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Don Cisco
Don Cisco Don Cisco hails from the hood of San Francisco and is the latest Latino Hip-Hop protégé from Thump Street Records hoping to make it in the big time. Over the years he has gone through multiple names and even personas such as: Cisco-Frisco Mack, Ciscone, Don Ciscone as well as Cisco the Frisco Mac, until he ended up with Don Cisco.

For the last 6 years Don Cisco has been writing, producing and has now progressed to putting out his own tracks having previously worked with the other West coast artists including: Kurupt (a member of the Dogg Pound), B-Legit, Jay Tee and Beesh (Latino Velvet), Mac Dre and Frost amongst others. 

Don Cisco has made a name for himself from freestyling and his 'tremendous' stage presence, which has helped him get his sounds beyond just his Crew and played on the radio. On the album 'Guajira' samples the well-known Santana track, 'Murder After Dark' features B-Legit, and other tracks include 'Just Like Mexico' and 'Boss Up'. 'Mamacita' has also been licensed to the top selling soundtrack album to Ice Cube's "Next Friday". 

During 2000 Don Cisco will be performing at smaller venues up and down the West coast to promote his 'Oh Boy' release which also features Kurupt and Roscoe and has been a radio hit locally.

"Latino rap is not paid enough attention. With my new release of 'Oh Boy'
[Buy] I strived for a style that would be accepted by all. I know this record will change the face of rap." - DON CISCO.

This isn't really my cup of tea though. It is party music and as such suits its purpose, but I want something a bit deeper from the lyrics and definitely prefer Hip Hop to have more of a New York sound production wise, rather than this Low Rider stuff. At the moment Don Cisco has no plans to make it over here to the UK, but I know there must be loads of heads out there who like this stuff so use the contacts below. 

Contact: Thump Street Records, PO Box 445, Walnut, CA 91788-0445 USA.
Tel: 909-595-2144 :: Promotions Contact: [email protected].

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