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Elements Of Chi (E.O.C.)- The Trials Of Life CD [EMCI Ent.]
Elements Of Chi (E.O.C.)- The Trials Of Life CD [EMCI Ent.]
01. Welcome to L.A.
02. Visions
03. The Feeling
04. Skit (Ft. MC Extravagant)
05. Alert! Alert!
06. The Truth (Ft. DJ Bailey)
07. First Love
08. Intoxicating Paradise (ft. Lemar J.)
09. Skit (ft. Lady Sunrise)
10. Fantasy
11. Strength (ft. Lady Sunrise)
12. Do You Hear Me?
13. Three Shades of Gray
14. To Whom It May Concern
15. Loosen Up Your Colla
16. Skit
17. Street Passion
18. Blowing Smoke
19. Harmony
20. Skit (ft. Christine)
21. Fire (ft. Lemar J.)
At some point in the journey of life we are all asked that mind baffling question. What is it that you want to do with your life? When the Guardian was first asked this question as a young boy his reply was a passionate one. “I want to move the world”. From that moment on Life began to polish his natural talent of healing through the art of music and poetry. After experiencing three lifetimes of trials and tribulations and discovering that perfection is merely no more than a myth. He became the definition of a starving artist, taking his love of Rock, Soul, Hip Hop, Blues and Island music to a level where gravity does not exist. His journey lead him to Los Angeles were Life became part of the EMCI Entertainment family, eventually joining forces with Adam “Boom” Williams, lead guitarist for the platinum selling group “Powerman 5000”. Together they have created a explosive production team called the " EOC" (Elements of Chi) finally giving birth to the earth moving album "Trials of Life”.

sO, What do you get when you combine the talents of a guitarist / producer from a platinum-selling rock band with the lyrical prowess of an unsung Hip Hop phenom? Well you get a new school production team, the aforementioned E.O.C (Elements of Chi), and a fresh-sounding new CD dubbed The Trials of Life.

Life the Guardian, a.k.a. Rob Willard, combines his skills with fellow E.O.C. member and ex-Powerman 5000 guitarist Adam Williams to create an exciting, auspicious debut. Together, they produce a refreshing new hip hop album that fuses contemporary electronic elements, old school hip hop, reggae, rock, and blues to produce a transcending, musical experience.

Recorded in only three weeks, and founded on their principle of musical inclusion, the two inject their diverse influences into every track. Fans of the “Powerman sound” will be surprised to find guitar on only a handful of cuts. Williams states, “The beauty of hip hop is that most of the time less is more. All of the music that I love follows that credo, be it funk, blues, whatever. A lot of this music didn’t need guitar… I’m cool with that”.

“I’m one of those people who only need four hours of sleep,” says Life, a self-proclaimed workaholic. “I wanted to show the world that there is no limit to my talent and passion for music. This is an album that reaches out to all people. Sometimes it speaks, other times it screams. The lyrics are extremely personal, but they will take you on a journey inside yourself”.

The pair promise more music and are knee deep into their next effort. As Life states, “We make more hits before nine a.m. than most people do in a lifetime”.

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