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This page (as with the rest of the site) is intended to spotlight those UK artists who may just be starting out producing tunes or those longer established artists who may still be struggling to obtain a record deal. The groups showcased on this page should be relatively unknown Hip Hop acts from the United Kingdom and we hope to be able to aid in their development and exposure. We intend to focus on upcoming artists we think should progress on to better things and those you should check for in the future. We may be offering advice on how their material might be improved and will offer readers and listeners the chance to comment/review the tracks which will also be published here.

We really want to hear what you are doing, and ask that you submit your demo for to be featured here. All submissions will be responded to (so please supply us with your contact details) and those selected will feature on these pages which will include your recordings for surfers to stream or download and judge.

In order to be included here you must provide additional information about yourself/crew (biographical, press, facts, etc.) and your music (of sufficient quality for posting). Additionally a photo or two should be sent and if you require your material returned please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope. Please Email for address.

If you like what you see and hear here be sure to hunt the artists down and persuade them to sell you a tape or CD.

UK Demo - Lexus
UK Demo number 18. Lexus
UK Demo - The Poisoned Pen - Make Way For The Great EP
UK Demo number 17. Poisoned Pen
UK Demo - AD - The Situation Part 1
UK Demo number 16. AD
UK Demo - 5th Element - The 5th Element Of Hip Hop
UK Demo number 15. 5th Element
UK Demo - Edzai - Lord Of The Rap
UK Demo number 15. Edzai
UK Demo - YIB N Grimes - Lyrical Murderers
UK Demo number 14. YIB N Grimes
UK Demo - Crack - Cracked Dreams
UK Demo number 13. Crack
UK Demo - M.O.S.
UK Demo number 12. M.O.S.
UK Demo - Starch Music
UK Demo number 11. Starch Music
UK Demo - Baby Jinx - One Mic (The Theory)
UK Demo number 10. Baby Jinx
UK Demo - Apollo - Your World My Life
UK Demo number 9. Apollo
UK Demo - Miniature Heroes - Heroes For Hire
UK Demo number 8. Miniature Heroes
UK Demo - N16 - Pastures Newington
UK Demo number 7. N16
UK Demo - DeMavlest
UK Demo number 6. DeMarvlest
UK Demo - Corrupt Village Records / Cruel Associates Update
UK Demo number 5. Corrupt Village Records
UK Demo  - Kulprit
UK Demo number 4. Kulprit
UK Demo  - Formant
UK Demo number 3. Formant
UK Demo  - Cruel Associates
UK Demo number 2. Cruel Associates
UK Demo - SSJ
UK Demo number 1. SSJ

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