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MC D :: Interview

OK, lets get straight into this. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about where you are from / coming from? 

My name is MCD Aka Mac Daddy Aka the Poltaguist Aka the Black Bruce Willis. I don't claim no set but I was brought up in West London. I am coming from a real Hip Hop back ground, I keep it real, I been doing this thing thing and I keep keeping it real.

Which part of London are you from now? Do you still feel you are from there, or do you come from all over now? 

As I stated in the Previous answer I don't claim no set but I was brought up in West London. I feel like I'm from there, but I also feel like I'm from a number of other places as well, as you put it, I come from all over. Claim no set, you heard me.

When would it have been that you first got into Hip Hop?. What were those early influences that resonated with you? Who were the acts you were hearing, the DJs etc? There must have been a vibrant scene in London then?

I first got into Hip Hop in the days of Body Poppin , Break Dancing and Graff art. Eighties.

My early influences that resonated with me were Body Poppin, Break Dancing and Graff, but within that the thing thing that really got me addicted to Hip Hop was the Music, and the whole culture, the style of clothing etc. 

The acts that I Listened to at that time were to name a few, Roxanne Shante, The Real Roxanne, Zeele, UTFO, Herbie Hancock, KRS One. Roxannes Grannnie, Roxannes Auntie, Roxanees Sister, and Brother, so on and so forth, a little after that time I was listening to people like The Beastie Boys, and getting VW car signs etc. Run DMC. Super Lover C and Casanova Rud. Audio 2. MC Lyte. Rakim, I was a big fan of the Juice Crew, Big Daddy Kane, and LL Cool J, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Dana Dane, Slick Rick and also Kool G Rap. To name a few. Yes the scene was growing at an amazing rate totally mind blowing.

So, when did you first move to become a Hip Hop practitioner, rather than consumer? What elements did you toy with? Was it straight MCing from day 1?

I became a Hip Hop practitioner rather than a consumer after digesting a whole heap of Run DMC, Beastie Boys, and Roxanne Shante, etc. Me and my friends used to memorise the lyrics of their songs and rap their lyrics and from there we began to write our own lyrics, the content of the first lyric I ever wrote went as follows.

I Saw your Mum doing Penny for the Guy, She got flash so I kicked her in her Eye, I took of her socks, and what did I see, Big Toe Nails at the Back of her Feet, you came along doing Beaking and Popping, I kicked you in the Balls and sent you Hopping, You know yes, that I am the Best, and every body knows my Rhymes are fresh, Your Dad eats something that is unknown, your Sister is a Slag in the Kings Cross Zone, your Brother is a Pimp, we all should know I saw your Mother Rapping on the Micraphone, when she got on the stage, she said yes!, I kicked her in the Belly and Punched her in the chest. 

Etc,Etc. That's the type of lyrics that I was fucking with at the start of my career; heavily influenced by the Roxanne Saga, UTFO, KRS One Etc. I then became a member of a crew called 2X Def, but at that time we were just two friends rapping together and we had no crew name. A little after that I was approached by a member of the Power Lords, the Power Lords were a big uk crew at that time with a posse of about sixty members, the only other crew that had that kind of set up at that time was Overlord X and the X Posse. If you were a part of one of those crews people knew that you were rolling with a large number of MC's DJ's, Etc. Me and my rap partner, Audio MC, were invited to a Power Pack meeting, and the rest is history, we became members of the crew another member of the Power Pack Dancers called Neil thought of the name 2X Def, and we were rolling. We then brought my rap partners Little Brother, Sister Kid Dee and Shy Skee, into 2X Def, as Rappers/Dancers, they were taught dance moves by the dancers who used to dance for Snap. Dean and Hudson. Dean is now a music producer called King Swing, and Hudson is a member of Silent Eclipse Inc... and he now goes by the name of Pesci. The Saga Continues.

The first time that I remember seeing you was at one of the London Underground gigs in Chats Palace around 1992. From what I remember you really burst onto the scene with a load of energy and were the flavour of the month for a bit back then. What are the main things that you remember from this time, and do you look back fondly on those times?

Those days were cool, there were a lot of real rap flows going on, I would say that the scene was heavily geared towards the style of rap, and the rappers vocal tone as well as the lyrics that were being spat.

Right, so we have discovered that you have been "on the scene" for ages, so now we need to hear about your recording career so far. How did it all start out for you? Was the EP you did with Principal the first time you were out on wax?

Hell no! The first track that I recorded that was released on plastic was a single that I did with a producer called DJ Fusion, in fact we did two tracks, as in two individual records. The singles were recorded for a record label called Mendoza Records, one of the singles was called Bad Boy Buckeru and I can't remember the name of the hip hop single, we were producing Hip Hop and Jungle back then as two different entities.

OK, I didn't realise. The Principal EP would still stand up today, I was so feeling that. What is the other stuff you have done then? Next was the Silent Eclipse version of the EP and the Silent Eclipse LP Psycological Enslavement, which spawned the excellent "Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover" single. Can you let the readers in on what they might have missed from those records? There was a lot of conciousness and real heartfelt lyrics on there. What were you trying to say?

That material was written at a very touch and go part of my life, when I was learning a lot of things about society. I think many people paid more attention to the political disses that I used to identify the social wrongs than the actual direction of the lyrical content. 

What I was basically trying to say is on those pieces of plastic. Know the Ledge.

How well did those records do, was the experience of recording and putting out wax what you expected?

Those records did pretty well considering the lyrical content was so potent. I mean Silent Eclispe was signed to Island Records, the Psychological Enslavement album was released on Island Records. It was all Jiggy; Until the Nation of Islam and the Police joined forces to try and kill me, get me in Jail, or have me getting injections in a Mental Institution. They really fucked up, on the Real!!! 

So, as you mention, from Monroe you moved over to Island records. What was it like being on a real big label? And what were the differences when compared to a smaller indie? What are the pros and cons of both situations and would you recommend either?

Being on a major was a great learning experience, I had a really good A and R Man, Darcus Beese, who really felt my artistry. I had a great time I just think that I should have balanced out the music side of things with the business side of things. You Know; Music and Business!! Monroes (the independent label), were pretty cool. They did their thing thing. I would say that for the amount of reach of a major label one can achieve a lot more fame, but an indie can give you the initial ground work that can be needed to get you known. It's sort of like starting off having to make a calculation, like 4x9=, but using a 200 gig Computer to find the answer when you start out. But then you are more known further down the line and you need to use the internet, surf the web and build a tune, and your trying to do all of that on a scientific calculator. I think major label or independent label according to load. Like Hookes Law Extention Directly Proportional to Load.

What advice would you have for anyone trying to put out their own tracks now and might find themselves in the same situations you were in back then?

The advise that I would give someone trying to put out their own tracks now and might find themselves in the same situations that I were in back then would be to try to study Law, or Business and Finance. Work hard and stay focused, and also don't let people put you off. There are so many Haters. Fuck Ya!!!

So, was Silent Eclipse just you, or were there other people involved in that project? For example do you produce beats for yourself as well, or do you get all your beats supplied for you?

Silent Eclispe Inc... has always had other people involved. I now produce for Silent Eclispe Inc.. The New Generation. Look out for the new material. I also produce for myself, although I have other producers that I work with.

Rothchild Music Productions is my production company, Silent Eclipse Inc.. is the Click. Know my Style.

So you are making beats, can you describe your equipment set up and how you would go about constructing your tracks?

I have been using a Boss BR8 Recorder, a Casio FZ 1 Sampling Key Board and a Atari 1040St Computer.

I build tracks all types of ways. I wanted to build on that kind of equipment to achieve a different sound and make a sound that was accessible. But I am now about to completely change my studio. Cannot disclose the new secret ingredients cause I would have to kill you .
Deckwrecka and MC D - A Better Tommorrow

Deckwrecka and MC D - Night and Day

Deckwrecka and MC D - Vibekiller

What are the different things you have learned about making music from each of the different teams you have worked with? What did they bring to the table that was useful or different?

Deck Wrecka's Shit is hot. He is good at teaching you something as well as beats etc. That's always good. I enjoy working with him. 

V Love from my Metal band Scare Electric, is fucking Heavy. In fact that band is made up of musical geniuses.

Jazzie B is a champion of intricate fine tooth comb examination of whatever a person does for him, that's why I enjoy working with him, he is one of those producers who helps you upgrade your style and analyse your own work at a deeper level. I love working with him.

Wookie from Soul II Soul is another genius he is just mind blowing.

Serhan and Izzy Dunn are a couple of magnificent producers always a pleasure to work with.

Dolb is proppa heavy, he knows the production game inside out.

T Bone is real hot he is very technical. Great producer.

Bugs in the Attic are fucking magnificent. Real professionals. Doc Dre type shit.

So since Silent Eclipse, things went a bit fuzzy surrounding you. Can you let us in on some of the stuff you have done since then? Didn't you have some connection with Brazen Entertainment? There was the National Hip Hop Tour - How did that go down?

I'm sure Brazen Entertainments will be back. The tour went well every one that was involved in that project is still musical family. 

And whatever happened to Brazen? Wasn't there meant to be a 21 MC track? Did that ever come out?

That track was recorded and released on the internet, MC Intenz (Bury Crew) could probably get you a copy of that. Fucking heavy track.

So, bringing your career round up to date, you are working with Deckwrecka and Ronin Records now? What is going to come out of that connection?

MC D - Love Thing

Deck Wrecka and myself are close friends we always work on projects every now and then. Ronin Records released The Love Thing Single featuring Noal Mcoy (Genius) and MC Intenz (Dappa). Ronin's doing their Thing Thing...

You have an LP set to drop shortly don't you? Tell us all about that, do the press bit and entice people into buying it. What tracks are on there?

To Be Honest with you there's a lot of legal shit going on with the MCD album so that's on hold. What I am promoting right now is the MCD, Silent Eclipse, Dark n Cold Dub Plate Mix CD. That is a 36, Yes a Thirty Six track Dub Plate Mix CD, peer Silent Eclispe Dub Plates and unreleased Exclusives. Available from Dark n Cold, 80 Oxford St. 31 Darblay St. West End, Closest Station Oxford Circus. Deal Real Records and all good outlets who ain't sleeping... Propa Shit... Go get it...wooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeee.

What sort of coverage do you expect in the mainstream press for this LP?

Propa. Man is Huge Right Now. You Feel Me.

How would you describe the music you make, and what are the reasons for it sounding how it does?

I would describe the music that I make as what's good what's original. Mr Ima Ima Fucking Legend. Type Flow. Silent Eclipse Fuck up any type of Show: You Feel Me!!!!!!!!!

Are you affiliated with any other crews and are you working with any young cats you are hoping to bring through? Who should we look out for?

Look out for Silent Eclispe, Pesci, 2 Ice, Miz D, Casandra, Dione DD, MC Intenz, Goodies, and MCD. Big up Kaya and Sequier. Silent Eclipse Squad Big up the Bury Crew and Unusual Suspects. and Kane.

So, you are from London, where the centre of Hip Hop is in the UK, with so much competition is it hard to stand out, or do you have to be here because this is where all the business is?

I Love it, I'm like Leon mixed up with some Universal Soldier. Maybe fuckers wanna get some stripes from me, I stay calm though I'm dealing with fuchkers like a Commando. Poltaguise Black Bruce Willis.

Since those early days, we mentioned before, how has the scene developed over the years? Who are the acts that have come and gone and apart from yourself, who is prevailing and building a bit of a following?

Ain't no MC repping like that nigga Rodney P.

I'm feeling Nova from Mud Fam, I love Roots Manuva, and yo, Fallacy is Real Fucking Hot. Black Twang is a God Father of this rap scene. Bury Crew are banging. Estelle is propa, Simone from Out of the Ville is Uk Hip Hop's first lady. Out of the Ville are rude. Moorish Delta are futuristic with their concepts, they a powerful entity.

Have you ventured overseas, and if so, what was the response like where you went? 

When I play abroad I get A Broad and Applauds. and people want me to sign my record for them.

Did you go on the anti-war march? I think the whole situation is developing very badly, and Tony Blair needs to pull back from the brink. Would you care to either explain what you think about this, or maybe give people an idea where they can find out about some of what is really going on here rather than what is on the mainstream news?

Like what Jay Z said, "Politicians Politic Themselves". I think right now, one has to propa and I mean propa love ones self. I didn't go on the Anti War March 'cause I don't trust no one. Boy dem might try merk man, fuck 'em all.

I ask everyone about politics, because I think it is important that we have knowledge of what is going on, politics doesn't just have to be Parliamentary, it is going on around us all. You seem to have changed up your stance over the years. Is this simply you maturing and attaining different priorities, or did you lose interest or lose faith? Or are you trying to appeal to more people, by not being so upfront? Do you have anything to say on that? 

Every millenium people tend to disassociate Culture, and Righteousness with Economics.

Many so called Pro Black Organisations love the existence of the Ghetto cause that's how they get their Money and Power. Fuck 'em all. Any thing that appears too Big for them to deal with is Murdered or Silenced. Many of those Organisations appreciate the Black on Black Violence, the Gun Crimes and the Drugs Problems that now face Urban Ghetto Youth. Fuck 'em all. Biggie was too Big for the Nation of Islam so I recon they wacked him. Big L was too big for the Nation of Islam so I recon they wacked him and Big Pun was too big for the Nation of Islam so I recon they wacked him, and 2 Pac was 2 big for them also so I would say that I think they wacked him also; as well. The predicament is all about those types of Cults being in league with Satan and attempting to place a form of non progress at the root of society that's why the whole thing is an individual Process of Love. 

What are the issues you think people need to open their eyes too?

The issues that people needs to open their eyes to are the fitness of Women. When one recognises the breasts face, body, pussy of a Woman, no real Man should want to inflict war on another. Unless a nigga wanna fuck with him, on the real. But even then Woman's Fittness needs to be recognized. You Heard!!!

If you could change something about society, what would it be and why?

Trees should be planted at Christmas instead of trees being chopped down at Christmas, that would be cool, every one bringing their babies and kids and families to forests and parks and putting Gods present of a little tree in the Earth.

Outside your crew who are the artists you listen to and admire?

I admire: Master P, Jay Z, Naz, Mobb Deep, The Lox, DMX, Cash Money Click, P Diddy, Coco, Brandy, Joe, Eminem, Doctor Dre, 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Nelly, Montell Jordan, Case, Foxy Brown, Eve, Lil Kim, Ja Rule, Murder Inc, Bounty Killer, Sean Paul, and Will Smith.

Who or what are you other influences? What do you do when you are not doing Hip Hop stuff? 

Women are my influences. I do women when I'm not doing Hip Hop stuff. I stuff my... Any way, lets keep it clean. Kapeesh.

Have you been able to live off the income from your records and gigs? Or as so many other artists do, do you have a day job, or a profession to keep food on the table? And, if your music career died tomorrow, what would you choose to do?

I can live of hip hop sometimes . If I was not doing rap I would wanna be a typist, and no I don't have a day Job.

OK. To wind this up, what is going to be keeping you busy over the next few months? Promoting your LP perhaps? What will you be doing to make a big splash?

I will be aiming to produce new material. Chirp peer (beer) girls and splah in a girls womb.

What are your longer-term plans and objectives?

TO TRY to live another day and thank God for Food, Women, Comforts, and Hip Hop.

I have hear that you have expressed an interest in film. What do you make of the UK Hip Hop documentaries that have come out, like the Pioneers, the Dark n Cold Untapped and the Look Norf, or indeed the Indelible video magazine? How can you see the video and multi media potential being exploited and what can you do to be in it? 

I hope to do some acting ASAP me and Jonzzie D Been talking and a couple of other people been talking to me about films and shit.

MC D - Dark and Cold dubplates CD Where can people hear your stuff?

On the radio, on CD's in the cluuub, and at Dark n Cold, 80 Oxford St. or 31 Darblay St. West End, London, England.

Where can people pick up your stuff?

If some one puts some of my stuff on a table then people can pick up my stuff off the table!! Joke. Love Thing is in all good record stores, and from their bredrin who was recording the radio show. 

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Yes, I would like to say 'Thank you' to all of the people who have shown me love and supported me through out my career. I Love you all and wish you all the best with your lives.

Finally is there anyone else you would like to mention?

Yea, you. You typed a whole heap of questions, your fingers musta been ringing when you finished. Big up. Nuff Love. Holla at your Boy Boy. Respect. Peace. 

MCD. / Silent Eclipse Inc... / Rothchild Music Productions.

Your fingers must have been ringing too. Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your time also. WooooooooooWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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