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Australian Hip Hop Month: October 2000
StealthThe inaugural AUSTRALIAN HIP HOP MONTH kicks off this October!

It is no longer a matter of 'supporting' local hip hop. Releases from the past few years have shown time and again that the standard our artists are achieving deserve more recognition but often media have little access to the artists or cannot filter them and what they stand for into their dance- or rock-oriented mindsets.

The primary aim of the month will be to increase recognition of local hip hop artists' releases and their contribution and participation in the Australian and international music industries.

The main push of the month is to unify some of the infrastructure local artists need to get their music heard. Radio shows, street press, magazines, newspapers, clubs and shops will all be encouraged to join in the month on whatever level possible. Dedicating a certain amount of airtime, page or shelf space to local hip hop will have a roll-on effect allowing the talent in this country to possibly pursue their music on a more involved level and take it to new dimensions.

The month will coincidentally tie in with Australian music week (14 - 21 October, 2000) and the National Independent Electronic Label Conference in Newcastle.

How to be involved:
If you represent the 'infrastructure' side of things dig around your locale and find out what is happening. You can use to find out various details but nothing beats getting out into the shops, gigs and streets to find out what exactly is happening.

For more information email:[email protected].
Check out regularly for updates and artist previews. The site will be built up throughout October.

October 6th marks ten years since Sydney's longest running hip hop show, The Mothership Connection hit the airwaves. Throughout October you will only hear Australian hip hop and interviews with Australian artists. For those not in Sydney tune into to stream it live. The show airs from 2pm to 4pm on Tuesday afternoons, Sydney time. 2SER 107.3FM.

How can I be involved?
You can be involved just by checking out what your artists are doing, buy their music if you want but at least dig for it and listen to it. On a more personal level get your pen and pad out, make a mixtape of Australian hip hop for a friend or dig in the crates for that perfect beat. Represent Australian hip hop by representing yourself.

Why October?
Why not.

I'm an artist and want to put my info up on the site. What do I do?
Email: [email protected] with all your info.

Why does the month focus more on contemporary local artists and not the old school?
Firstly, to cover everything that has ever happened in Australian hip hop in one month is stupid. The idea is to take what the currently active hip hop scene is doing to a larger audience, break down some barriers, and most importantly, get these artists recognised. Through that stories and histories will be told.

What is Australian hip hop?
Whatever you want it to be.

I'm an Australian artist but don't see any information about me here. Why not?
Be proactive. Email your information to [email protected]. Put a banner on your site too if you can. It's only one month.

Will this month happen again?
What the month aims to inspire a kick in the pants for those yet to really catch onto the local scene or to those who misconstrue what it is all about will hopefully continue every day of the year but, yes, the month will become regular like All Bran.

-- Click on the link to check it out. 2 hours of hip hop from Italy, Korea, Switzerland, Japan, France and Germany.

Contact: Mark Pollard, GPO Box 666, Sydney, NSW 1043, Australia.
On the web: :: Email: [email protected]

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