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"Woman over 40 seeks a fresh start in indie hip hop record label" is an underground hip hop and R&B independent music label that was started in August by a woman over 40 seeking a fresh career start. Based in Toronto with an office in New York, eMultimedia Group will enhance the careers of underground hip hop and R&B artists by manufacturing, promoting, distributing and selling their records. When asked why, at this age, she chose to start an independent hip hop label she said: “I love supporting the underdog. Often, you will find that unsigned artists formed independent labels out of necessity. These are artistic people with no real knowledge of the business side of running a record label. I felt this was a chance for me to use my business expertise to support the underdog, while releasing music with value and meaning.”

Jair Dynast - Curriculum VitaeeMultimedia Group recently signed its first artist, the amazing underground hip hop and R&B producer/songwriter Jair Dynast. His initial producer album, “Curriculum Vitae”, is scheduled for release on December 7, 2004. The album is filled with strong Hip Hop and R&B productions and features the introspective single, “Struggle” in which Jair tells his very personal story. He switched gears after he was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and could no longer play basketball as a scholarship athlete for coach Scanlan at South Plains College in west Texas.

The principals at eMultimedia Group have a background in writing, web promotions, online marketing and advertising. The CEO, Peta Greaves, is a former Miss Barbados and Miss World contestant who has extensive contacts throughout the Caribbean. A team of promoters has been assembled - their in-house design team has created innovative marketing initiatives and materials, including a well-promoted web site to help launch this project.

The targeted demographic for eMultimedia Group's underground hip hop and R&B are males and females between the ages of 14 - 26, of diverse ethnic backgrounds and are mainly high school, college and university educated. They are mostly working class to middle class and live in urban and suburban communities in the Greater Toronto Area and in the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, Texas and Florida. Overseas markets such as the Caribbean, UK, Germany, Australia, Philippines, China and Japan will also be targeted.

Hazel Thornhill is Sales & Marketing Specialist for located in Toronto with an office in New York City. She can be
reached at 212-561-0840 in New York or in Toronto at 416-884-6875.
Her email address is: [email protected]

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