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DL Incognito - Spit Forever 2 / There's Something [Wolftown]

DL Incognito - Spit Forever 2

This is Tricksta's first foray into the overseas licensing market and heralds a series of foreign acts that Wolftown is going to promote and distribute over here. For this release they have teamed up with Canadian outfit Nine Planets Hip Hop and through them have got their hands on the Ottawa based talents of DL Incognito. Like so many regional acts he has been able to support some of the biggest names including: The Beatnuts, Slum Village, The Roots etc, when they put on gigs in his home town. He's appeared on wax as far back as 1997 when he was with the Platoon and now he has his own solo LP A Sample & A Drum Machine ready to roll. This is the first single to be taken from the LP and has to be said is pretty tasty.

The opener Spit Foreva 2 is a straight up banger. It doesn't have the energy or pace of a modern dance track but has the laid back confidence that years of practice combined with classic New York production values bring. The track reminds me of Pete Rock & CL Smooth or some other smooth type Hip Hop. The heavenly keyboard riff is uplifting and the bass line is simple and supportive of the rest of the track. The fat drums and cut up vocal snippets complete the mix and everything is right about this. Add in DL's clear and concise MCing and you get the picture that this is one of those tracks that is simply perfectly constructed and manifested. DL runs through all the usual topic in his first verse, he explains why he is nice, pays respect to dead homies and goes on to say what'll come of people who battle him. The second verse features Tara Chase a female MC to look out for as she hols her time one the mic impeccably. There is nothing mind blowing about DL's lyrics it is just that thy sound right and you can't ask for much more than that.

The second track There's Something is harder edged, the production being sparse to say the least. The thick drumset combines with a muted synthesised horn of some sort. This is a life story and DL shows how not all raps need to be about glamourising guns and drugs. Although I don't think it is entirely sound to propose rap stardom as a career path for all the youth of the world it is however useful to hear a different perspective to the usual nihilistic hegemony we are offered. After the first track anything would be a bit of a disappointment, but this is still a strong offering and if anything leaves me wanting to hear more of DL Incognito and his LP. 

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