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Kozel - Biography
NAME: Andrew (Dre) Tobinga,
D.O.B: 7th October 1982
AGE: 20

Dre Originally born/lived in Leeds, West Yorkshire now living 10mins out of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, North England.

Coming from a irregular environment & anguish rejection by his mother age only 3 days old.
Dre had an emergency operation on his gullet, after completion of the operation she attempted to turn of his life support machine, his dad went through a court case to keep him, witch lead to a deal that if his dad kept him the social services had part "ownership" which would mean a child minder.

However he was physically abused by a child minder that would NEVER let him play out, never gave him any affection, fed him food with insects, forced him to eat a bar of soap for when he said no to her at any time. She had people to spy on him if he didn't eat at school, or if he got in any fights.

When he was 5 years of age she forced him to deliver some powder (drugs) to other young children's parents, his dad could not do anything about this because the social services would take him away. HE was trapped in a room and locked without food most of his time with the child minder. Only let out Until his dad came to pick him up, witch could of been the next day. Later on in his life he moved to Huddersfield, were the home he lived in steadily decreased in hygiene. A group of gang would try force him to join there gang, he refused so they smashed up his home. When his farther was out they used it as a drug unit and Dre could do nothing about it.

Later on he was stabbed and shot trying to save his father's life even though he was beaten and not appreciated for helping out. Dre was kicked out of school when he was just 13 for standing up for someone that was been bullied. He heavily went in to deep depression at 15 after suffering self harm, and beaten, controlled by his farther because he blamed his son over his mother, he was continuously controlled and persecuted Dre on his finances and told him he would be nothing. Dre was beaten when he took money out of his own bank account witch his father provided. He also had an continuous rejection from any school he applied to.

Dre had to escape the violence, havoc and travelled to Manchester however he was soon to find out he would get further in the wrong crowed.

Travelling around the country to meet other gangs & organisations for security that he never had, he went working under unruly occupations, witnessing murders etc as well as getting used when he became a model for a short period.

As he had a anxious mind in his mid - teen life he got himself in to a lot trouble were he became dreadfully gullible, knowing he didn't have a qualification he had to think of a way to get his anger and experiences out, he though of writing a book or doing gang crime permanently. However on the positive side he was noticed and recognise for his soccer talents and got to play for Nottingham Forest, Huddersfield Town, Farnsley Celtic in his young teenage life, however missed opportunity of becoming a professional since he broke his leg.

However he met now to be his best mate called Anna Ford, when he moved to Barnsley from the ghettos of Leeds, changed everything for him and change his life around completely when she suggested to be a rapper and write lyrics. His ability, courage gradually improved and he got widen recondition and respect for been a rapper & for staying strong. He then started to look for music management, he came across a music academy called Get Sorted project witch was a charity based in Rotherham that helped deprived young people witch has got award from Prince Andrew and has a lot of recognition.

Get Sorted helped him improve his rapping skills, producing and writing. His popularity grew around the young section of Yorkshire. Not many people could tell he was a rapper nor that he has been through a lot however Dre didn't let that effect him, he rapped in the streets, hair salons, shops and on the bus to people who wanted to hear him, everyone was amazed when he rapped.

Dre gave back to Get Sorted Academy when he offered to help paint the lesson room and give a helping hand to lessons for teaching children basics about producing as well as giving his knowledge of rapping to deprived.

Has Dre is a down to earth person he sees the music he dose as a way to teach people what he see's in this world to enable to re- educate the minds of people, spiritually and stop the control from higher powers & stop the discrimination

Every day he still goes through poverty and struggle, however has took the courage to change his life and even his name from his fathers second name "Clark" to a unique name "Tobinga" after his Gran mother "Tobin" to build his own family name. He payís most of his money on studio production, literally starving to pay for production & up most nights practicing. This is an extremely ambitious, strong minded person who has gone out and met many well know people + contacts that have looked upon him as a next potential excellent rapper that not only the UK has seen but the world.

Dre writes, produce's and performs his own urban material; it blends hip hop, trance, dance, Reggae, RnB, DnB, rock or mixed styles with a very rhythmic message based songs with a strong emotional vocal for a unique and innovative sound. His lyrics convey issues faced by us all in life (such as segregation, diseases, pollution, discrimination, deprivation, education, street crime, arrogance and poverty). His lyrics endeavour to educate people through reflections of my own life and experiences.

His primary aim in the music he contributes is to encourage people not to do drugs, commit suicide, not to be judgmental or discriminative and not to become involved in gang life or crime, to open people to the reasons way people do negative precipitations, to open minds to what the world is really about and learn to forgive, forget, not to be controlled.

He interprets the music industry as a powerful and influential business, which could be used to get a message across to people to open their minds to relevant issues, not simply to gain fame and fortune. He want to be himself, achieve success and able to full fill his mission to help others, give a strong message to open peoples mind.

He has a great determination, willing to travel & has dedication witch will allow him to make a successful career out of his music and create a new diversity about life, as well as teaching and giving confidence to others to feel better about themselves and involve themselves in music.

This artists is looking to be one of the UK'S pre-eminent commercial rappers to come out the UK and indeed North of England.

Still Be Me ( Till tha day I Die )

Verse 1

Everything seem a dream from age of fourteen
I used watch stars on a TV screen
reading up a music magazine
seeing there smiling faces coming out of a limousine
wonder what it was like to be so supreme
diamond blings fit for kings
all I had was ma knuckle duster rings
put me down seen as a clown out cast
now am tell u how I blast.

I was Criticised by a education system regime
they made me seen as a deadly mind machine
I only helped out kids who I heard scream
getting beat up, so I though
"dats be it ama take my rebellion to tha extreme"

Chorus - "Always be me till the day I die
even when I am high,
I will be hard to live by -
(Till tha day I die ) ( Always Always)"

Verse 2

I went policing bullies and splitting there spleen
because tha system only bothered bout a goodie teen
they refused help out victims and won't work as a team
left to hold victims in my arms,
der b crying I b trying comforting ma charms,

Left my blue stench on table
only thing they understood was keeping there grades stable
dint listen to ma idea scheme
and ignored my personality dat gleam
so made ma own community gang called " riderz "
makin membership I.Dz
new revolution soon to be seen
to make schools more clean
while selling crack to peers in between
so der written statement report saying I was mean
sayin he troubled thane from criminal lean
un-normal human been decrypted germ gene
from that day I still be me

Chorus - "Always be me till the day I die
even when I am high,
I will be hard to live by -
(Till tha day I die ) ( Always Always)"

Verse 3

Took me out of ma education routine
kept down low like a submarine,
popping ed-ucated heads that sunbeam
Seeing obscene student massacre ream,
I first saw a girl murdered colleen,
raped seems to be a usual education theme
I always living a Halloween
always face fear of been shot
now am wondering if its worth been a teen
When all I can resort to is cocaine serene
as its tha only comfort cuisine
I can get in dis life of a poverty lean

Tha area I live run by poverty, grief and hysteria
had look back living in place like Syria
Trying to survive while society made us another criteria
try-na be like normal citizens walk in to a cafeteria
but each day we walk,
pray en talk
we seen as bacteria

I Hear yo radio BOOM bass,
you heard it again en u saw me on TV
made yo heart pulse race
though ma looks were ace,
see advert were I be taking autographs in yah place,
ill nock out your lust taste,
call tha cops ill be on a chase
but I be hard trace
you got me wrong I gat a false face
when am famous please give me space
or we both be in court case
understand am ere only doing a job to embrace
but now I face
tha struggle to still be me

Chorus - "Always be me till the day I die
even when I am high,
I will be hard to live by -
(Till tha day I die ) ( Always Always)"


so all those young soul-Jas dying,
mother farther dat-a crying,
glazing eyes are a-prying
hate disgust ova tha system
continual denying verbal criticism
put them in special schools no-one can trust,
a-separation rebellion
minority brought to dust,
in a system of rules,

"go to school, get a job,
have a family, don't be in a mob,
if you don't do as your told you be nought,
place's like Leeds,
they would stop u havin gcse's,
tryna make you concedes,
well chuck you on tha street,
make u become a drug creep,
shot murdered seen someone cheap
don't hear us weep,
all we got is gun & music sheet,
tryna make us sleep,
rebellion in tha end will leap,
and they complain about tha gun/gang culture,
we aint gat-a future,
cause system rejected our voice,
stop us from makin a choice,
tha good always prevail wid rejoice"

They put educated artists on the stage,
sayin gun and drugs. young sex is ghastly
what about tha special school kid wid rage?
think about them lastly
trying to control whats right, wats wrong,
cause all those who fight, are gone
2 Pac, Diana & John Lennon's song,
message in every song against the system tong
yah aint stopping me for long,
ama aim for world domination
make us all free, let us do wat we want,
stop making us gaunt
we live as humanís, we don't need money,
we don't need system rules,
we need our life's,
and we shall have it through every strife's,
now you face someone bigger,
someone more powerful to stop your control,

Lyrics Copyright 2003 Kozel/ Out-Break all rights reversed ©

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