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Home-grown rapper; 21 year old MO-ZY is purported to be one of the hottest names on industry and music lovers lips right now. Born in Harpenden in 1982, Mo-Zy was astonishingly already rapping by the age of 9. By 12, he was now treading a familiar route writing his own lyrics, and rapping was the only thing this kid wanted to pursue. With nothing to lose, the British, Middle Class kid who in his circumstances had not surprisingly been laughed at for wearing clothes twice his size, began his journey to fulfil his dreams.

MO-ZY is playing on what is popular and has chosen to place himself, 'Sitting in a wondrous pool of creativity, sitting in the middle of Eminem and Justin Timberlake', cheesy, yes, but some would have it that MO-ZY has the sound and the look that's turned every music lover and media on! Most of MO-ZY's exposure so far has been by way of live performance and having done his thing which involved an industry showcase at the 'prestigious' Cobden Club only in April of last year, MO-ZY has now packaged his first DVD/CD which featured this 'phenomenal' show that had a lot of tongues wagging.

Talk is cheap, but there's been a lot of expensive action too. The UK's leading International Booking Agency; Primary Talent are now representing MO-ZY: MO-ZY has completed his first 20 date support slot tour throughout November/December of 2003 where he was seen live up and down the UK by no less that than an amazing 25,000 fans. Highlight's of the tour included MO-ZY performing at Cardiff University on stage with Lisa Maffia and Tim Westwood, and with So Solid's Harvey at Camden Palace two days before Christmas. MO-ZY also was seen live at Urban Magazine; Touch's Party in December 2003.

Once again, following his support success, the so called MO-ZY mania continued, with dates across the UK throughout February. The biggest date was at Tall Trees, Middlesborough on the 26th February. The UK's biggest nightclub we are informed!

The single release of "This is Me" is scheduled for later this Spring and MO-ZY is completing the recording of his debut album (also called 'This is Me') in London right now.
After this mini tour, MO-ZY will also be shooting his first video to accompany the single in London.

MO-ZY's in good company and the crowd keeps getting bigger and better.


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