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HumbleBeez - The Zone LP [Discerning Ear Projects]

Discerning Ear Projects
HumbleBeez - The Zone LP [Discerning Ear Projects]
01 14:00 Unity FM – DJ Enrique
02 H.E.A.D. (Housing Estate Activity Dubplate) Ft. Rawality & Coco
03 High Street Rocka! Ft. Rawality
04 Return of the Mystik Ft. Ty & Bab
18:00 Unity FM – DJ Koichi
05 Where’s my Eucalyptus?
06 Shush Kebab
07 The One Ft. Eshe Escoffery
22:00 Unity FM – DJ LoTek
08 Humble Zone
09 Survival of the Fittest Ft. Rawality & Lotek
10 01:00 Unity FM – DJ Dom
11 I Am Ft. Joyette
12 Take a Minute
13 Feel the Love Ft. Eshe Escoffery
04:00 Unity FM – Miss Good Grooves
14 Mornington Crescent Ft. Joyette
15 Unorthadox

All tracks produced by Tom Szirtes a.k.a. The Aesthetic Penguin. Except tracks 10,13 produced by The Aesthetic Penguin and Don Jose.

Lyrics and Vocals: HKB:FiNN a.k.a. Prophetic Panda.

The Press:
What is The Zone?

The Zone is a place where two worlds – the one we see around us and the world of the HumbleBeez co-exist. You have probably walked right past it many times and not noticed – since most people cannot, no, in fact choose, not to see it, instead preferring on a subconscious level to remain oblivious to this alternative world.

The zone emanates from a housing project named the Humble Heights, tucked deep in inner London, long forgotten by the city planners since its creation in the sixties by the eccentric German architect Klaus Himmer - who has since mysteriously disappeared. The Heights is a run-down looking high-rise block covered head to foot in vines and small waterfalls and at its centre is giant domed atrium complete with its own eco-system. The building possesses a strange tardis-like property – in fact it’s very easy to get lost in the Heights for years and never return.

A pirate radio station Unity FM transmits from the Heights and can be picked up all across the city. This album is a snapshot of the output from this station where you can learn about some of the experiences and views of the Zone’s strange inhabitants.

Who are HumbleBeez?
Whilst in the Zone the inhabitants of the Heights take on the appearance of animals and the stars of our record – the HumbleBeez are a couple of musicians: Prophetic Panda and the Aesthetic Penguin; or in our world you would know them as HKB:FiNN and Tom Szirtes.

Together with many of their friends including La Sparrow, Psycho Squirrel, Lioness and Doctor Bird, they are poised to raise your adrenalin levels with their unique High Fidelity sound.

How can you help us?
We are looking for a record label to work with to bring the HumbleBeez album to market. If you think you can help, or are interested in learning more about this project please contact us on:

Phone: 07751 86 23 66
E-mail: [email protected]

The revew:
So what have the Humble Beez put together, well it is a complete concept LP that certainly starts off on the right setting with old skooler HKB:Finn stepping back up after a time away. On point from day one, HKB:Finn has only learned from his experiences and comes over as carefree and lackadaisical as you could imagine. His style has become more effortless since his super hardcore beginnings, but he still has a whole lot to say for himself in his slightly ragga influenced UK drawl. The producers Prophetic Panda and the Aesthetic Penguin have put together a nice variety of beats which not only demonstrate their abilities in a Hip Hop field, but also their abilities on a soulful and very jazz influenced vibe.

The track list plays out as if we are listening to a days broadcast from the fictional? Unity FM and as we listen to different DJs the production styles are suitably changed up. The first two tracks are on a head nodding and vibe and have a laid back feel. Young sounding Rawality gets to spit his verbals on several of the tracks and Coco also supports on H.E.A.D. HKB:Finn has also enlisted some big names to appear on this project. No doubt connections he has made after his years in the game. For Return Of The Mystic we get treated to the soporific tones of Ty who comes correct as ever. Also on this we hear Bab an MC who raps in French.

As we move through the DJs, Koichi brings a more bouncy upbeat feel for HKB:Finn to drop some imaginative raps where he puts himself in the role of a Panda for Where’s my Eucalyptus? Shush Kebab is a gentle rolling chill out instrumental and is indeed very relaxing with its gentle washes of sound, bounteous echo and unobtrusive drums. The One takes us on a real soulful trip with the buttery smooth vocals of Eshe Escoffery which when combined with Bab’s French rap and the easy trumpets sound very pleasant. MC Calla drops a ragga chat as well, which on this track is a touch harsh and maybe out of place.

Humble Zone as you might expect is another gentle track. A slow beat and muted jazz trumpets are the backing for HKB:Finn to get emotional over. Survival of the Fittest is a bit harder hitting, but none of this has been overpowering at all. The track also sees Rawality return over a Hammond organ loop with Lotek also getting some credits on this one.

I Am is ultra sparse in production terms and has a spoken word feel about it, something which HKB:Finn can pull off as he is able to incorporate a lot of different inflections into his delivery. Take A Minute eases in and has a Blue Note feeling. All over this is much more easy listening than I had expected, but on a lazy sunny afternoon this is just what is needed. Take A Minute is pretty uplifting as HKB asks us all to notice the small things around us, which frequently go overlooked, but could give us pleasure. As the track plays out there is a nice trumpet solo.

After Eshe Escoffery returns for another more slightly upbeat soulful offering the vibe is changed up for the late night session and Mornington Crescent which has a much more of a dance feel than any of the other tracks. The final, and longest track at 6:18 has a rocking beat as HKB:Finn once again steps up to drop his Unorthodox views.

Altogether a great little package with no distribution deal at the present time. If you are in a position to help this get out there please think about helping out.

Phone: 07751 86 23 66 :: E-mail: [email protected] ::

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