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DJ Noize - Fantastic b/w It's A Demo 2000
DJ Noize
DJ Noize
DJ Noise is one of the biggest and most successful names in Danish Hip Hop having proved himself time and again against the best of the rest from his country. UK heads may well know of him from his Whole Mess 12 on Liberty Grooves. He began DJing at the tender age of 13 in his home town Skensved, a small city south of Copenhagen. He says that he would practice every day refining his turntablist skills in the safety of his own bedroom. Modeling himself on DJs like Cash Money and Jazzy Jeff he progressed to entering competitions, the first of which was the regional DMC finals in 1992, which he won at the first attempt. The following year he progressed to winning the Danish DMC title, and wouldn't let it up until 1996, retaining the title for four years in a row. To date he has won more Danish titles than any other DJ. His first major title was the New Music Seminar / Supermen Inc. comp in 1994 and in 1996 he headed over to Rimini, Italy for the World DMC finals where he gained the highest accolade of world champion. The following year he lifted the Technics Turntable Championship, but after that wasn't on form again until 2000, when once again he won the Danish DMC title.

Over the years, the 25 year old has proven he can come up with varied and interesting sets fuelled with his own character and brand of humour. Now he appears to be concentrating on producing and in 2002 drops a great 12" on Wordplay Records in the UK, for which he has drafted in couple of top notch US MCs. The tremendous 12 gives you all those good old time feelings about a record. The A side is beautifully crafted from a heart tearing string sample with moody piano phrases. The track is superbly mixed down with the kick and simple bass sounding as fat as I have heard on any record. Fantastic features Philadelphia's Malay Sparks on the vocals who reminisces and takes us all back to better days. The track is extremely mellow and relaxing, but will sound great really loud too.

The B side is a real treat for all those older skool heads and should act as schooling for some of the newer heads. Its A Demo 2000, is essentially a remake of Kool G Rap and DJ Polo's 1987 Cold Chillin' released track of the same name. The same James Brown Funky Drummer bonus beats break provides the beat, long time since I heard that used, but the whole thing is re-eqed up to the standards set by the A side, the bassline, or should I say bass note is fattened up severely and the whole thing is a banger. Freestyle (ex. Arsonists) gets lively on the mic and lets us all know why he is very highly rated by those who know. Delivering new rhymes he plays on Kool G Raps original lyrics and flow, the result being a worthy, creditable remake that pays respect to the original, rather than some taboo, cheap, rip off copy. Its A Demo 2000 also features DJ Noise on the cuts who displays some of those world championship winning skills.

DJ Noize - Fantastic b/w It's A Demo 2000



Overall, I'd recommend this 12 to anyone as an outstanding example of quality Hip Hop how it should be done. Each of the tracks has the instrumental and accapellas included for full DJ and remixer delight. The package is completed with dope cover artwork and layout by Temper & Tang (, what are you waiting for - go pick it up.

DJ Noize is coming over to the UK in February. On the 7th he's in Leeds, 8th Brighton and then at the end of the month he's in London playing at Mass. For bookings contact Fresh: mailto:[email protected] Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1773 749 191.

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