show on Friday nights, 7:30pm till 9pm GMT then you will hear a whole host of madness really. Kemikal Kaos is like, erm, Johnny Vaughn meets Chris Evans and puts him in a headlock while Westwood takes pictures with his Digicam ha ha. Yeah, its like a serious Hip Hop show but its don comically. Hip Hop is all love and parties, at least it should be, so I just wanna reflect this in my show. I play mostly UK ish but I also play a lot of French stuff and German, Swiss, Australian stuff, I also have a demo bit where I play demos that people send in. 

I have heard you mention that you can get upwards of 80,000 listeners at any time. You have to be quite pleased with that don't you? That is not a bad following, and with that amount of people listening I would have thought you could be quite influential. Does this, or the station its self give you any restrictions?
Shegsta, Black Britania, EastbornYeah well a lot of things are said about this 80,000 listeners, but what you have to remember is that you have a lot of people downloading shows twice so its probably not that many, I guess it is still a lot of people though and its good to know that the show is well respected and has a following. I work hard on the show, give away records and CD's, tickets to gigs and festivals and its all through my work. I have people checking the show from San Diego, San Francisco, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Australia and a whole host of other places. Its just weird to see emails coming in from all over the globe while I am sitting in a studio in Glasgow with the rain pissing down outside, you know. The station don't give me any restrictions apart from my language, so I just look for ways to f**king get round it. I use other words and decide that they are a swear word, stupid I know but it works. As far as being influential, I guess it does a bit, I had people emailing the DMC 's to sort out the UK nomination scandals, and the UK Hip Hop awards and I know these people ended up getting emails on the strength on the show, so that's cool. Mind you I could do with 80,000 people all loaning me a pound! Ha ha

OK. As well as everything else you are now in the throes of starting your own label. Drop Zone Records. What can we expect from that? Do you have any artists signed up yet?
I have a few ideas and a few records lined up to put out. The only person signed to the label is me, I do however have plans to sign people up for a one 12" deal, or and EP, I just really need to get my finger out and put food on my table. What to expect? Well expect to hear shit you never thought possible, I plan to put out tracks with people that shock everyone about how united the scene could be and can be. I have spoken to some big names, all over the globe who are more than interested in doing shit on the label with me. From Australia to the US and back to Scotland, Dropzonerecords.com is going to open a few eyes.

Is this a continuation of Way Of Life Produx, or is that continuing to its own thing as well? Did anything ever come out of the Early Burning Centre project?
Woodchoppa DojoWay Of Life Produx still exists as a sub company, but not as a forefront company as Dropzone has taken the reigns. Way Of Life was getting too stagnant and appeared in my life when I had too much on. So in order to do new stuff I wanted to start a fresh, so new name, new company, new logo, new image and I will take it from there. The Early Burning Centre will hopefully happen one of these days, its basically a record with a whole host of crews all over the UK, each person puts in a certain amount of money and gets a certain amount of records back to sell in their community, it's a way for people to be heard, but for now I just have too much on to give it the attention it needs and deserves and I don't wanna short change anyone who is involved in it so doing it at the moment would be unfair to them.

At the moment, Muslims in Palestine (and throughout most of the world) are getting a proper hammering from the Israelis and the US with our help. What are the reasons for this and how does it make you feel? What can realistically be done to help people live together?
You say OUR help, I don't really see it that way. I mean I ain't no Queen and country person, after all my King and Queen are long dead, your King and Queens saw to that, I would never fight for the UK as one country, although if some Mad Max shit went down and we were invaded by someone I would be more than happy to pick up arms for my friends in England, but as it stands now I really would not and could not fight under the Butchers Apron (Union Flag). The whole Palestine thing is fucked up though, but then so is Northern Ireland and so is the world as a whole. It's a sign of the times really. I think that Governments and greed are to blame, to be truthful I don't know too much about Palestine to really comment, but I have a lot of Muslim friends, the head of the Scottish Muslims is one of my closest friends and we have spoke about September 11th a lot and basically everything. People need to know that Islam is Peace, its not war, its not infidels, its peace and we should all live by Islam. I like Bacon on a roll and porn too much to be a devout Muslim, but I know its right, it's a real head fuck to be truthful.

As for how people can live together, again, education. The world is generally stupid and easily led, whether its into war or walking into HMV and making Robbie Williams number one, there are too many ignorant people in this world, but hey live and let live.

Does this make you at all political? I ask everyone about politics, because I think it is important that we have knowledge of what is going on, but sometimes Hip Hop heads decline to answer. I guess they don't want to upset anyone. Do you have anything to say on that? Any issues you think people need to open their eyes too?
Yeah I am political and always have been, I tend to have a view on just about anything, but I like to read and learn as much as I can, see as much as I can and better myself as best I can. Knowledge is of the utmost importance, but sometimes people can misunderstand knowledge and enforce an opinion on others. I really don't care if I upset someone with my views though because I am the kind of person that is open minded and I don't have many enemies. There are those that hate on me though, and that's through ignorance. As far as what people need to open their eyes too, I would say people just need to open their eyes, wake up! The world is collapsing in on its self and noone seems to really notice, the media is running peoples life and noone cares. Take Sadam Hussein, I ain't saying he is a nice man, but he ain't never hurt me, Bush ain't a nice man, Blair ain't a nice man. Bush is a lot more likely to attack people with Nuclear weapons than Sadam. Also why can't Sadam have them if we have them and what makes a deterrent and an aggressor? The US have used the weapons in the past in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Sadam ain't, so who is more likely to use them again. And apart from all this, were we not ment to be after Bin Laden anyway, how did we end up at war with Sadam again? And have people actually noticed this? 

If you could change something about society, what would it be and why?
I would change people's ignorance to understanding.

Do you think that this is a good time to be breaking out as an MC in the UK?
It's as good a time as any I guess. But yeh, I think now is the next big resurgence of the UK scene and I am just happy to be part of it.

UK Hip Hop seems to be getting a fair bit of positive press at the moment, do you think the interest will be sustained?
Ultimately no, but the internet I reckon will help it last longer and I think the main hardworker's will always be there, so I hope so.

Outside your crew who are the UK artists you listen to and admire? What is it about them you like?
Blade for being such a hard worker, Rodney P for still being around and still getting better by the second, if that is even possible. Also, Tricksta and Late from Wolftown, those boys really work at their shit and if we all played Guitars and grew our hair, we would have been millionaires years ago due to the amount of work all the above have put in.

Who or what are you other influences? What do you do when you are not doing Hip Hop stuff? 
I am a Hibee, a Hibernian FC fan. I like to go to the football and I like to read books all about the ancients. I am a big Star Wars fan and play on my PS2 a lot, saving the galaxy from the Evil Empire ha ha, Jedi Eastborn running tings ha ha. Out with that, I chill with my mates, drink, smoke, try hook up with my sister and her kids when I can. Real family man ha ha, and lets not forget the lady attention, I appreciate what Hip Hop has brought me.

For now though, it is all going to be about your new Word Perfect LP. Let us in on what your plans for this are and what people can expect from it? Perhaps you could describe each track and what the meaning behind them is? And let us know of any collaborations...
Eastborn - Word PerfestYeh the LP has we well busy at the moment, I am doing a lot of shit to promote it and because the LP is out on my own label it trebles the workload. There is a lot of people on the LP that I really respect as people and as musicians. There are also people lets out that kind of pisses me off as I just ran out of space, but I will get them on new projects. The main appearances are the Woodchoppas family. I will break it down…

Club 111 - That's like a little intro skit hosted by my man Dan Bungladors, he is the insane part to the Dojo and he really lets it go here on the intro, it just opens the LP.
Terror Mind Glide - That's me opening the LP as flexing some different lyrical patterns, my man Nick Wong did the production with long time friend Switch on the cuts. Its like a humorous look at battling emcees and different lined of pattern ""I saw Lionel Blair with flair doing backspins on Linoleum" shit like that.
Ruthless - This tune has cuts on it by Krash Slaughta and the production talents of Rodger Hughes (Ultra Sonic). I got a bit of grief here for working with Ultra Sonic, but I love the tune and I think Rodger is a superb person and I can learn a lot from him.
Inner City Lullaby - This is the story of a little boy growing up and how he sees things and how it affects him, I cant say no more.
Red 6 - This has my man DJ I Cue of Course of Procedures on the cuts, he really tears the shit up here on a Vietnam type flick tune. I have a bit of an obsession with Vietnam and the war and so in this track I am battling Emcees from Foxhole to bunker.
Freestyle Frenzie - This is a little Freestyle skit from the back of my head to the top.
Para Sketch - This is a little head fuck skit
One Lumberjack, Two Lumberjack, Three - This is an Eastborn and Mista Bohze with Krash Slaughta on the decks chopping up the trees, Woodchoppa Style! Taking down all the decease ridden trees and planting a fresh.
Itchy Sketch - This is a skit from Itch FM with my man Disorda and his Suspect Packages Radio show.
Way Of Life - This is a little Hip Hop anthem tune with Big Div of Major Threat on lyrics with me and he does the production.
Return of the Olmec - Is me opening up and telling you of my Ancient study of space and man kind, there is already a remix being made of this, it features Kim Wilson of Powercut Productions on some Estelle type vocals.
Box Fresh - This is the production master mind of young Stereo Type who is one to look for in the future, and the absolutely stunning skills of Scottish Beatboxer Psylent V, all I can say is when you check it you have to realise that all the cuts and beats and sound effects are all him, difficult to believe when you hear it but it is him!
Cross Country - This is a bonus track with my man Disorda and Mista Defy of Two Tone Committee, its like a cross UK link up from London to Glasgow with none other than Krash Slaughta on the cuts!
Outro Sketch - Really speaks for its self, but like any cliffhanger it opens it up for Part two that I am currently thinking about.

Where can people hear your stuff?
Itch FM in London, RadioMagnetic.com, BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and erm student radio station all over the UK, abroad it is getting play on a few radio stations in Croatia, Sydney and Japan, not to forget Germany and Switzerland and France, so its doing well I guess. I ain't into this whole download tunes off the net thing though, I mean I am trying to cover my costs to do tunes again and keep putting tunes out, Sony suffers from bootleggers so what do you think it could do to Drop zone records?

Where can people pick up your stuff?
You will be able to get the LP in all Fopp stores all over the UK, I also have people like Suspect Packages stocking it and other mailorders, I have Vinyl Store distributing it in Switzerland and distribution in Japan and Australia and France is all sorted. Back in the UK, you should be able to get it in most places or just come to me direct through DropZoneRecords.com, so yeh, lots of places.

OK. To wind this up, what is going to be keeping you busy over the next few months?
Without a doubt it's the LP, the label and all the Woodchoppas business. I have a lot of gigs lined up too and I need to get my finger out over the website too to get that updated, I also have a bit more work I wanna do on UKHH.com, then of course I have merchandise to do for the label and look to get other tracks out quickly behind the LP. I am also recording with a few people just now for their releases.

What are your longer term plans and objectives?
Grand Wizard Theodore and EastbornSurvival, Success and recognition for my efforts. Can't say more than that cos at the end of the day that's what it's all about.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?
Yeh I wanna tell people that Edinburgh Gritty Committee LP is out soon, its all the talent from Edinburgh, its got Eastborn, Reachout, Ruftone, Live Sciences, Scotland Yard, Hype Hiz, Stereo Type, Psylent V and more. Also check European Hardcore Solution out soon from Switzerland, on there is Eastborn, Hardnoise, Two Tone Committee, Dope Inc, Last Resort, DJ Supreme and many more! You also gotta check Black Britannia's EP with guest on there like Skinnyman, Skeme, Late, Class A and Eastborn. But before you put your pennies away check UK Runnings Vol. 1 and UK Runnings Vol. 2 for the maddest longest Eastborn Freestyle to date… Oh and then there is Late's EP on Wolftown, am on there too and check Primes new EP with Eastborn, Killa Kela and Junior Disprol. Also look out for Egocentrik from Hanover's LP, yeh you got it I am on there too. 

Finally is there anyone else you would like to mention?
I just wanna mention all the Woodchoppas Dojo, all the staff at Radio Magnetic, DJ Jigidah, Ghost Disorda and all at Itch FM, Brad Strut in Australia and all the Lyrical Commission, Delegates of Culture, Wolftown, Skinnyman, Blade and all the heads that know me and check my shit, shouts to Koaste too!

Thank you for your time.
Yeh man thanks Peace. 141 Glasgow Allstars, Woodchoppas Dojo One Of those 7 Emcees out now!
Eastborn Word Perfect coming soon! Peace Peoples.

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