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Cash Money is becoming a regular to these shores and in May 2004 he drops by Needle Xchange. The guys at Soul Brew will be proud to welcome Philly's legendary DJ Cash Money born Jerome Hewlett. The DMC champion back in 1988 Cash is without a doubt the hottest club DJ on earth, a fact supported by his place in the DMC hall of fame as the "Worlds Greatest DJ". His technique, tune selection and ability to grab the mic to hype an already over excited crowd leaves dancefloors in a sweaty frenzy. This is no ordinary Hip Hop DJ, cutting anything from classic party jams, to reggae, to disco this man has to be heard to be believed. Forget all the rest this is truly the best. For once do believe the hype!
  • "Rated worldwide as the greatest Hip Hop DJ" - Hip Hop Connection Magazine
  • "Undoubtably the best Party rocking DJ in the world" - DMC Worldwide
  • "Cash Money was my inspiration to get into this whole DJ thing, he is a phenomenal inspiration, and innovator, and the fact that he is still at the very top of his game 14 years after kick starting Turntablism Worldwide, speaks for itself" - Prime Cuts - Scratch Perverts
  • "He still blows me away now, 13 years after I first met him" - Biz Markie

There you have it, the quotes speak for themselves. Cash Money will rock your party like nobody else!

Cash Money is often credited with creating one of the crucial scratches of the turntable art form - the transformer scratch. The ever-self-effacing Cash Money credits another DJ, Spinbad, with the invention, but historians / trainspotters of the form say that Cash Money was the one to perfect it. His mixes graced many of Sleeping Bag Records' releases and his record with MC Marvelous (Marvin Berryman), Where's the Party At?, came out on the l
abel in 1988. Since then he has competed internationally, and in 1988 when he won the world title, DMC then banned him from entering again, (just like they did later with Mixmaster Mike) because honestly no one else had a chance. In 1998 DMC placed him in the Hall Of Fame with the accolade of "Worlds Greatest DJ".

He is still the only DJ ever to hold all 3 major world titles at the same time, when in 1998 he won the DMC World Championships, the DMC world Supremacy and the American New Music Seminar DJ competitions. Over the years He has also worked as a producer / remixer with stars such as Snoop Dog, Q-Tip, Public Enemy and Busta Rhymes as well as topping the charts with PM Dawn in the early 90's.

Cash money is by far the best all round Hip Hop entertainer on this planet, it's a fact. His style is not Just Hip Hop, he plays Funk, Breaks, Disco, Electro, RnB, Reggae and Dancefloor Classics. Everywhere he plays promoters, DJ's and crowds alike agree, they have never seen anything like it before. He rocks everywhere he plays. When we met Fatboy Slim at the Boutique in Brighton, he bowed to Cash in respect and sighted him as one of his major inspirations next to Grandmaster Flash.

Cash money is himself an institution, after taking the Hip Hop world by storm in the late 80's, winning everything he entered, he put his hand to producing. After mounting up billboard smashes and releasing a worldwide platinum selling album, Cash has returned to what he loves best, Tearing it up on 2 Turntables.

DJ Cash Money invented the now mandatory "Battle Style" of placing the decks and is credited with inventing 4 different styles of scratching. To put it bluntly Cash has been one of the most influential Hip Hop DJ's the world has ever seen.

The thing that makes Cash so great is the fact that he's not just a technical scratch DJ. It's the fact that he first and foremost rocks a party with amazing music, crowd hyping mic skills and then takes it to a higher level with jaw dropping turntable skills that you can dance to!

When in the UK, Cash is a regular on The Radio 1 Rap Show, and Radio One extra.

By Rod Gilmore

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