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Alirio Massive 

01. Extra
02. Stella
03. Dem A Ask?
04. Lovelast
Brief intro:
My style of music is dancehall with hip hop influences.

Aliyu Mamman a.k.a. Alirio Massive was born in Nigeria on the 2nd of May 1976. Massive started on as an entertainer at the age of 15, at the age if 17, Massive’s desire for music grew beyond entertaining, he started writing his own lyrics and performing most of his songs live on stage. After Massive’s secondary school days in Nigeria, he spent most of his time on his musical career. That quest led him to Belgium where he is currently residing. During his first year in Belgium performing in clubs, bars and discotheques, he was discovered by a producer who eventually produced his first album in collaborations which 2 hip hop groups in Belgium known as: La Familia and Hors Fa Loi. The group was called Afrika’za; it was also the title track of the album. Afrika’za came into existence 3 years ago; it was a mix of French, English, Swahilian singers and rappers. 

Performing Experience:
During the course of promotion for the first album, massive performed in different venues in Belgium and Germany with artist like Lord Kossity, Mathew Stone, Lady Saw, Red Rat and for various charity shows in Brussels. The album was released in Belgium in December 2001 and the video in February 2002. Massive has succeeded in creating his own style as an entertainer and a writer. He is currently putting together his solo album, which includes Hip Hop, ragga, 2 step and music with African influences. He has being performing solo since 2002; and has succeeded in putting together 10 songs, which has being well appreciated by his audience. Massive is interested in anyone that shares the same zeal for musical experimentations.

The four track demo that is doing the rounds right now is a professional CD-R and shows the experience Alirio has gained via his previous endeavors. The package is ready for a label to pick up, there is nothing they would have to do. The opening track Extra is on a dancehall tip, the production utilising a familiar drum pattern the melody coming from a deeply effected guitar. The track starts off with an interesting vocal effect before the intro, which along with the choruses is sung. But Alirio gruffly chats for the verses somewhat reminiscent of Shaggy. The majority of the lyrics are in English, but personally I have a difficulty in making out all of Alirio's words, but the tone and appeal is there.

Still sticking with the Dancehall vibe, but this time also mixing African elements, Stella picks up the pace a touch. The short guitar intro quickly gives way to the energetic expression of love. Again the choruses are sung and are quite catchy, but do have a sort of European innocence about them. Throughout the shakers beat out the uplifting rhythm which is augmented with keyboard horns and would ring out around carnival time.

Dem A Ask is probably my favourite track off the demo. Again heavily on the dancehall vibe this one has a touch of Hip Hop and incorporates some cuts in there too. Alirio for me falls into the same category of singer as Biz Markie, i.e. it is a bit of a laugh to hear him having a go, but the singing on this just hits a nice chord and really appeals. The drums are a bit thin on this mix and could be beefed up a touch, but it is just a summery feeling good feeling track. 

To round off Alirio shows his vocal versatility as he raps in a more Hip Hop style rather than his previous ragga chatting. Lovelast as with the majority of Alirio's lyrics focuses on the ins and outs of Love and relationships. The production on this one is again different and is much more on a RnB vibe with synths and full instrumentation including harmonies. The overall feeling one is left with after listening to this is one of positivity, and after having been brainwashed by so much harsh music it is nice to receive a different set of perspectives from a musician. :: Email:[email protected]

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