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HKB:Finn aka Andrew Ward Biography [Discerning Ear Projects]

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HKB:Finn [Discerning Ear Projects]
Selected Discography:
3 Knights – Burial Proceedings – Music of life
Hijack – The horns of Jerico - CBS
Katch 22 – Diary of a blackman… Kold Sweat
Katch 22 – Dark tales from 2 cities – Kold Sweat
Moving in the right direction- Tales of the South
HKB:FiNN “Vitalistics” – Son Records ‘02

As a resident of one of Jamaica’s most infamous urban communities, FiNN lived for many years at the base of the majestic Warieka Hill, in ‘Back bush’ Kingston. FiNN combated the daily stresses & temptations of urban life by focusing on music. He drew inspiration from the local music scene and from age 7 performed with nyabingi drummers, Mento musicians, and on local sound system’s.

When young FiNN returned to England in his early teens, he continued his musical education by joining many sound systems and where he continued to develop his unique vocal and lyrical style. As an emcee, his abilities won him much praise, but soon he found a new challenge in the form of Hip-Hop. A new name was needed, and because Andrew Ward felt he was running away from the reggae scene, he borrowed his title from another famous runaway; Huckleberry Finn and a legend was born.

After several years and 3 albums with KATCH 22, FiNN set about launching a solo career. Prior to the launch of his debut EP, FiNN fronted 2 metal bands (Band Substance and Toy) and worked with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under composer Tunde Jegede. In 1999, Finn began a solo career with the release of the critically acclaimed EP entitled ‘Mummy’s little Soldier’. Intent on expanding his musical repertoire and pushing the boundaries of hip-hop, FiNN has been developing his own unique sound, steeped in the acoustic and digital traditions. The ‘Mummy’s little soldier’ recording heralded not only his return to form, but stood as an introduction to a new and improved artist. With the debut recording complete, FiNN began working on the follow-up entitled ‘Vitalistics’.

FiNN’s debut solo album featured a number of the UK’s finest underground producers including: Shur-I-Kan, Lotek, Don Jose & classical composer& multi-instrumentalist Tunde Jegede. Among the numerous accolades this project received, it was awarded a prestigious given 5 out of five in The Sunday Times and was nominated Urban album of 2002 in Mojo magazine. His new collaboration with Shur-I-Kan is possibly his greatest work yet.

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