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Beenie Man - Dude CD [Empire]
Beenie Man - Dude
Beenie Man the Grammy award winning super mysoginist is back with another release off his latest LP, Tropical Storm, his tenth, which to date has shipped more than half a million units! It is somewhat surprising that someone who was once known for his illiberal attitude to chi chi men has been able to so totally put behind him any politically correct haters he may have had and progress to topping the charts with each new song. Either the public is shallow, or has short memories. For me I like to judge on the music its self and this Dave Kelly produced release is as nice as any of the others and has made big waves in the pop charts this side of the Atlantic. Again this release is a one track affair, the radio edit which features Ms. Thing at 3.34 is followed by the Remix which features Ms. Things and Shawnna who appears courtesy of Disturbing The Peace / Def Jam South.

This is solid, if unoriginal Jamaican Dancehall fair and gives one the images of summer soaked carnival sun that we yearn for in deepest winter in the UK. The steel band is meshed In response to Ms Thing’s somewhat annoying tones where she sings of her yearning for ‘a dude who’s a sweet-hearted man’, Beenie Man says what I suppose he thinks is appealing to the ladies offering her comments like, ‘You want to get some kicks, call me. You want a proper fix, call me. You want a remix, call me’. He definitely doesn't appeal to me, but to a gold digger this powerful take it or leave it statement could hit the right notes. On the remix Shawnna adds a tasty rap towards the end where she offers herself forth to Beenie in a typically subservient manner.

This is bound to be a bubbler in the local dance, but for me doesn't have the recent smooth appeal of Shaun Paul and upon repeated plays I have to say Ms. Thing is plain annoying. Dude has been number 1 in Jamaica and the remix of Dude appears on the Def Jamaica compilation. The Vinyl contains album version featuring Ms. Thing, remix featuring Ms. Thing & Shawna, instrumental and acappella versions.


[Intro: Beenie Man]
You want a proper fix, call me,
you want to get your kicks, call me
You want your G's fixed, call me,
mi have the remix, call me
From di odda day It's like a play some bwoy a play
Mi hear di girls callin mi
hear di girls bawlin mi hear di girls cryin out
She seh Beenie.........

[Chorus: Ms. Thing]
I want a dude with the wickedest slam,
I need a one, two, three holla man
I want a dude who will time me to the fan,
a thug that can handle his biz like a man
I want a dude with the wickedest slam,
I need a one, two, three holla man
I want a dude who will do me in the van,
a thug that can handle his biz like a man

[Verse 1: Beenie Man (Ms. Thing)]
Gal, if yuh love holla at mi one time (Hey!)
Holla at mi if yuh waan di wickedest wine
I know It's been awhile but baby neva mind
Cause tonight tonight mi a gi yuh di whole nine (Hey!)
Yo! satisfaction a every girl dream
Mi love fi put it on when dem wiggle and scream (Hey!)
Well, mi get a call from sexy Maxine
She left a message pon mi answering machine she seh Beenie....

[Chorus: Ms. Thing]

[Verse 2: Beenie Man]
She waan a man fi put har inna trance
A man who know fi tun har round and mek she belly dance
Rudebwoy lovin wid a little romance
She waan to get wild but she neva had a chance
When, she seh she neva had it so deep
So right now I'm di man she definetly wanna keep
Har ex bwoyfriend use to come and drop asleep
Dat's why when mi pager start beep she seh Beenie......

[Chorus: Ms. Thing]

[Verse 3: Beenie Man]
You heard what she preferred,
she waan a man weh mek she fly like a bird
She waan a real man she don't waan nuh nerd
She waan yuh gi har it good mark mi word
I'm not a perv but mi mek she serv,
she waan di rockula well until it curve
Har ex bwoyfriend ain't got di nerve
Have har a wait and she nah get served,
so she seh Beenie.....

[Chorus: Ms. Thing]

[Repeat Verse 1]
[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Verse 2]
[Repeat Chorus]

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