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The Free Association - Sugarman CD [Mercury]
The Free Association - Sugarman CD
I have not heard of this band before. Not sure if I should or not, but David Holmes has been around for a while with his 69 Police promo and My Mate Paul CD from 2000, but now he has the Free Association LP and Everybody Knows single out and about to drop is the Sugarman CD and wax. The CD features the Sugarman track remixed three ways. The release starts with the Radio Mix of the original, written by Sixto Rodriguez a very 60's feeling with the mournful and achingly delivered vocals Petra Jean Phillipson. Organs and Bassoon pervade this cover. Not having heard the original I can't say how similar this is, but I suspect there to be a fair amount of crossover.

The next mix is by Maurice Fulton and to me is a very plain House track that doesn't really do that much for me. There is very little to tie this mix to the original and not too much to make it stand out in its own right. The main focus being a hardcore distorted keyboard synth bass. As the mix moves on there is a few high sounds and generally a bit more instrumentation augmented by some screams. Even if this is your bag I think this is more of a backing track or an in between track in a mix rather than the hype track everyone is searching for at a dance.

The Chilly Gonzalez remix references the original more than the other remix. The original sung vocals remain as does the original's tempo. The drums are heavied up and the pattern made more sparse. Mid way through the musical backing is reduced to mostly drums and funked up bass and VV picks up the mic and delivers a short and not very deep, but satisfactory rap.

The original mix closes out the CD. Overall this is a pretty mellowed out track on a bit of a more retro vibe than many things out there right now.

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