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Beenie Man - King Of The Dancehall CD [Empire]

King Of The Dancehall
King Of The Dancehall instrumental
Beenie Man has been bubbling around for quite some time now and whilst Sean Paul got all the plaudits over here in recent years Beenie Man is back with his newest single and is determined to let everyone outside of his home locale know the truth and let everyone know that he is the true King Of The Dancehall. With over 60 number ones to his name he is the undisputed champ of Dancehall and this single slated to drop in August this single follows the enormous success of of the bad bwoy-sexy-hilarious Dude.

The single will be taken from his third LP for Virgin - Back To Basics which will feature production from the islands top digital artists including Dave Kelly, Tony Kelly and Don Corleon to name but a few.

Beenie Man is a high flossin' and gal praisin' entertainer and when he is in the house you are guaranteed a performance packing the crackle of unpredictability and sweet jolts of non-stop excitement. He has awesome riddim riding skills which are also coupled with a bottomless well of song writing talent. The Dancehall opens with Beenie's famous Zigga's. This is a particularly pumping beat composed by Tony Kelly which features additional background vocals from Kymberli and Maurice Gregory who also lays down some Axel F style '80's keyboards. Some of the elements sound cheesy on their own, but when it all comes together this is a right bumper. Everything is set for dirty dancing, a bit of wining and having a good workout on the sweaty dance floor.

Beenie Man preaches how the girls welcome him to any dance and describes the scene before him as he pleases them against the walls. He then describes the characteristics he desires from the girl he is to choose from those before him. He then goes on to say how a good girl is like having a belly full of good food. It could all be his reality, but for everyone else it is just a thumping good tune and a chance to get busy and flex some moves.

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